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Adept Payments Review 2023

Adept Payments is a merchant account service provider for high-risk businesses and small businesses. You already have enough on your plate as a company owner, so Adept Payments takes care of everything for you, from simple payment processing to seamless connections.

Moreover, this Adept Payments Review has everything you need to know about a merchant account provider. Let’s get going!

What Adept Payment Has to Offer?

Adept Payments, a merchant services company founded in 2009, specializes in helping small and high-risk businesses. Adept Payments, a financial services firm, promises dependable, customer-focused payment processing solutions. 

Their major emphasis is on small to medium-sized retail businesses and B2B sectors. They also provide domestic CBD processing solutions because they cater to high-risk businesses. Adept Payments offers a tailored solution via the use of modern technologies. They offer a more efficient payment processor as well as easy interfaces. Moreover, Adept Payments provides the service charges of all sorts, including the following:

Overall Summary of Adept Payment Processing Services
Headquarter  California
Contract No contract 
Service Charges  No clear instructions 
PCI Fee No PCI fee
Online Complaints  Less than 10
Service Support  Yes

Adept Payments Origin, Headquarters, and Owners

Adept Payments’ headquarters are in Westlake Village, California, in the United States, where the company was founded in 2009. Adept Payments is a payment processing company that offers a solution to the payment processing sector. Adept Payments is led by Billy Wilson, the company’s CEO.

Furthermore, by supporting more than 16000 businesses, Adept Payments has saved an estimated $23.4 million. It is one of the most respected merchant account providers currently operating in the United States of America.

What Services Does Adept Payments Offer?

With the use of cutting-edge technology, Adept Payments offers a bespoke solution. They guarantee a more reliable payment processor and easier interfaces with other applications. In addition to providing easier techniques and individual service, Adept Payments provides the lowest possible prices. The following are some of the merchant services that they offer:

  • EVM Complaints

Adept Payments provides free EMV compatible terminals (levels 1 and 2) to its customers. This is beneficial in terms of protecting the merchant from responsibility shift. EMV compliance improves fraud prevention, card-holder verification, and transaction authorization by making transactions more secure. Transactions involving EMV allow for the use of iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and the Apple Pay Payment option, which enables merchants to accept all forms of electronic transactions, including checks and credit cards. In addition, the client/merchant may provide Reward Points, Cash-back incentives, and Apple Pay to their customers.

  • Credit Card Processing

A complete array of payment gateways and an in-house credit card payment system are available from them. In addition to robust Point of Sale (POS) solutions, they also provide an inventory management system. Adept Payments uses cutting-edge technologies and technology from Clover and NCR Silver to process payments.

  • Online Payments

Many businesses are deciding to rely on mobile payment processing solutions that can be accessed through a smartphone or tablet device. Adept Payments provides these for both iOS and Android devices. They enable you to handle payments from any location while also providing sales data, stock, hours, email campaigns, and customer loyalty statistics, among other features. These systems accept NFC, credit cards, QR scans, smartphone bank transfers, and text messages as contactless payment methods.

  • B2B Processing

Solutions for business-to-business transactions might be difficult to come by because of the inherent intricacy of the transactions. Adept Payments resolve the difficulties via two-factor authentication and tokenization, which reduces fraud. It also provides Level 2 and 3 processing and the ability to accept ACH payments.

  • Discounts

Businesses can significantly cut transaction costs by using the cash discount scheme. It does this by passing the fee forward to clients, who are then charged a $0.60 service fee. Customers who pay in cash receive a discount and do not have to pay this fee are preferred. The way the program is set up was specifically created to ensure that it complies with federal law. Having this information is critical since some of the restrictions governing this discount are stringent and difficult to comprehend. 

You can pick between a percentage-based charge and a flat price using the cash discount program. If you use it in conjunction with both POS and terminal equipment, you will be able to process all major credit and debit card kinds. This includes EMV chips and mobile wallets, among other things.

  • Cash Advances

This company provides a cash advance plan with minimum credit requirements and a flexible payback schedule. The process is simple, and you will have access to unprotected (no collateral) money ranging from $2,500 to $600,000.

  • CBD Processing

Adept Payments provides CBD processing services in the United States. Aside from that, they have more than ten years of expertise in processing payments for high-risk businesses. These high-risk firms include vape and CBD shops, among others.

  • Online Security

The different payment processing services offered by Adept Payments may also incorporate online fraud protection procedures. Using AVS, for example, you may check if a billing address matches the one on file or whether a credit card’s security number is present on the back.

Pricing & Fees

Adept Payments does not disclose its pricing on its website. However, it does provide a free cost comparison service. This allows you to quickly determine whether the company’s charges are within your budget or if they are comparable to other high-risk credit card processing providers.

  • They provide a 50 percent reduction guarantee with some minor limitations
  • To cease utilizing Adept Payments in the future will not incur any expenses
  • Adept Payments gives a price guarantee. Send them a copy of the lower offer in writing, and they’ll match the price

Final Verdict

Adept Payments offer high-risk merchant accounts and online payment services. The Better Business Bureau has given this company an A+ rating. Even though the BBB did not register any consumer complaints in the last year, two closed complaints over the past three years are worth mentioning.

Adept Payments can also handle high-risk credit card processing and a variety of other payment methods, including ApplePay. The firm has been in business for more than a decade and has built a great reputation. So, this firm is a good option to get your merchant account.


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