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MatchRate Plus Review, Rates, and Complaints

A U.S.-based referral service provider headquartered in Naples, Florida, MatchRate Plus was launched in 2010. It operated as a referral engine for North American Bancard, a merchant service provider facilitating electronic payment processing for merchants in over fifty states. The company is not a merchant account provider but instead hires commission-based independent referral agents to generate leads for NAB. These leads are then converted into merchant accounts. 

MartchRate promises cost-effective programs for merchants, depositing 25% of the commission from NAB to their accounts. The company offers secure payment processing solutions through its partnership with the account provider. It purveys useful features and efficient equipment to process mobile and online credit card transactions. 

The provider became inactive in 2019 and officially went out of business in 2023. Nevertheless, here is a thorough MatchRate Plus review concerning its benefits and the possible loopholes faced by existing merchants;

Fees and Contract Conditions

Merchants are offered a month-to-month or three-rear contract with variable pricing depending on the business type, size, and processing history. The company’s early termination policy is based on liquidated damages which can be as high as $295. An average MatchRate agreement costs a $79 PCI compliance fee, charging 1.00% to 4.99% per swiped and keyed-in transaction. 

The provider binds consumers to a $39 per-month equipment lease but does not disclose the lease terms. The official website had no information regarding the rest of the monthly charges. Merchants are assisted by a trained account analyst, giving them a free savings and cashback analysis, helping them understand how much they can save.

MatchRate Plus Customer Support Options

The provider offers consumer support options through NAB. It has reserved a single toll-free helpline for merchants to reach out to. The official MatchRate website is no longer active, and the available options on the NAB website are limited. There is no indication of any other support options, such as an email address or support form dedicated by the company. 

Sales Strategies

According to multiple MatchRate Plus reviews, the company employs independent sales representatives and utilizes the services of referral agents to market its products. It has also designed several websites to promote its brand and strategically created a Multi-Level Marketing program (MLM), incentivizing referral agents to refer and promote the company’s services. 

MatchRate does not reveal all the necessary information. It should be noted that even though the provider has maintained a low complaint rate in this area, it hands out businesses to NAB that have a stained reputation regarding its sales practices.

MatchRate Plus Features and Products

MatchRate does not offer any products or equipment directly but offers merchant services through NAB. The company’s credit card payment solutions include gift cards and loyalty programs, fast funding, check and ATM services, e-commerce gateways, payment terminals, card readers, POS systems, and mobile payment solutions. 

Merchants are provided with a user-friendly portal through the NAB website, offering inventory, customer, and dispute management features. They can use the provider’s security features and reporting tools to ensure secure transactions. 

Funding and Financing 

MatchRate Plus reviews show that the company provides next and same-day funding options without additional charges, allowing merchants to close all transactions instantly. It provides the flexibility to get paid when they want without waiting for days. It eliminates delayed payments, enabling consumers to do more with their money and avail of the opportunities. Furthermore, merchants can schedule payments individually. 

Inventory Management

Merchants can track their stock availability with inventory management tools. They can create product catalogs, specify the categories, and display images for each item. This way, merchants can save significant time, improve customer experience, and improve accuracy. The provider enables them to fulfill orders on time without letting items get out of stock. 

E-Check and ACH Services

A wide number of people still prefer check payments instead of paying with cash or credit cards. MatchRate Plus reviews portray that the provider allows consumers to reduce the risk of chargebacks and lower their credit card processing costs by offering check acceptance services through NAB. The provider offers customized solutions to fit merchants’ requirements, helping them increase their sales by offering multiple payment methods to their customers. 

Processing checks through the ACH network enables consumers to control their cash flow, reduce human error, and process fast transactions. They can lessen the mail float duration and access automated recordkeeping to record each transaction. 

Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs

Merchant accounts referred to NAB by MatchRate are offered reward programs to incentivize their customers. They can personalize the reward levels and generate sales when the card is redeeming the card; merchants can attract new customers, increase footfall, and form long-lasting bonds with regular clients. 

The gift cards can be customized to match a brand’s theme or created using pre-designed templates. Customers can give these gift cards to their loved ones and use the loyalty points for future purchases.

Payment Solutions

Merchants can accept online, in-store, or remote payments by utilizing the company’s online, offline, and in-person credit card processing services. 

  • With the provider’s pre-authorization services, hospitality merchants can hold a client’s balance until the transaction is cleared.
  • They can access free virtual terminals and accept MOTO payments
  • Start and close multiple tickets and tabs 
  • Send invoices through text or email
  • Reduce the compliance risk and accept online payments on a hosted checkout platform

MatchRate Plus Reviews and Complaints

The company has received fewer than ten complaints in the last couple of years, and most negative feedback is regarding an agent’s negligence. Merchants have complained about difficulty contacting the provider to resolve their issues. They are unhappy about the company’s deceptive marketing practices, unexpected charges, sudden rate increases, and unrevealed information. 

Better Business Bureau Report

The company is not accredited with BBB but rated A+ on the review platform and has received zero formal or informal complaints. However, MatchRate does not manage the merchant accounts handed over to NAB. Consequently, unsatisfied with the company’s processing services, merchants may direct their feedback to NAB.

MatchRate Drawbacks

There are no FTC reports or lawsuits filed against the provider. Yet, the company lacks in some major areas, causing noticeable trouble in the long run. Merchants are confused about the provider’s contract length and pricing and have multiple complaints about difficulty canceling services. Here is a MatchRate Plus review concerning the disadvantages faced by merchants;

High ETF

Merchants are charged a liquidated damages termination fee which is too expensive for most businesses and can cost more than just money. A high ETF forces merchants to keep an unwanted agreement when they cannot afford to escape it. Instead of a fixed ETF, the liquidated damaged clause can demand unexpected charges and unreasonable restrictions on a business.

Unexpected Charges

Multiple MatchRate Plus reviews have indicated hidden charges and unexpected fees. Merchants have complained about undisclosed monthly fees after signing up with the provider. A company concealing a list of fees and only revealing it after the contract is signed can never have a positive intention. It is a tactic to mislead consumers into trusting the provider and paying a hefty amount. 

Unethical Sales Practices

The most common complaint cited against the provider concerns its sales agents. Merchants have revealed that the MatchRate sales representatives conceal important information and fail to disclose the fees. They deceive merchants with false claims and trick them into signing up with the company. The company enforces the policies on its clients. It trains its sales reps to sell its services by wrongfully convincing the merchants and offering unrealistic hopes to lure them into believing the false promises. 

Inadequate Consumer Support

The company offers its consumer support options through NAB that are not competitive with the top-rated payment processors and are inadequate to satisfy the large clientele. There is only one domestic support phone number, which is insufficient to pay attention to every complaint and listen to the client’s concerns. Merchants find it difficult to reach out to the provider and even more difficult to resolve their issues. Unresolved problems lead to even higher complaints, increasing the number of unsatisfied clients. 


Deduced from this MatchRate Plus review, the provider is an ill-reputed payment facilitator because of its affiliation with North American Bancard. The company’s referral and sales agents are involved in unethical sales practices, causing mistrust among merchants. Moreover, the company’s high ETF, unresponsive consumer service, and non-disclosure policy are obvious red flags. Merchants can not decide whom to contact and direct their concerns during dire times.

Merchants are advised to look for a payment processing company offering affordable pricing and full-time available customer support. They deserve complete disclosure and an honest marketing approach from their service provider. 

Instead of trusting a provider that outsources everything and hands out their account to a third-party processor, they should look for a payment facilitator that provides a complete package with all efficient equipment and useful features for credit card payments. Businesses already affiliated with MatchRate should find a middle ground to mold the situation to their benefit.

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