Merchant Payment Services Review

Merchant Payment Services Review 2024

A reseller of Harbortouch, Merchant Payment Services came into inception in 1990. It is a merchant account provider and offers services to the most standard-risk business types in the US. The company is a registered ISO/MSP with Thomas Griffith as its President.

With its expertise in facilitating retail merchant account along with spa and restaurant merchant account, it has increased its influence among the merchants. The company relies on inside channels and strategic partnerships to market itself. Thus, freeing itself from independent sales agents and trying to focus on diversifying its features and services for the merchants.

Please scroll through the review to look at Merchant Payment Services through the lens of their features, services and potential drawbacks.

Features and Services

Merchant Payment Services offer a convenient way for businesses to accept payments online. It has the following features and services:

Credit/Debit Card Processing

Merchant Payment Services can accept customer payments via credit or debit cards. It helps businesses to quickly and securely process payments without any manual intervention.

Virtual Terminal

The company offers a virtual terminal allowing businesses to process payments without using physical card readers. It helps reduce the need for manual data entry and saves time.

POS Solutions

Point of sale (POS) solutions allow businesses to quickly and securely process customer payments in retail. The POS system can be integrated with the merchant’s website and payment gateway, allowing customers to make payments quickly and securely.

ACH Processing

Automated Clearing House (ACH) processing helps businesses quickly and securely process customer payments. It helps businesses to reduce the costs associated with manually processing payments.


Merchant Payment Services is an important part of any business, enabling customers to make payments quickly and easily. The company relies on Authorize.Net as a payment gateway.

The rates associated with the company vary depending on the type of transaction. For instance, there may be different processing fees for credit cards, debit cards, and other payment methods.

The pricing may be similar in structure to Harbortouch’s contracts, meaning that the rates may be a combination of fixed and variable fees. Additionally, there may be different rates depending on the size of the transaction or the type of product or service being purchased.


Merchant Payment Services provide businesses and customers with a secure way to transfer money. Unfortunately, there are some cases where payment services do not deliver on their promises, causing customers to experience serious financial hardship. In such cases, customers can complain about the services and may be entitled to seek compensation.

The following are the most common complaints regarding Merchant Payment Services:

Unauthorized Payment Requests

Customers may have received an unauthorized charge from the company, often with no notice or explanation as to why it occurred.

Unsatisfactory Customer Service

The company is expected to provide high-quality customer support. However, some customers may need more than adequate or unhelpful responses to resolve their issues.

Unclear Terms of Service

The terms and conditions of Merchant Payment Services are confusing and difficult to understand. Customers may need to learn what they are signing up for or what type of protection their purchase has.

Technical Issues

Many customers may need help using its services, from slow loading times to errors in processing payments. It has been reported that some services have been known to experience frequent technical outages due to inadequate infrastructure.

Long Waiting Time

Refunds can take days or weeks to be processed, resulting in financial hardship for customers needing the money urgently.

Inability to Cancel

Some customers have reported that canceling their services is impossible because they are locked into a contract or charged an “early termination fee.”

Unclear Billing Procedures

Customers may need to know what fees are associated with different services and how those fees are calculated.

Fraudulent Claims

Some customers have claimed to be charged for services they have not received or were not informed of additional fees or charges.

Poor Accounting Practices

Some customers have reported needing help understanding the statements provided by the company and the need for more communication regarding their accounts.

The cumulative effect of these complaints can damage both customers and businesses. Customers must understand their rights, and businesses must ensure adequate customer service and support. By doing so, customers can be assured of their security when using Merchant Payment Services.

BBB Rating

The company’s BBB rating is an important indicator of the company’s commitment to customers. Merchant Payment Services has earned an A+ with the Better Business Bureau. 

This rating is determined by many factors, including how promptly and satisfactorily customer complaints are addressed and the company’s practices and accountability. However, the BBB rating is not the only measure of a company’s service. It is essential to do your research and compare different payment services before deciding. 

Lawsuits and Fines

Numerous payment services have been sued and fined due to their practices in recent years. These suits come from consumers, competitors, and government agencies.

These claims’ primary source is merchant processing fees and potential overcharging.

However, no lawsuits and fines related to Merchant Payment Services have been filed.

But potential problems like deceptive practices, identity theft, and inaccurate information have been reported by consumers. Knowing whether a company engages in deceptive practices can be challenging, as Merchants Payment Services has no centralized oversight.

In addition to potential lawsuits, payment service providers can receive fines from government agencies. These fines are typically imposed for non-compliance with laws and regulations. For example, some states have passed legislation requiring payment services to disclose their fees upfront. 

These factors can cause concern if the company fails to comply with the laws and regulations.

Employee Complaints

Employee complaints about their company are a common occurrence. From claims of unfair practices to inadequate support, employees often feel they are not being treated fairly. Some of the complaints against the company are:

Poor or Inadequate Training

Employees have reported inadequate training in different services, meaning they lack the necessary knowledge or skills to process payments properly.

Unclear Payment Policies

Some employees report that the policies for processing payments need to be clearly explained, leading to confusion and mistakes. It can result in costly errors and unhappy customers.

Long Wait Times

Employees have complained that processing payments take too long, which can result in lost time, frustration, and customer dissatisfaction.

Unreasonable Expectations

It has been reported that the provider pressures employees to meet unrealistic expectations when processing payments. It can lead to added stress and dissatisfaction with their job.

Lack of Support

Employees have reported feeling that they have no support from their employer when providing different services to the merchants. It can cause feelings of helplessness and increased dissatisfaction with their job.


The company has been providing payment solutions to customers. However, to understand customers’ experiences, it is important to look at the following Merchant Payment Services reviews.

Long Response Time

One of the most common complaints about Merchant Payment Services is that it often takes too long to get a response from customer service. It inconveniences customers, especially if they need immediate help with their payments or account.

Lack of Flexibility

It offers customers little flexibility regarding payment plans and account features. With limited options, customers may need help finding the best solution.

Poor Transparency

The company must often be more transparent with its policies, fees, or other important information customers need. It can lead to a lack of trust when customers must make informed decisions about their accounts.

Insecure Transactions

Customers have reported difficulties with the security of their transactions when using Merchant Payment Services. With the number of online scams and frauds, customers need assurance that their payments and account information will be safe.

Difficult Interface

Many customers need help understanding the website’s layout and navigation. Finding what you need or completing transactions can be easier with clear directions.

Poor Integration

Merchant Payment Services only sometimes have a smooth integration with third-party applications. It can lead to discrepancies in the data and information being tracked and create further customer problems.

Limited Support

The company needs a strong network for international payments. It means customers may need help with payments from overseas customers or vendors, limiting the customer’s ability to conduct business globally.

Inadequate Technical Support

Customers often need help to get the technical help they need when using Merchant Payment Services. The company’s customer service team may not be available at times needed and may not be able to provide helpful solutions.

Unreliable System Outages

Customers have reported system outages and other technical issues when using Merchant Payment Services. It can cause delays in payments, account access, and other important tasks and can be a detriment to any company.

The company has garnered many negative customer reviews due to its lack of customer service, flexibility, transparency, and reliability. Many customers have expressed disappointment in the company’s services, making it an unreliable source for payments and other financial needs.


Due to the variety of services and the competitive pricing model, Merchant Payment Services is a great option for businesses looking to streamline their payment processing needs. But with the loopholes like data vulnerability during the transfer and potential high fees, it is important to properly evaluate the fees and fine print before signing up. Moreover, customer service should be considered when choosing Merchant Payment Services. The customer service reps should be knowledgeable and helpful to handle any questions or issues quickly and effectively. 

Hence, users should weigh both pros and cons before using Merchant Payment Services to find the right fit to meet the financial needs of their business.

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