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MiCamp Solutions Review 2024

MiCamp is a Phoenix-based merchant account provider. The company started in 2007 with the name MiCamp Merchant Services in Phoenix, Arizona. However, later it changed its name to MiCamp Solutions, and now it works as an independent reseller of First Data. MiCamp has made its way through serving high-risk merchants, claiming to serve 15000 merchant accounts in the standard to high-risk category today. MiCamp’s average earnings go up to $2 billion a year. It has brought innovative payment processing solutions with conventional pricing. It offers the merchants a monthly program named WAVit, promoting fixed-rate pricing. 

Here’s a comprehensive review of MiCamp Solutions that describes all the company’s products and services and will allow you to decide whether you should sign up for it.

Customer Support 

MiCamp Solutions has provided a dedicated contact number to contact customer service on their website. The company has mixed reviews regarding customer service effectiveness and holds an average rating in this section.

In addition to the one primary number on the website, below are the numbers that can be used to contact the MiCamp Solutions customer support in the specific departments. 

Toll-Free Customer Support: (800)-583-0135

Newport Office: (480)-550-8440

ISV Solutions (480)-630-8547

Corporate Office: (800)-396-0246

Mergers and Acquisitions: (480)-409-1109

WAVit Support: (480)-304-5031

You can either use these phone numbers to inquire about your query or register the problem you are facing. You can also contact them through the following email addresses present on the website:

General Support: [email protected]

WAVit: [email protected]

ISV Solutions:[email protected]

Mergers and Acquisitions: [email protected]

Newport Office: [email protected]

MiCamp Cares: [email protected]

You can check the social media profiles to seek general information about the company and its updated system. The company has an edge over its rivals in this area as it shows an active presence on almost all social media platforms. The links to its profiles have been added below and are also on its website.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MiCampSolutions/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/micampsolutions/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/micamp-solutions/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MiCampSolutions

The company also has a form on its website that you can fill out to get information about its services before signing up. It requires basic information about the merchant, like name, phone number, and email address, to start the procedure. 


MiCamp Solutions provides a multi-year contract through First Data with an annual PCI compliance fee and a monthly fee. You can review the pricing details below.

MiCamp Solutions uses interchange-plus rates instead of a flat rate for swiped and keyed-in transactions of credit cards. The interchange fee depends on two components: the card type and the card issuer company. The fee varies based on the type of card used for the transaction; for example, there are different rates for Visa and MasterCard. 

Along with per transaction deduction, MiCamp Solutions deducts a monthly minimum fee of $20 and a statement fee of $10 per month. The PCI compliance fee is $99 a year, and virtual terminal processing rates go from 1.00% to 4.99%. MiCamp Solutions deducts $400 as an early termination fee if the merchant ends the subscription before the completion of the contract.

There is a visible discrepancy in the early termination fee regarding the reviews registered by the merchants and the claims made by the marketing team. 

Merchants have accused MiCamp Solutions of an early termination fee that ranges from $250 to $400 at the time of account cancellation. However, the company representatives have denied all these accusations and stated that the company only imposes the early termination fees on the merchants in two cases. The first case is if the merchant had paid early termination fees when canceling their last processor subscription. Secondly, MiCamp claims to charge an ETF if they provide the merchant with free equipment. While they have tried to justify charging ETF to merchants, both are excuses to exploit customers for more money.

The same company representative also claims that the company has provided an interchange plus pricing system to the more than 85% of the registered merchants of MiCamp Solutions. 

Equipment Leases 

MiCamp Solutions offers equipment leases for 48 months non-cancellable term, provided by First Data Global Leasing. However, the equipment provided by these leasing terms is exorbitantly priced compared to similar equipment in the market. For example, if you can buy a terminal from the market for $500 or less, you will pay more than $1000 for the same terminal through their equipment leasing program. This has created problems for startup businesses and has disturbed their budget unexpectedly. 

Equipment leases are never the answer to a tough financial spot for a business; more often than not, they are means of frustration and stress for the business owner. Merchants are advised to avoid equipment leases at all costs and are suggested to buy the equipment upfront. Even if it means taking a loan for the equipment, you will pay way less for it in the long run. Even though the price may seem minor, if you break it down to the monthly installment, added with other processing fees, it can add up to a massive amount.

WAVit Fixed Pricing

WAVit is an initiative by MiCamp Solutions that provides merchants with a fixed pricing plan for all transactions. This plan is designed to process all transactions at the same rate, whether card-preset, card-not-present, or remote. 

Merchants can review it and enroll in the program for five years with the assurance of a fixed rate for the whole five-year period and guaranteed rate consistency every month. MiCamp Solutions introduced this program specifically for those merchants who charge between $5000 to $5 million monthly. 

Virtual Terminal and Payment Gateway Rates

MiCamp Solutions facilitates merchants in the e-commerce industry by providing payment processing services for retail store management. However, besides payment processing services, it also offers merchants virtual terminals and payment gateways. MiCamp Solutions has an exclusively dedicated department for advertising the virtual terminal and payment gateway services. 

Unfortunately, you cannot review the details of its packages as MiCamp does not publicly disclose the rates for these services. As per the updates, these e-commerce services will cost you a hefty amount, typically including additional charges like batch fees, gateway fees, technical support fees, and transaction rates. 

Industry Average Pricing 

MiCamp Solutions is considered an average payment processor according to industry terms. The online complaint ratio is moderate to low for the pricing terms of the MiCamp, especially as there is no complaint recorded discussing the unexpected and extra fee deduction. However, it is suggested that merchants compare its rate list with other low-priced alternatives. 


There is a relatively low number of complaints recorded against MiCamp Solutions on consumer protection websites all over the internet. You can only review less than 30 negative complaints reporting the backsides of the company. The most frequently reported issues are the early termination charges imposed by the company, unsatisfactory customer service, and misinformation regarding pricing. 

However, not all merchants have the same views. Some retailers have observed a good and satisfactory response from the customer service of MiCamp, so they have reported it positively on the same forum as the negative reviews. 

BBB Rating

MiCamp Solutions has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2010 and has only five complaints filed against it in the last 36 months on the BBB website. Three out of 5 complaints discuss product and service-related problems, while the rest are for billing and collection issues.

The company holds an average reputation when it comes to resolving complaints. Only 3 out of 5 complaints have been addressed and resolved to the customer satisfaction by the provider until now, while the other two were either left unnoticed or were provided with unsatisfactory responses by the representatives. 

BBB Informal Reviews 

Along with the five formal complaints, 17 informal reviews are registered on the BBB website. 

MiCamp Solutions has an advantage because out of the total 17 informal reviews, 14 are positive and describe the good aspects of the company. The negative, informal comments on the BBB website also report the repetitive mistakes discussed in this MiCamp Solutions review. The latest negative feedback has specified the hefty early termination fee, poor response from customer service representatives, and equipment issues. 

The merchant has reported the glitches in the equipment and the frequent loss of connection with the internet. The retailer has accused the company of not resolving the issue and instead provided the worst customer service and charged an amount of $350 as an account cancellation fee. 

Lawsuit and Fines

MiCamp Solutions does not have a transparent background regarding lawsuits and fines, as a case was registered against it in 2020. However, as there is no publicly available information regarding the nature of the legal action and its progress, the advancement cannot be determined. However, the case is still under process by the court. 

While it is common for providers such as MiCamp to have some legal history, it should never be neglected. It is a serious red flag that should be considered, as there can also be legal troubles for merchants in the future.


MiCamp Solutions is a struggling payment processor striving to make its way into e-commerce. And it has introduced new services like WAVit and others to support new and already settled merchants. However, there have been several problems arising for the merchants to handle their business because of this platform. Here is an extensive summary of the issues you can encounter if you set up your account with this merchant account provider. 

Fund Holds

Fund holding is a major issue discussed by merchants connected with MiCamp Solutions. There are many complaints registered by the merchants who have accused the company of reserving funds for an extended period. Some merchants claimed that the money was thousands of dollars, significantly affecting their business. 

Furthermore, other merchants have described that the MiCamp can sometimes hold the money for more than a year, and the problem remains unsolvable even after that. 

Poor Customer Service and Technical Support

The merchants who become frustrated with the product, service, or billing problem contact the customer support of MiCamp Solutions for further assistance. But due to the ineffective nature of the customer representatives, they are left with no option but to register a negative review against it.

There are multiple complaints on various sites where merchants have reported the poor management and technical support of the MiCamp solutions team. Merchants have problems with how customer service workers misguide them. Some of them have issues with customer service that are not helpful and don’t provide satisfactory results. 

Early Termination Charges

As already discussed, there is a disagreement between the merchants and MiCamp Solutions representatives about the early termination fee. Many merchants have reported that the company deducts up to $400 from the accounts if the account is canceled before the contract completion date. As a safe side, it is suggested to get complete information on the early termination terms of the company before signing up for it.

Extra Fees

Some reviews against MiCamp claim that the provider charges more fees than decided when signing up. Some merchants have claimed they are being charged for the services they don’t even use.

Final Thoughts

MiCamp Solutions is considered an average merchant account provider based on its services and pricing. The company competes with some renowned processors in terms of its products. However, the rates are slightly higher than the industry standards for those services. 

Plus, the company has other downsides, like the customer service, which has many negative reviews and needs improvement. As per this MiCamp Solutions review, it needs to refine its services further and lower its rates to be a reasonable choice for merchants.

For now, it is not recommended for new startups, and it is encouraged to check all terms and conditions properly before the account is created if established business owners want to try it.

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