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National Processing Company (NPC) Review 2022

First and foremost, you should know that National Processing, LLC is a separate company from National Processing Company, commonly known as NPC. NPC is a huge corporation that Vantiv controls. Let’s look at what National Processing, LLC has to offer in terms of services, equipment, and other amenities. We’ll also look at the price that has been advertised as well if it is worth it or not in this ”National Processing Company (NPC) Review 2022.”

What Does National Processing Company (NPC) Have to Offer?

NPC primarily provides services to retail and business-to-business organizations. It focuses on various sorts of enterprises, but these are the ones with which NPC conducts the majority of its commercial transactions. 

NPC does not seem to have a standard pricing model accessible to the general public; instead, the rates and fees are determined on an individual business-by-business basis. Its primary industries of emphasis are retail and business-to-business (B2B).

Overall Summary of National Processing Company (NPC) Services
Headquarter  Kentucky 
Contract 3-year 
Service Charges  $25 per month
PCI Fee $99 
Online Complaints  5
Service Support  Yes


National Processing Company (NPC) Origin, Headquarters, and Owners

National Processing Company was one of the prominent merchant account providers in the United States until Vantiv acquired it. It provided service to more than 200,000 customers. 

Chris Williams launched NPC in 1979, and the company employed more than 500 people at the time. It primarily caters to retail and business-to-business clients. The company’s headquarters are in Louisville, Kentucky.

Interesting News in History

Since 1979, NPC has been engaged in a series of mergers, which has resulted in the company being listed on the stock market multiple times. 

Its most recent purchase placed it in the hands of Vantiv, which has now acquired Worldpay, which was acquired by Fidelity National Information Services (FIS).

National Processing Company (NPC) Services

Whether doing business in person or online, National Processing can handle your credit and debit card transactions. When your consumers would like to pay you with a conventional check, the organization also provides check processing services for you.

  • Check Processing 

For consumers who still want to pay with paper checks, you may use National Processing’s check processing services to accommodate their chosen method of payment. A remote deposit capture feature enables you to process checks without going to the bank, saving you time and money. 

Alternatively, the electronic check conversion option allows you to convert a paper check into a secure digital transaction, allowing you to transfer payments electronically instead of physically. 

You may also combine the check assurance service with electronic conversion for a more comprehensive solution. Using a check guarantee, you can verify the validity of check-in second at the point of sale, saving you the headaches of processing a fraudulent check.

  • Online Payments 

The popular Authorize.Net payment gateway is available via National Processing, allowing you to take credit cards through your website. 

You may also utilize National’s invoice invoicing software if you offer products or services to clients who prefer to invoice them directly. This software allows you to issue invoices and collect money from your consumers.

  • In-Person Payments 

Credit and debit cards may be accepted by any typical countertop credit card terminal or full-featured point of sale system, as well as through mobile applications. 

With the iProcess application from National, you can take credit card payments on any compatible smartphone or tablet.


Using standard countertop credit card terminals, full-featured point-of-sale systems, or mobile card applications, you may accept all major credit and debit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and even American Express. 

The iProcess app, available from National, enables you to take card payments utilizing your compatible smartphone or tablet. 

Countertop terminals from manufacturers such as Poynt, Verifone, and Ingenico, point-of-sale systems from Revel and Clover, as well as the Authorize.Net payment gateway for online transactions are all available via National Processing.

How Much Does National Processing Company (NPC) Cost?

In general, NPC contracts last for three years; however, the costs and rates vary according to the company that signs the contract. When it comes to merchant account providers, this may happen. 

A plus for certain company owners, but a drawback is that the rates and fees are not immediately transparent. In addition to a $20 monthly account fee and a $99 yearly PCI Compliance fee, they charge a minimum monthly fee of $25. Early cancellation of the three-year contract will incur an additional $250 cost.

Is National Processing Company (NPC) Worth It?

  • No Lawsuits

Compared to other merchant account providers, NPC has a very low rate of complaints. The Better Business Bureau gives it an A-, yet in the last 36 months, there have been five complaints filed against it. 

They’ve received a single customer review. NPC has a very low number of customer complaints compared to other merchant account providers.

  • Slower Customer Service 

According to yet another review, emails were never returned, customer service representatives failed to follow up, and the company was paid twice for equipment. 

National Processing apologized for the inconvenience and requested the customer to get in touch with them to sort things out.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a reputable service provider at a reasonable price, National Processing is your best option. You won’t find sophisticated features like analytics, tracking, and complex software in the feature set. You may purchase third-party tools with the savings you’re making to make up the difference.

When purchasing payment processing equipment, remember that you’ll have to sign a year-long contract with an early termination charge if you want to cancel your contract early. However, the cheap total processing charge and the free payment processing terminal compensate for this inconvenience.

A comprehensive merchant account from National Processing may be the best option if your company has developed to the point where it needs one now. 

Despite the cheap interchange and membership fees, you’ll need to look at the feature set before making a final decision since certain features may not be available. This payment processor will be an excellent fit for small businesses with minimal payment processing requirements.

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