MSH Merchant Services Review

MSH Merchant Services Review, Rates and Complaints

MSH Merchant Services is an innovative and reliable payment processing service that provides merchants customized solutions to meet their business needs. It offers secure payment processing solutions for various industries, including retail, hospitality, healthcare, and petroleum companies. Based in Ohio, USA, it is an independent contractor sales organization that works with multiple payment processors to provide a broad range of secure and innovative payment processing solutions.

Through its unique system, merchants can benefit from several services. This MSH Merchant Services Review will examine this payment processor’s various services and features, pricing structure, customer support, and more.

Services and Features

MSH Merchant Services provides merchants the tools to manage their payment processing activities. Upon review, the company offers the following services and features to the merchants.

Payment Services

MSH Merchant Services offers secure payment processing solutions for all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. With a simple signup process, merchants can be up and running their business affairs smoothly. The ability to accept payments from any device facilitates the customers to easily pay in person or online.

Check and EBT Services

Merchants have access to the ability to accept check payments and Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) services. With MSH Merchant Services, they don’t need to worry about setting up a separate account for check payments. It gives them the convenience of offering multiple payment methods and offers customers more payment options.

Loyalty Cards

MSH Merchant Services also offers loyalty card services, which allow merchants to reward customers for repeat purchases. These cards can be used to track customer spending and offer discounts. Merchants can also use loyalty cards to send promotions to customers or keep track of purchases for rewards programs.

ATM Services

The company also offers ATM services, which allow merchants to provide customers with cash withdrawals. Merchants can accept all major debit cards, as well as PIN-based cards. ATM services also provide merchants a convenient way to offer customers an additional payment option when they cannot use their credit or debit cards.

BBB Rating

MSH Merchant Services has an A+ from the Better Business Bureau. But, the company has had its fair share of negative reviews from customers. In some cases, customer services have responded slowly, and customers have experienced difficulty dealing with MSH Merchant Services. Hence, customers should be aware of these issues before making financial decisions. In addition, customers need to investigate other merchant services to compare fees and customer service.


When reviewing MSH Merchant Services, the following issues have been found in its rates.

Unclear Pricing Structure

MSH Merchant Services is a payment processor that offers a range of merchant services, including credit card processing and online transaction services. Unfortunately, the pricing structure of their services is unclear. There are no published rates and no mention of any fixed fees or minimum costs. It can make it difficult to determine the true cost of their services and can lead to unexpected charges.

Sparse Information

In addition to their lack of pricing information, there is also sparse information about the services offered by MSH Merchant Services. Their limited features and website does not provide detailed information about their offerings. It can make comparing their services with other payment processors’ services difficult.

Undisclosed Equipment Lease Terms

One of the main drawbacks of MSH Merchant Services is that they do not disclose any terms regarding their equipment lease. While they may offer a low upfront rate on a lease, it is unclear what the overall cost will be and whether additional fees may apply. Hence, merchants should carefully evaluate their options before signing any contracts.

Undisclosed Termination Fee

Another concerning aspect is the undisclosed termination fee. It is unclear how much this fee would be, which could significantly increase the total cost of using its services. It could be a major setback for merchants in the hunt for the best deals. Hence, it is important to ask questions and obtain clarification on this issue before agreeing to any contracts.

Unclear PCI Compliance Charges

For the merchants who opt to use MSH Merchant Services, it is important to know that they have not disclosed any information regarding their PCI compliance charges. It could result in unexpected additional costs for the merchant, which could be a problem if the charges are too high. Therefore, businesses like hospitality and retail should inquire about the costs associated with PCI compliance before signing any contracts.

Sales Approach

MSH Merchant Services provides a variety of merchant services, which can be beneficial for businesses. However, the sales approach used by the organization has been criticized as aggressive and pushy. Many customers have reported feeling pressured to sign up for services they don’t need, with high-pressure sales tactics used by the company’s representatives.

Furthermore, customer reviews have said that the representatives do not provide clear information about service features, making it hard for customers to make an informed decision. Additionally, some customers have complained about the lack of transparency regarding fees. All in all, customers have expressed mixed feelings about MSH Merchant Services and its sales approach.

Lawsuits and Fines

MSH Merchant Services has not received any legal action or fines. Still, it must be noted that payment processing companies are subject to increasing scrutiny and regulation, so there is a risk of this happening in the future. If such an event were to take place, it could have serious implications for the business and any customers of MSH Merchant Services. It is, therefore, important that any customers take the time to evaluate the risks associated with their decision to use different services of the company and monitor for any news of legal action or fines being taken against the company.


The company has received mixed reviews. However, merchants need to keep in mind the following complaints.

Problematic POS System

MSH Merchant Services provides an outdated point-of-sale system that is not user-friendly. This system can be difficult to navigate and requires significant training to operate. Furthermore, the software does not often integrate with other popular POS systems, making it difficult for businesses to use their existing inventory and sales data.

Merchant Cash Advance

The company charges a higher fee for its merchant cash advance services than other service providers, which can be cost-prohibitive to some businesses. In addition, obtaining a merchant cash advance can be time-consuming, as the company does not offer an automated system for processing applications.

Inefficient Sales Solutions

MSH Merchant Services does not offer a wide range of sales solutions designed to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction. The company does not provide automated customer service or billing systems, which can lead to long delays in processing orders and customer inquiries. When reviewed, the customer service was slow and unhelpful, leading to further dissatisfaction.

Glitches in the Merchants’ Accounts

There have been frequent reports of glitches in the merchants’ accounts, which could lead to incorrect billing and other issues. These issues can be difficult to resolve and lead to significant financial losses for businesses. Moreover, the company does not provide dispute resolution services, leaving businesses to fend for themselves when facing discrepancies.

Fault in Internet Gateways

The company’s internet payment gateways have been known to be unreliable, with frequent outages reported. It can lead to significant delays in payments and result in lost revenue for businesses. Additionally, the system is not always secure, which could put customers’ data at risk. Merchants must know this potential security risk when considering MSH Merchant Services.

The Problem With Integrating Shopping Carts

MSH Merchant Services does offer an integrated shopping cart, but it is not always compatible with other platforms. It can lead to significant frustrations and delays in setting up an integrated system, which could be costly for some businesses. Additionally, the shopping cart system is limited in features and customization options, which could deter some businesses.

Sale/Lease Ambiguity

MSH Merchant Services does not clearly define its POS systems’ sale/lease terms, which can confuse and frustrate merchants. It can lead to disputes and disagreements between the company and its customers, which could be costly and detrimental to business. Additionally, MSH Merchant Services may not be able to meet the requirements of larger businesses that need more robust merchant services.

Also, the company does not make it clear whether or not its products are covered by any warranty, leaving customers uncertain about what sort of assistance they can receive with faulty equipment.

Sub-Standard ACH

The company’s Automated Clearing House (ACH) services are sub-standard, with frequent complaints of slow transfers and unreliable services. It can lead to disruptions in payment processing and customer dissatisfaction with the company’s services. Merchants must consider this potential issue when deciding whether to use MSH Merchant Services.


This Merchant Services Review suggests that the company offers various features for merchants looking for simpler services than those the big banks offer. However, there are some drawbacks to using this service. It does not have the same level of customer service and support as other large merchant services companies, nor does it have the ability to process high-risk payments, making it a less-than-ideal choice for certain types of businesses. 

Therefore, before deciding on MSH Merchant Services, it is important to carefully consider all aspects of the service and compare them with the other options available to determine the best fit for your business.

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