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Converge Review 2022

Converge is a digital-based payment processing solution that facilitates merchants to take payment in any form, whether online or in-store. It was previously known as Virtual Merchant but is now recognized as a service of Elavon. It currently provides its service in Canada and America, offering services in many currencies. Converge reviews are mixed because users are not completely satisfied with the service. While it gives security assurance and allows level two PCI compliance, users have problems with hidden charges and glitches in the application.


Converge has not provided any information regarding the pricing of the subscription. As it doesn’t unveil any information related to pricing, one has to contact the vendor directly to get a quote. Reviews show that it is one of the disliked features of the processor. There is no free trial for the gateway services. You must sign up for a plan if you want to test their services.


Converge provides service to businesses, from freelancers to enterprises, but reviews highlight some problems in handling complex businesses. Converge accepts payments from various payment methods, i.e., credit cards, debit cards, and almost all kinds of electronic checks. The gateway claims to have a smooth checkout with complete security. The provider offers a report of around 12 months to the merchants to assess the efficiency of their business.

Contract Length

Converge has different time limits for the contract, from 1 year to 3 years and more. In the case of early termination, it charges an additional termination fee. It seems to be one of the most significant drawbacks of Converge based on reviews, but recently they have started working towards more flexible contract terms.


One benefit that Converge Gateway provides is its security system. It includes simple to understand and sound security features like EMV and tokenization. The security system fulfills all security standards. Encryption, EMV, and tokenization are features that take care of users’ information and data to a reasonable extent.

Devices Supported

Converge used to have web-based and desktop services for the users. Recently they extended their services to IOS and Android. Although the company is proud to have a simple interface, some users claim that it can use further simplification.


While subscribing to the gateway for transactions, it is essential to consider that there are many complaints filed against Converge. Here is a breakdown of the common issues merchants face;

Confusing Interface and Features

Merchants have a tough time understanding their interface, though they claim it is simple. Understanding the clumsy interface needs some effort. This makes it difficult to understand and confusing for the new users. The timeout and re-login are other issues that add to the merchants’ negative experiences in the Converge reviews. There seems to be an issue with email notifications and reporting.

Lack of Cloud Storage

Based on customer reviews, it can be noted that they do not have ample dedicated storage for transactions. Customers demand that the storage and reporting of transaction information should be improved. There is trouble in processing product returns and void payments. Merchants have a hard time with the orders of returning clients as there are no prior information is saved.

Lack of Security

Although the security features of the gateway can be trusted, there is still a high chance of 3D card fraud. 3D security saves the merchants from major frauds, and Converge needs to work on it to make their security system trustable.

Lack of Transparency

Transparency is a must feature in any business, and the one lacking it is not trustable. Converge lacks transparency and does not make its fee public. This also has an impact that fees vary with the clients. Hidden charges do not make any good impression on any gateway and Converge is notorious for it. There are a lot of hidden charges and merchants have to face them from time to time. Merchants also complain that their receipts are known to be vague with undisclosed details

Fund Holds and Account Terminations

Holding funds is another disadvantage of this gateway and loss to a merchant. Funds are withheld with or without mentioning any reason for it. Fund holds can be detrimental to new businesses or struggling ones. An unprecedented fund hold can even dent the operations of a well-established firm. With Converge, your account always has chances of closure. Users complain in the reviews that Converge closes accounts without any warning. It is also mentioned that no way to discuss the matter was provided before closing, and no facilitation was made to process the payment.

Customer Support

The gateway facilitates its subscribers with phone and email support. Customer support is a feature where most of the users complain about Converge. The gateway does not have any live support feature. Also, there’s no training provided to guide merchants through the system. There are extra charges for customer support, and this is where it lags from other competitors. Apart from these, several more issues are mentioned in reviews about their customer support.


Converge gateway gets a less than average score, and it is not great. There are many complaints filed against it. Unfortunately, they are increasing with time, making it less preferable for the merchants. The last update was also not acceptable and has generated new issues. Users face many problems in customer support, hidden charges, withholding funds, account termination, lack of transparency, unexpected fees, disputes of billing, and PCI compliance. The interface should be simpler and user-friendly to take merchants out of any hassle. Although it provides a sound security system to take care of customers’ information, many questions are also raised against it.

Out of all pros and cons covered in this Converge review, the gateway bends towards negative evaluation and raises a question on choosing it. Although it is pretty popular in North America, people question its reliability. Merchants are advised to go for better and more user-friendly options. There are better options available in the market with a lower subscription fee, no hidden charges, and a transparent, easy-to-use system.

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