national bank card review 2022

National Bankcard Review 2022

National Bankcard is a payment service based in Melville, New York that provides services to businesses throughout the United States. It was created in 1995. When choosing a payment processing business, the information that is needed to learn is covered in this National Bankcard Review 2022 here. Let’s get started.

What Does National Bankcard Have to Offer?

National Bankcard, established in 2004, provides several merchant processing options for companies of all sizes and kinds, including the following.

According to their website, National Bankcard asserts that it has some of the cheapest credit card processing charges in the business. Without the need for a sales appointment, pricing is not disclosed, although the firm is clear about several unique benefits which may add to the firm’s stated pricing.

Overall Summary of National Bankcard’s Payment Processing Services
Headquarter Melville, New York
Contract3 years 
Service Charges $5 monthly charges 
PCI Fee$79 annually
Online Complaints 20+
Service Support Yes


National Bankcard Origin, Headquarters, and Owners

National Bankcard, Inc. is based in Melville, New York, that operates in the services associated with the Credit Intermediation sector. National Bankcard, Inc. employs approximately14 individuals throughout its branches and produces $3.91 million (USD) revenues. 

After founding National Bankcard in 2005, CEO Monge took on all of the company’s functions—from selling goods or services to terminals programming to site branding and development materials on his own for the first two years.

Interesting News in History

National Bankcard has been a significant supplier of debit and credit card-based money transfer services to consumers throughout the nation since 1995, thanks to a few of the lowest processing prices in the business and award-winning customer support. 

Furthermore, because of its commitment to continuous customer care, National Bankcard has recently gained one of the sector’s best merchant retention rates.

National Bankcard Overall Services Offered

National Bankcard offers a wide range of services, such as credit card processing physically, credit card transactions through the internet, payment at the pump, gift card processing, check processing, and many others.

  • Gift Cards

Avail advantage of the rising demand for gift vouchers with the gift voucher solution from National Bankcard, which comes in two varieties: Pre-Designed Starter Kits and Custom Starter Kits are available. One shade and 25 or 100 tokens are available in pre-designed beginning sets. 

The company’s name may be printed on the cards. A four-color or one-color customized beginning kit may be created for the company. The one-color version comes with 100 cards in the package. It comes with 250 cards in four-color printing. Both packages include a countertop panel, card covers, stickers, and choices for online reporting.

  • Check Processing 

Cheque processing services are provided by National Bankcard, allowing the consumers to collect in various methods. 

  • Pay at the Pump

One may receive standard fleet credentials like Fuelman Card, Fleet One, Wright Express, and Voyager in conjunction with card transactions with National Bankcard’s payment at the pump solutions. 

Non-branded petrol stations may also benefit from National Bankcard’s payment options and gear customizations.

  • Card processing Online

National Bankcard connects directly to the Authorize.Net payment mode whenever that is needed to receive money digitally. may be used as a virtualized interface for mechanical payment input, or it could be incorporated within the present webpage and purchase order.

  • Card Processing In Person

American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa are just a few of the credit and debit cards used with National Bankcard. (American Express might have to get National Bankcard’s permission separately.) 

Credit and debit cards may be accepted using standard credit card processing technology or complete point-of-sale systems.

How Much Does National Bankcard Services Cost? [Charging and Fees]

According to National Bankcard’s published prices, prices for swiping debit begin at 0.25 percent and go up to 1.99 percent for keyed credits. Keep in mind that such prices might indicate a graded or packaged pricing system.

However, while National Bankcard does not provide certified estimates to many platforms, one may obtain a quotation from National Bankcard to evaluate how everything compares to the bids that have already been received.

  • Starting with a processing rate of only 0.25,
  • On-the-go purchases may be made using a free credit card reader.
  • The online payment procedure is free of charge.
  • There is a $300 value in this deal.

Is National Bankcard Worth it?

Payment Processing Across Multiple Platforms 

People may want to consider National Bankcard when searching for additional credit card processing alternatives. Payments may be processed in various ways, such as, at the point-of-sale (POS), on smartphones, electronically, and at petrol pumps through a “payment at the pump” choice.

  • Custom Flat-Free Service 

Prior to signing a contract, it is critical that people are made aware of all the costs associated with the transaction and computes the average order charge. 

Although small companies (SMBs) might profit from a flat-fee solution like Square Merchant Services, micro-business owners (B2B) might pick National Bankcard because of all the customizable flat-free services.

  • Has Company Faced Any Fines in the Past? [Lawsuits and Fines]

More than a dozen objections have been resolved with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), including concerns with marketing and promotion, payment processing, and goods difficulties in the last three years.

Allegations include unlawful fees, failure to deliver pledged hardware, misrepresenting prices, ongoing charges even after canceling, and excessive expenditures. Around half of the concerns have been settled satisfactorily.

The Better Business Bureau’s website has three unfavorable National Bankcard evaluations. In the reviews, users complained about keeping monies, poor customer support, and shady business practices.


National Bankcard provides the technology, solutions, and customer support that people seek in a merchant solutions provider. They are also available around the clock. Apart from that, it provides several unique benefits that are not available from other merchant service suppliers, such as the zero-percent cash discount and cheap hardware with enrollment. 

However, because price information is not available on the internet, the users should be sure to comprehend what they will be spending on before selecting National Bankcard as the business account supplier. Plus, make sure to look for hidden charges and upheld payments for National Bankcard. 



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