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NMI Gateway Review 2024

NMI is a payment gateway company that provides credit card processing software and hardware to a wide range of enterprises. It was founded in the year 2000 by CEO Vijay Sondhi. NMI is not a provider of merchant accounts. Its product line is primarily sold through ISOs and value-added resellers. NMI is based in Schaumburg, Illinois, at 1450 American Lane, Suite 1200. This NMI Gateway review will get into all the details you need to know about their services.

NMI does not work with any specific payment processor. However, it does work with most major commercial point-of-sale and e-commerce solutions. The NMI Gateway accepts a variety of currencies and payment formats and personal payment devices from Ingenico and Verifone. Read on for an in-depth review.

What is a Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway is a service that facilitates the processing of credit card transactions. When a customer makes an online purchase, they must provide their credit card details during the payment process. Once the bill is accepted, the payment gateway completes the transaction by transferring funds from the user’s credit card to the merchant account. NMI is also a payment gateway, not a merchant service provider, and this review will discuss its gateway services.

Services of NMI

Virtual Terminal

Virtual terminals are a necessity in the modern business landscape. A virtual terminal allows merchants to receive payments through cashless and remote methods such as phone orders, ACH transfers, and mail. The NMI gateway’s virtual terminal offers several features such as detailed line-item information for orders, saving cardholder information for ease of future payments, and customizing fields based on user needs.

Inventory Manager

Inventory management tools are a standard in the modern-day payment industry. Merchants can associate tax, discount, and categories linked with different products. This comes in handy when the merchant is later making a sale. This information comes pre-associated with the products in an easy-to-use drop-down menu.

Support for Multi-MIDs

Having a separate account can be a hassle if you own several businesses or operate in more than one sector. Most merchant gateways do not support multiple companies in a single account, but NMI is different. Through the Multi-MID option, you can receive seamless reporting, organize products and manage different branches, among other essential features for multiple businesses.

Quick-Click Button Generator

The QuickClick shopping cart solution makes connecting your website to your payment network a breeze. You may quickly and easily connect your website with your payment processor. This allows you to generate a unique payment URL for permanent usage on your website by following simple steps.

Integration with shopping carts using OpenAPI

NMI offers an open API that allows you to create the solutions you need for your company. API documentation and information can be found here. A list of supported shopping carts may be found here.

Customer Vault

The cardholder information is securely stored on NMI’s servers during the payment tokenization. You may quickly set up recurring payments and invoices and generate reports on the customer’s previous payments once you have the customer’s information.

Terms & Conditions of NMI Contract

There is currently no publicly available information about conventional NMI contracts. Employers are unlikely to deal directly with NMI because NMI does not sell directly to sellers. Finally, NMI agreements with ISOs and other resellers should have no bearing on the pricing received by resellers. Vendors are most likely to interact with NMI’s hardware and software products. They should not be linked to NMI’s contractual responsibilities.

Customer Support

NMI offers customer assistance to all its clients. It even provides live online training, documentation, and webinars. Traders who require help with technical or fundamental questions can reach out to customer service 24/7. This payment gateway can be used on iPhones, iPads, and other mobile devices.

If you have any software or technical problems, you can contact the NMI customer service department for assistance.

Shortcomings of NMI

As NMI is a payment gateway, most merchants never have any direct interaction with the provider. NMI acts as a third-party gateway for merchant service providers, and the MPSs handle customer service. However, based on a few customer reviews and information about the provider, here are a few shortcomings of NMI;

Quick Timeout

While this is not a significant problem, it can be annoying when you have to re-enter all the details when you are in a hurry. Merchants complain that their portal has an unusually short timeout period. Sometimes they just interact with their customer concerning the purchase, or if they have a query, and find that the payment has timed out. Customers can become suspicious of the merchant for unethical practices because of this.

Lack of Information

There is near to no information on their website about the pricing. Because of this lack of information, it is hard to determine whether the merchant service provider is offering a fair fee for gateway services. Lack of pricing information can also mean that the provider has prices higher than the industry average. The only way to know the pricing is through the merchant service provider or customer reviews.

Fraudulent Charges

Several merchant reviews claim that they were attacked through the payment gateway. In these attacks, the merchants receive multiple fraudulent charges, and the NMI gateway charges a fee on the transactions and their merchant services providers charge fees for chargebacks. As per merchants, NMI charges thousands of dollars for these fraudulent charges. Their customer service claims that “this happens all the time.” Despite the frequency of the fraudulent charges, the provider is doing nothing to rectify the problem.


NMI is a well-established gateway. But there are several constraints to consider before establishing a payment system around it. NMI is a payment gateway that is safe, fast, and reliable. 

But at the same time, it has several disadvantages covered in this NMI Gateway review. Hence, if you want to avoid hidden fees, exorbitant pricing, and security concerns, it’s best to look for other options in the market.

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