Patriot Payment Group Review

Patriot Payment Group Review, Rates, and Complaints

As of this Patriot Payment Group review, the official website of Patriot Payment Group is not available. It looks like the website of Patriot Payment Group has not been operational since the middle of 2016. All existing evidence offers the indication that the Patriot Payment Group is now not a working business. The only employees that are executive-level are known to work with Patriot Payment Company and are now working at another organization named PayDyne, LLC.

North American Bancard and Patriot Payment Group were given orders to pay a whopping amount of $3.7 million in the form of a middle-class action dispute settlement that took place in April 2017. This was after the allegation of a merchant with respect to the fact that Patriot Payment Group has been engaged in the activity of illegal telemarketing.

Overview of Patriot Payment Group

Patriot Payment Group

Patriot Payment Group is a company providing merchant accounts with its headquarters in the city of Dallas, TX. The company and its services are known to be run by PayProTec. Patriot Payment Group is known to resell products and services of North American Bancard. Moreover, Patriot Payment Group also serves to be an MSP or ISO associated with Wells Fargo Bank in California. The company has its headquarters at 12100 Ford Road in Dallas, Texas.

According to the reports of the BBB, Jose Amador has been appointed as the Chief Executive of Patriot Payment Group.

Patriot Payment Group Review Based On Complaints

On the internet across leading public consumer forums, there are around 10 negative reviews against Patriot Payment Group. One of the complaints on the forum has also accused the corporation of being a rip-off or a scam. Also, about two complaints regarding Patriot Payment Group were filed by ex-employees of the company instead of merchants.

In most cases, the complaints regarding Patriot Payment Group specify instances of poor business ethics, an unsupportive job culture without any reliable source of payment, unqualified leads, and so more. Merchants of Patriot Payment Group have also put forth complaints mentioning undisclosed fees, irritating phone calls, high prices, and difficulty in reaching customer care centers. Patriot Payment Group has also listed a series of contact numbers on the website. However, there is no clear indication of whether or not these contact numbers are aimed at ensuring customer or merchant support.

Patriot Payment Group Review Based On BBB Profile

Currently, Patriot Payment Group features a rating of “F” on their profile of BBB. This rating has been given on the basis of around 8 reviews regarding the company. These complaints or reviews regarding the products and services of the company have been in existence on BBB starting from April 2014.

Some of the complaints regarding the company on BBB were about its sales and advertising practices. Around two of them were categorized as complaints related to the products and services of the company. Another set of complaints was for the billing or collecting payment practices of Patriot Payment Group.

It has been observed that Patriot Payment Group has been successful to resolve about 3 of its existing complaints. It is also expected that one of the complaints was either resolved to only the dissatisfaction of the customers or did not get a proper response from the company at all.

The remaining complaints or reviews of Patriot Payment Group BBB claimed that they did not receive any resolution or response from the company. BBB has explained that these complaints are major factors that have ultimately lowered the score of Patriot Payment Group to F. Due to the fact that more than 50% of complaints of Patriot Payment Group have been totally ignored, there is no valid argument to consider modifying the rating offered by BBB anytime soon.

Patriot Payment Group Review Based On Pricing

With respect to the pricing structure of Patriot Payment Group, there is minimal public information that states facts about the standard contract of the company currently. Patriot Payment Group does not enlist the pricing on the website. However, there are several complaints by merchants that specify that there is the presence of multi-year agreements. Also, there is a minimum monthly cost of $12.95. You will also encounter an annual fee of $79.95 along with an early termination fee of $495.

There is one complaint by a merchant that specify a termination fee for liquidated damages. However, there is no clear indication of the basic condition of the contract of the company. There are chances that the agents of the company are given maximum freedom to modify or alter the terms of the contract to a greater extent. The presence of multiple complaints offers insight that the contract terms of the company are moderate or slightly more expensive than the overall average of the industry.

Therefore the overall score of the company has been reduced to a C rating.

Patriot Payment Group Review Based On Sales and Advertising Strategy

Patriot Payment Group is known to primarily advertise its products and services through an assortment of telemarketing and independent sales representatives on contracts. These respective sales tactic or strategies has been generally the cause of higher complaint rates. At the same time, there is also evidence of several merchant complaints regarding Patriot Payment Group. These complaints of merchants specify the non-disclosure of the minimum monthly fee of the amount of $12.95 by the company.

There is also the presence of a yearly fee of $79.95. To top it all, Patriot Payment Group is not involved with listing any deceptive pricing costs or dishonest services or offers in the respective official materials.

Summary of Patriot Payment Group

In our Patriot Payment Group review, we found that the company is an average company that provides merchant service according to the reviews. The company has been showing a fairly lower number of total complaints. However, the pricing structure of the company tends to be more costly than most other average merchant account providers. Therefore, it is recommended that merchants should be cautious while signing any contract documents. It is also advised that merchants go through all contract conditions of the company before they sign up for the same.

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