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PayJunction Review 2024: Pricing, Features, and Customer Complaints

PayJunction is a California-based card processing firm that satisfies PCI compliance criteria. The organization provides services to various sectors, like dentistry clinics and other healthcare operations, and is HIPAA compliant.

With several possibilities for credit card transactions, how do you determine whether PayJunction is suitable for you? This PayJunction 2024 Review would detail the corporation’s offerings, price, and client comments so you can make an educated choice.

PayJunction: A Short Brief

Headquarter California
Founded In 2000
Contract Three-year contract
Customer Support Yes
Monthly Fee $35 monthly fee

PayJunction Owners, Headquarters, and Origin

PayJunction is a California-based merchant account operator which was established in 2000. PayJunction focuses on offering payment processing solutions using a unique digital interface, an online e-commerce payment, and a smartphone banking solution.

PayJunction Features and Aspects

One of PayJunction’s major characteristics is POS terminals that can execute card payments even if the card is not available and other capabilities that provide automation and expedite crucial procedures.

  • Analytics 

Examine various financial information, including patterns and correlations throughout time and payments by payment card, using PayJunction’s native advanced analytics. It’s also easy to browse and export statistics and transaction data because all of your information is safely kept in the cloud.

  • Additional Payment Processing Features 

The transaction procedure is simplified and automated with PayJunction, and the safety of your clients and the company is prioritized at all times with these time-saving capabilities. 

One use for a Smart Terminal is to keep track of your client’s credit, debit, and ACH data so that you can quickly find and refund transactions, charge repeat clients, or establish a regular payment with just a click. You may also avoid refunds using PayJunction’s online signature collection for card-not-present purchases.

  • Mobile App

iPhone and iPad users may now take credit card transactions from their smartphones thanks to PayJunction’s free iPhone and iPad software.

  • E-commerce Merchant Services 

PayJunction can serve as both your payment processor and payment service to take electronic purchases safely. Simply modify and install PayJunction’s dedicated check box on your company’s site to let PayJunction manage the PCI-compliant online payments. Over 80 prominent golf carts, such as Shift4Shop and Magento, are integrated with PayJunction.

  • ACH Payments 

PayJunction nowadays can reliably take ACH payments at minimal transaction costs in conjunction with payment card transactions (0.75 percent, to be exact). 

When a consumer pays using an ACH check, you’ll be able to get their electronic signature and confirmation from them through email.

  • Smart Terminal 

Customers may use Apple Pay using PayJunction’s cloud-based point of sale (POS) terminal. In addition to storing your clients’ registrations and transaction details electronically, this plug-and-play terminal also allows them to receive a printed or emailed receipt that you can access at any time. 

PayJunction boasts that their Smart Terminal accepts transactions approximately four times quicker than the usual point of sale terminal for both you and the clients.

PayJunction Pricing

What can you consider paying when you utilize PayJunction as a payment processor? It all relies on the package you select. When it comes to payment options, PayJunction has a month-to-month program named Clean Start and a rate-matching option. 

The Clean Start Plan is a pricing strategy that includes exchange and other fees. Interchange and a 0.75 percent processing markup are what you’ll be charged.

According to the firm, only if you handle less than $10,000/month in credit cards will you be charged extra costs. Expect to pay an extra $35 per month when that’s the case. 

Interested in seeing how our price compares to other processors you’re looking at? PayJunction has a simple quote comparison tool that you may use to receive a price quotation from your CardFellow account. 

PayJunction Software and Equipment

When an organization signs up for credit card transactions with PayJunction, they’ll get a free smart terminal provided they turn in 2 months of processed reports for evaluation.

From old magnetic stripes to innovative chip and pin, wireless mobile purchases, and even Apple Watch transactions, the smart station is intended to handle all current payment options

The smart terminal’s e-signature field reduces paper waste. Emailing receipts rather than printing them may help you reduce your carbon footprint.

PayJunction will hook you up with its payment platform and link visitor to a range of unique third-party grocery carts and e-commerce solutions if you do transactions digitally.

Is PayJunction Worth it?

  • Customer Support 

Several people have lauded PayJunction’s customer relationship management in audio commentaries and on the internet. As your business grows, so does the level of service provided by your company’s dedicated representatives.

  • The Sales Experience 

Sales representatives’ demeanor was seen as a positive by several businesses surveyed. By the conclusion of their first year in operation, most businesses have tried every card payment sales presentation. As a result, so many company owners had a happy impression with PayJunction sales matter a lot.

  • Ease of Reporting

PayJunction’s “paper-free” processing technique is a major selling feature for the company. Merchants accustomed to keeping handwritten receipts and not possessing a digitized track of sales are happy to have all data preserved digitally, allowing for convenient access and electronic statistics that can be exported.

The Bottom Line

PayJunction delivers on all of its claims, including subscriptions, digital transactions, and top-notch customer service. Your staff and customers may both feel more secure with the ZeroTouch Terminal. 

You could save money by keeping consumers satisfied with PayJunction’s reasonable rates, decreased risk, and wide range of payment alternatives that remove any need for a conventional credit card machine.

But PayJunction may be overkill for small firms and startups with little transaction history since you’ll probably discover cheaper alternatives. 

Signup up and ask for a pricing assessment when you’ve demonstrated your business if you expect to handle more than $10K monthly but don’t yet have a record of handling. PayJunction can match or better your existing rates for firms with a record of processing.

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