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Payment Alliance International (PAI) Review, Rates, and Complaints

PAI or Payment Alliance International was set up in 2007 in Louisville in KY. Payment Alliance International is known to operate out of three unique locations. For instance, PAI features a dedicated sales office in Florida. In addition, they have a dedicated ATM Center in Montana along with a Hardware Shipping Center in Mississippi. Some of the primary sources of cash flow of PAI are their ATM services and ATMs. PAI is responsible for managing the tasks of credit card processing and operations processing of the ATMs -along with sales, branding, installation, and maintenance of over 70,000 units across the United States of America.

In addition to ATMs, the firm also features a stronghold in the landscape of merchant service provider. PAI or Payment Alliance International features a complex mode of operations. Therefore, it is difficult to compare the brand to some other provider until you are capable of researching the provider in-depth. PAI is known to offer services to high-risk clients -particularly those involved in the firearm business. PAI exists as the open-end, gun-friendly service provider. It is endorsed by leading dealers like the NRA, National Shooting Sports Association, and 

Some of the factors associated with risk elimination and offered by PAI make the brand a common provider for most high-risk and low-income users. These users do not usually qualify for dedicated merchant accounts with other similar service providers out there in the market. PAI features over 85,000 customers in the field of retail. It also offers access to eCommerce, storefront processing, mobile, and countertop services to all types of small as well as medium-scale businesses.

What are the Services Offered by Payment Alliance International (PAI)?

Most of the services and products extended by PAI (Payment Alliance International) are well-detailed on the official website of the provider. They are known to charge more for delivering access to advanced features. Ultimately, it is up to the merchants to ensure the negotiation of a deal with most of the features at a cost-effective price. Out of the wide range of services offered by PAI, some of the notable ones are:

  • Payment Gateway & Virtual Terminal: Secure payment gateways and virtual terminals are essential factors to any modern business. With a majority of the world shifting towards e-commerce, ensuring a secure platform for executing online transactions is almost a necessity. PAI does not feature a fancy virtual terminal but it has all of the essential features. Merchants are capable of receiving payments by phone, ACH, or recurring billing depending on the respective preferences.

PAI is also capable of setting up the respective clients with dedicated payment gateways of eProcessing Network or Still, the platform remains compatible with several other payment gateways at the same time. There is no in-depth information on the services offered by Payment Alliance International in terms of e-Commerce. Still, there is the inclusion of the mandatory feature of payment gateway integration with shopping carts and websites. Therefore, it qualifies as a leading payment gateway provider.

  • Merchant Accounts: Payment Alliance International offers access to a fully-fledged merchant account. Still, it does not process transactions on independent levels. Businesses are expected to sign up for a separate processor for ensuring monthly transaction statements, a payment gateway, and other transaction-centric needs. 

PAI offers encouragement to its clients to make use of Global Payments as the primary processor. However, clients can look forward to processing payments with the help of WorldPay and TSYS as well.

What are the Products Offered by Payment Alliance International?

Like most other services, a majority of hardware linked with PAI will come with upfront payment or a lease by the respective merchant. Merchants have the chance to negotiate with the provider during the moment of the contract. In some scenarios, PAI offers a comprehensive range of services and products that are bundled together -particularly customized to cater to varying needs of businesses across different industries. 

  • Wireless Sales Terminals: PAI remains compatible with the most competent and common POS (Point of Sales) terminals. Still, they are known to feature the iWL250 Ingenico wireless card terminal on the website. The iWL series tends to be dependable. Therefore, it is easier to believe that the merchants might prefer other types of terminals. 

Merchants are expected to discuss with the provider the specific terminals that are compatible with PAI and the ones that are not before choosing any other portal for the respective business.

  • Mobile Card Reader: Like remote and online payments, mobile payments are also becoming a growing necessity for modern businesses. It is especially useful for companies that are required to establish contacts with customers on a regular basis towards renewing the subscriptions. The presence of a dedicated payment system at the disposal offers the ease of paying while increasing the sales significantly. 

PAI comes forth with its PAImobile Plus package for businesses that wish to ensure payments on the go. The provider also extends a headphone jack-based card reader that is compatible with EMV. It is made available by SwipeSimple along with a mobile-based POS app to work with the unit.

ATM Services Offered by PAI

Payment Alliance International or PAI serves to be one of the largest distributors of ATM services across the United States of America. Therefore, it is no surprise that the service provider boasts excellent knowledge as well as services in the given field. PAI is responsible for promoting ATM services in the form of additional opportunities to standard brick-and-mortar shops as well as firms dealing with the same. 

Businesses are also given the option of selecting ATM as the standalone business opportunity at the same time. PAI spans everything -right from installation of EMV-enabled & wireless ATM units to the overall maintenance. 

Fees and Rates of Payment Alliance International 

PAI offers access to no pricing details on the official website. If you wish to know more about pricing, you can select merchant service agreements from Global Payments and Merrick Bank on its website. Here, you will come across specific references to both non-qualified and mid processing surcharges. This implies that you can consider a tiered pricing structure with PAI. 

Tiered pricing structure is not regarded as a viable form of fees or rates. There is a potential danger of being charged a larger percentage of the transactions that end up in non-qualified, higher rate bucket. 

Complaints About Payment Alliance International

From browsing through minimal information present on the website of PAI to poor customer care services, there are some complaints registered on the internet regarding the provider. There are some complaints regarding early termination fees as well. Additionally, there is an instance of undisclosed auto-renewal with the platform. As PAI is known to serve some of the high-risk industries, it is no surprise that the fund holds are also major issues. 

What are the Drawbacks of Payment Alliance International (PAI)?

While PAI is regarded as one of the leading providers in the existing market, still there is ample room for improvement. The primary point criticizing the services offered by the provider is the extended contract length. There is also the presence of early termination fee with the provider. 

With relevant to Internet-based evidence, it is observed that the merchant imposes a contract of three years. This contract can be canceled only after paying a huge termination fee. While the calculation of the termination fee is carried out in two ways by the provider, the merchant is expected to pay the lesser amount of the two. Whatever might be the mode, the merchant is expected to pay beyond the amount of industry average.

In addition to this, depending on some reviews as well as statements on the Internet, the presence of the tiered pricing structure is observed with PAI. Tiered pricing mostly guarantees a higher pricing range for transaction processing. While the customer care of the provider claims using the interchange-plus pricing structure, it is not observed anywhere on the website. Interchange-plus turns out to be the best pricing model out there.

Ultimately, there is also the presence of immense disparity between the merchant experiences, what the customers claim, and evidence available on the internet explaining the provider. While the customer support offers claims that the company features a month-to-month contract, evidence on the internet is simply opposite to the given claim.


The difference in information offered by the provider arises from the use of both market’s resellers and internal sales representatives of PAI. There is a possibility that the company will be offering a month-to-month contract along with the interchange-plus pricing model. Moreover, it is up to the merchant to come across the right avenue to sign up for the services. 

Merchants are offered suggestions to reach out to the customer support team of the provider to confirm the actual terms before they commit with any reseller. It is regarded as the best decision to select a highly transparent provider if there is too much complexity. Most merchant service providers tend to be open about their offerings and terms.

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