Payment Approved Review

Payment Approved Review, Rates and Complaints

Payment Approved is a comprehensive payment solutions provider in the United States with Jason Montoya as its CEO. The company serves both small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large enterprise organizations.

Over time, the company has become a payment industry leader, offering various payment processing solutions such as credit and debit card acceptance, e-commerce payment gateways, and mobile payments.

In 2021, the company acquired Optima Compass, a RegTech and AML compliance company, expanding its product and service offerings.

This Payment Approved review will shed light upon its services, complaints and other aspects.

Features and Services

The company offers the following features and services to its customers.

Payment Processing

The Payment Approved provides reliable and secure payment processing services to accept credit and debit card payments. It securely stores customer card information and ensures that all payments are encrypted and transmitted securely. It helps minimize the risk of fraud and ensures that ‘customers’ data is protected.

API Integration

The company offers simple integration with various e-commerce platforms and payment solutions. It provides a secure, reliable, easy-to-use API supporting various payment methods. It helps businesses quickly and easily accept customer payments without complex coding.

White Label App Solutions

Merchants have reviewed that the Payment Approved provides white-label app solutions for businesses to create payment gateway. It allows businesses to customize their checkout experience and accept payments through their branded app. Hence, businesses can create a customized payment experience for their customers while still benefiting from the secure and reliable technology of the company.

Transaction Management

The company also provides a comprehensive transaction management system. This system allows businesses to easily manage and track all transactions and monitor customer payment histories. The system also provides fraud detection and prevention systems that help protect businesses from fraudulent activity. It ensures that only legitimate transactions are processed, making it easier and more secure for businesses to accept payments.

BBB Rating

The Better Business Bureau does not accredit the company, so it has no BBB rating. However, the BBB has received complaints about Payment Approved. These complaints are related to customer support issues. Consumers have reported delays in customer support responses and issues with payment processing accuracy.

It makes its future BBB rating partly dependent on customer service, so the company must ensure that customers are treated properly. It also needs to quickly address any complaints and resolve them promptly. By doing this, Payment Approved can improve its BBB rating and enhance customer satisfaction.

Lawsuits And Fines

The consequences of not following applicable laws can be severe for the Payment Approved. Organizations that fail to meet payment obligations can face lawsuits, fines, and other sanctions. Additionally, any dispute regarding payments or alleged non-payment can become complicated and time-consuming.

In 2020, a patent lawsuit was filed against Payment Approved for alleged infringement of several patents. This case is ongoing, but the consequences could be costly to the company if it is found liable.

Furthermore, many countries have laws that require businesses to pay suppliers or employees on time or face fines and other penalties. For example, in the US, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires employers to pay workers the minimum wage for working hours and overtime if applicable. Failure to comply with this law can result in back pay and fines of up to $1,000 per violation.

Payment Approved must adhere to all applicable laws, regulations, and standards to protect the organization from costly sanctions. Not only can this save money, but it can also protect the business’s reputation and ensure a positive customer experience.


Payment Approved Company provides various payment processing solutions for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re starting or expanding, Payment Approved has the right solution.

However, their pricing structure can be complex and hard to understand. They offer tiered pricing plans with varying terms, fees and restrictions depending on the type of business and the number of transactions. Additionally, those using their services will be subject to additional fees for certain payment methods and currencies. These can add up quickly and may not be the best option for businesses on a budget.

Comparing Payment Approved’s pricing with other payment processors ensures you get the best option for your business.

Marketing Approach

The company does not employ a large sales force, relying instead on a combination of inside sales staff and marketing efforts. It means that the cost of sales is lower than that of many other companies. However, it also means that the company has less control over its customer relationships and may not be able to identify potential customer needs as quickly or thoroughly.

In this way, the company is vulnerable to the success or failure of its marketing efforts. If a particular campaign fails to deliver, it could reduce the number of customers the company can serve.

Additionally, traditional advertising can be expensive and may not reach the most influential audiences for the company’s products. The company must carefully target its advertising efforts to ensure maximum effectiveness. Strategic partnerships can also be difficult to secure, as potential partners may have different goals and objectives.

Employee Complaints

Employee complaints about Payment Approved are rare, but some have been reported. Many employees feel their pay is low compared to the industry standard and often do not receive a raise or bonus when promised. Some employees have also reported feeling overworked, with long hours and high workloads that are difficult to manage. 

Additionally, some employees have expressed frustration about job security and fear of layoffs without prior notice. Finally, some employees have reported that the company’s internal communications are often disjointed and difficult to understand. The Payment Approved needs to address these issues and ensure a positive workplace for all employees.

While most complaints about Payment Approved are relatively minor, it is important to take them seriously and address them to protect the well-being of employees to avoid bad reviews. It is also essential to ensure fair and equitable wages, reasonable workloads, job security, and clear communication channels. Implementing these changes can create a positive work environment and foster employee loyalty.


It has long been known for its top-of-the-line payment processing services regarding Payment Approved. However, there are some issues with the company that customers have raised, resulting in negative reviews.

Merchants should remember the following points before signing up for their services.

Difficulty in Managing the Payroll

The company offers a payroll management system that is not easy to use. The setup process is complicated, and users may struggle to navigate the menus and available options. Additionally, when reviewed, there is a lack of online support for users who need help understanding how to manage their payroll system.

Technical Issues in Mobile App

The Payment Approved mobile app is often plagued with technical issues when reviewed. There are frequent bugs, and the app can respond slowly or completely unresponsive. The customer service team is often unable to assist in resolving these technical issues, leaving users stuck and frustrated.

Problems in Business Invoicing

The company’s business invoicing feature can be difficult to use. The system is not intuitive, and users may struggle to understand the different features. Additionally, the invoicing system does not always accurately calculate taxes and fees, resulting in inaccurate invoicing. It can lead to billing disputes and confusion for businesses.

Disruption in the Check Out Process

The Payment Approved Company checkout process can be disruptive for businesses. The system is designed to automatically deduct payment from a business’s bank account, but this can be unreliable. Additionally, the system does not always prompt customers when payments are due, and businesses may end up with unpaid invoices. It can lead to lost revenue and customer dissatisfaction.

Poor Customer Service Response

The Payment Approved’s customer service team is often unresponsive and difficult to contact. When customers get in touch, they often experience long wait times and receive unsatisfactory assistance. It can make customers feel frustrated and dissatisfied with the company’s services while giving bad reviews.

Difficulty in Online Business Payments

Payment Approved offers an online payment system, but the process can be difficult for businesses. The setup process is complicated, and the system can respond slowly, thus resulting in bad reviews. Additionally, technical issues often make it difficult to complete payments. It can cause delays in payments and disruption for businesses.

API Causing Problems with Split Payment

Split payments are a great way to keep both customers and businesses safe. They provide an additional layer of security for online transactions, ensuring that the customer’s payment information is handled securely and that the business receives the funds it is owed. 

However, Payment Approved’s API has caused problems for many businesses that utilize split payments, resulting in lengthy delays and even lost funds.

The API is responsible for processing the payment information from both the customer and the business, and it is unreliable in some cases. It can cause serious business problems and negative reviews, including delayed payments and lost funds.


This Payment Approved review suggests that the company offers many services, such as business payment solutions. However, some drawbacks are associated with the company’s products and services. For example, Payment Approved’s payment processing fees can be high, and the customer service representatives may not always be available to answer questions. Additionally, the company’s payment processing system may be outdated and lack features found in other popular systems. While Payment Approved can offer convenience to businesses that need payment solutions, it is important to weigh the benefits and drawbacks carefully before using their services.

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