Billingtree Review

Billingtree Review, Rates, and Complaints

Founded in 2003, BillingTree is a comprehensive payment processing solution that enables businesses to accept and manage customer payments in multiple forms. The platform offers several features that help businesses meet their payment processing needs, including e-commerce processing, recurring billing, and merchant accounts.

With its Headquarters in Arizona, the company processes payments for businesses worldwide. The company acquired Ohio-based Internet Payment Exchange (IPayX) in 2018 and continues to add new partners, providing clients with more payment options.

In 2021, the company was acquired by Repay Holdings Corporation, creating a powerful combined payments platform.

This Billing Tree review will examine the company’s services, features and potential loopholes.

Features and Services

Regarding payment processing, Billingtree offers many features and services. A review of some of the most popular features includes:

Automated Payment Processing

Billing Tree’s automated payment processing capabilities make it easy for businesses to collect payments quickly and efficiently. With multiple payment methods available, including ACH/eCheck, credit card, debit card and other options, businesses can easily customize their payment processing solution to their specific needs.

Payment Reporting

It provides detailed real-time reporting so businesses can gain insights into how their payments are processed. With visibility into successful and failed transactions, refunds, and cancellations, businesses can quickly identify and address potential issues.

Secure Transaction Processing 

When reviewed, the company processes all payments securely with its fraud prevention services. The service can quickly detect and prevent fraudulent transactions by monitoring transaction activity.

Flexible Integration Options

Billing Tree makes it easy for businesses to integrate their payment processing solution into existing systems. The service offers multiple integration options, including web-based APIs and a hosted payment page, so businesses can easily customize their setup.


Regarding rates, BillingTree’s pricing structure is often reviewed as the source of customer criticism. The company uses a high-priced and complex fee structure that can be difficult to understand and quickly add up for businesses that rely heavily on its payment processing services. Furthermore, some customers have complained about the following:

Variable Pricing

BillingTree offers variable pricing, which can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it gives businesses more flexibility in terms of how they manage their payments. 

On the other hand, it can lead to higher transaction costs due to increased processing fees and potential surcharges that may not be foreseeable at the time of purchase. The lack of a flat-rate pricing structure can make it difficult to predict costs accurately.

Virtual Terminal Pricing

BillingTree’s virtual terminal pricing is comparatively high. While the company offers a discount for manually-entered transactions, it is still much higher than most competitors. Furthermore, additional service fees are attached to each transaction, which can quickly add up and make processing payments more expensive.

Payment Gateway Fee

BillingTree’s payment gateway fee is also relatively high compared to other companies, as it charges a per-transaction fee plus additional fees for each type of card it processes. It can quickly add up and make it more expensive to process payments with BillingTree than with other providers. The fee is not disclosed on their website, making it difficult to compare prices accurately.


Complaints are not uncommon for any business, and Billing Tree is no exception. The following are the most common complaints raised by users of the service: 

Unclear Pricing

Many customers have complained that the pricing model of Billing Tree is unclear and difficult to understand. It has made it difficult for customers to make informed decisions about their payments and billing plans.

For example, some customers have reported that the cost of their services changed without notice or explanation.

Poor Customer Service

Customers had also reported that customer service representatives were unresponsive or unhelpful when they had questions about the services provided by Billing Tree.

For example, some customers had complained that when they reached out for help, their messages and calls went unanswered or were met with unhelpful responses from customer service representatives.

Difficult to Cancel Services

Customers have also found it difficult to cancel their services with Billing Tree. For example, some customers have reported filling out complicated forms or jumping through hoops to cancel their services. Moreover, when customers cancel their services, they often meet with unhelpful customer service representatives who refuse to assist.

Unauthorized Billing

Additionally, customers have reported being charged for services they did not authorize. For example, some customers have reported that their credit cards were charged without permission or were sent invoices for services they had not requested. These unauthorized charges have caused confusion and frustration among customers, as it is often difficult to determine where the charges originated.

BBB Rating

The company has an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau. It reflects that the company is generally well-regarded and adequately addresses customer complaints.

However, there have been some recent reports of customers experiencing problems with billing and customer service issues. Due to the negative reviews, the company has promptly addressed these concerns, but customers may still be wary of potential pitfalls when dealing with Billing Tree.

Sales and Marketing

Billing Tree has no independent sales agent or representatives, so it only works with organizations with their own sales teams. As a result, there is no direct marketing assistance or support available from the company, which can be a drawback for some businesses. 

Additionally, Billing Tree does not offer any incentives or discounted rates to encourage businesses to use their services, nor do they have any special offers or promotions. It can reduce the attractiveness of their service for certain businesses.

Lawsuits and Fines

Unfortunately, Billing Tree’s history has been marred by lawsuits and fines. In 2019, Billing Tree settled a lawsuit with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for $1.25 million. The FTC alleged that Billing Tree had made false and misleading claims, such as that its services would provide a quick and easy way for customers to pay their bills.

In addition to the FTC lawsuit, Billing Tree has also been fined by state attorneys general for violating consumer protection laws. In 2020, the company was fined $250,000 by the Oregon Department of Justice for violations related to deceptive practices and failing to disclose certain fees.

The company has also been subject to other legal issues, such as a class-action lawsuit in New York that alleged Billing Tree had illegally imposed fees on consumers.

These legal issues have tarnished Billing Tree’s reputation. Hence the merchants and customers are discouraged from using its services based on these reviews. Considering the legal issues associated with any payment-processing service before signing up is important.

Employee Complaints

Billing Tree review does not bode well regarding employees, mostly wages and benefits. Employees have stated that they feel undervalued by the company and that management is unresponsive to their requests. In some cases, employees have also complained about long work hours and a lack of breaks.

It has led to some employee dissatisfaction and raised questions about the company’s commitment to providing a good work environment. These complaints have also been echoed by some customers who have experienced poor customer service and billing issues. Customers should be aware of these grievances when considering using Billing Tree.


Merchants should remember the following customer reviews before signing up for the services of Billing Tree.

Poor Customer Service

Billing Tree provides one of the poorest customer services in the payment processing industry. Reports of long wait times and rude staff members have been noted, making customer service a serious issue for the company.

High Fees

Billing Tree charges some of the industry’s highest fees for payment processing. The company has complex fee structures that can be difficult to understand and follow, leading to customer confusion and frustration.

Lackluster Security

Billing Tree does not provide the most secure payment processing solutions. It can lead to customers’ confidential information being exposed or leaked, causing a serious security risk and resulting in bad reviews. Moreover, the company offers no additional security measures like encryption or two-factor authentication.

Processing Delays

Billing Tree is notorious for its processing delays. Customers have reported extremely long wait times when processing payments, leaving them frustrated and annoyed. It can lead to a negative customer experience and cause customers to switch to another payment processing provider.

Poor Technical Support

Technical support is another area where Billing Tree has received negative reviews. Reports of long wait times and a lack of knowledgeable staff have been noted, leaving customers feeling helpless and unsupported. It is a major concern for any payment processing provider and could lead to customers switching to another provider.

Overall, Billing Tree is a payment processing company that falls short in many areas. Poor customer service, high fees, lackluster security, outdated technology, processing delays, limited features, and poor technical support are all issues that customers should consider before signing up with the company.


This Billing Tree review suggests that it is a good payment processing solution for those needing an all-in-one product, but it has some drawbacks. The biggest drawback of Billing Tree is its high cost, which can put a strain on smaller businesses with limited budgets. Additionally, the customer service and overall user experience can be less than satisfactory, with customers often having difficulty understanding how to use the product or getting quick responses to their inquiries.

Hence, merchants should carefully consider their payment processing needs before choosing Billing Tree.

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