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PayPal Review, Rates, and Complaints 2024

When you are looking for a reliable merchant service provider, PayPal serves to be one of the largest and the most trusted payment processors out there in the world. However, with minimal processes and fees aimed at smaller businesses, a wide range of unique features, and branded payment checkout, PayPal is for a selected group of users.

PayPal for Business Overview

Without any monthly fees, contracts, and the presence of a robust suite of innovative tools for merchants to ensure selling virtually anytime, anywhere, there are several reasons to consider using PayPal for your business. One of the most appealing features of PayPal is that unlike most other merchant service providers out there, it is possible to implement PayPal as the exclusive way of accepting payments for your company or you can use it as a an additional payment method.

With over 200 million active users across the globe and around 17 million merchants, PayPal has garnered the reputation of being one of the largest financial institutions in the entire world. The company was introduced in 1998. Later on, in 2002, it was bought by eBay. Again in 2015, the company managed to branch out as it’s own independent company. In the modern era, PayPal is known to own several small-scale businesses while delivering a comprehensive range of payment processing solutions -including Venmo, Paydiant, BrainTree, Xoom Corporation, and

PayPal Merchant Services Rates and Fees

PayPal offers access to a wide range of services along with a highly transparent fee structure. However, for most small-scale business owners, finding relevant information on the official website of PayPal implies navigating their entire maze of the website. This process can leave business owners confused. However, the entire fee structure is pretty straightforward. There are several variations of payment options -including a flat rate fee, volume-based fee, blended, or interchange.

  • In-person Payment Fees: PayPal provides access to a series of PDQ solutions through the option of PayPal Here dashboard. It offers the opportunity to set up while accepting both card transactions and PayPal in person. The option of PayPal Here comes with dedicated card readers -ranging from $42.54 to $97.00.

There is also the provision of both app and mobile support along with the delivery of PCI compliance. Still, transaction fees on the platform depend on transaction volume and payment type.

  • Other Payment Rates: PayPal Merchant Services features a wide range of additional services -ranging from virtual terminals to international sales, online invoicing, currency conversions, and so more.

It is also possible to accept funds in other currencies -from almost any corner of the world. The same transaction rates apply to such transactions as users all over the world. However, you will be paying an additional amount of 2.5% to 4.5% conversion fee for the respective transactions in other types of currencies along with one percent of additional charge for international cards.

PayPal features several alternative rate offerings as well -featuring both nonprofit discounts and a microtransaction plan. The micropayments plan of PayPal remains open for all merchants. However, there have been reports that some users are not able to sign up for the plan. It serves to be a rather unfortunate event for small-ticket business owners or merchants that look forward to mitigating the overall effects of the all-new fixed transaction fee of $0.49.

Some of the micropayment rates to consider are:

  • Micropayment Rates: 4.99% with 0.09 cents for every transaction. Organizations that are qualified as 501©(3) are expected to undergo the verification process and are considered eligible for ensuring a discount for ensuring online transactions.
  • Nonprofit Discount Rates: 1.99% along with 0.49 cents for every transaction.

PayPal does not offer a discounted rate for ensuring in-person transactions. The non-profit rate is applicable to donations and online sales only.

With the help of PayPal Checkout, there is no requirement of any monthly fees. However, if you prefer keeping customers on the page, you can think of using customizable checkout buttons or using a virtual terminal. You will also require either Payments Pro or PayPal Payments Advanced.

  • PayPal Payments Pro -$30 per month
  • PayPal Payments Advanced -$5 per month

With both PayPal Payments Pro and PayPal Payments Advanced versions, there is no requirement of any Recurring Billing. If you wish to avail subscription services, it will cost you additional $10 for every month on top of your Pro plan. PayPal also offers access to free recurring billing for users of PayPal Checkout. However, this functionality is not available for users of PayPal Pro or Advanced Functionalities.

Additionally, PayPal comes forth with its own Payflow gateway to ensure the processing of payments. It is known to work with most other payment processors out there. If you wish to sell online but do not wish to make use of PayPal as the core payment processor, and the selected processor is not offering a gateway, Payflow is not any option. With Payflow, there are two options:

  • Payflow Pro: The package costs around $25 per month. There is a relatively higher setup fee of around $99. Moreover, you can also expect to pay around $0.10 for every transaction fee. The Payflow Pro plan helps you access a customizable checkout page that is hosted on the website. There is also the ability to add PayPal Credit and PayPal options.
  • Payflow Link: It is the facility of pay-as-you-go option costing you around $0.10 for every transaction without any monthly or setup fees. With the help of Payflow Link, you can embed a dedicated checkout form on the website that will be redirected to the PayPal website for completing the transaction. Payflow Link also includes PayPal Credit and PayPal buttons.

Accepting Online Payments with PayPal

For most merchants out there, setting up with PayPal implies deciding on how you wish to accept payments online. The decision tends to be more complicated for desiring PayPal merchants. This is because it involves deciding on whether or not you wish to enable advanced or standard debit and credit card payments and also deciding which of the available PayPal payment plans you would like to sign up for.

  • Standard Debit & Credit Payments: It is the default means of PayPal when it comes to accepting card payments. With the help of standard payments, it is possible to offer the standard payment options of PayPal on the checkout page. Therefore, buyers can easily pay with debit cards, credit cards, and PayPal, Venmo, Pay Later options, and alternative methods of payments.
  • Advanced Debit & Credit Card Payments: With PayPal’s advanced payment options, you are offered same payment options like that of the Standard plan. At the same time, this plan also offers the ability to customize the credit card fields. It is also needed if you wish to enroll in Chargeback Protection while using the Virtual Terminal and upgrading the payment plan to Payments Pro and Payments Advanced.

Moreover, you get access to a reduced debit or credit card processing rate with the help of Advanced card payments in comparison to Standard card payments. However, the respective rate you will ultimately pay will depend on whether you are receiving Chargeback Protection or if you are signing up for one of the more advanced subscription plans of PayPal. To make use of the option of credit & debit card payments, you are expected to specifically request that while supplying PayPal with extra information on your business.

As far as the subscription plans are concerned, PayPal offers access to three options for ensuring web payments:

  • PayPal Payments Pro
  • PayPal Payments Advanced
  • PayPal Checkout -formerly known as Express Checkout

PayPal Checkout Feature

PayPal Checkout serves to be an easy solution if you only wish to include PayPal as the payment option on the website wherein you are already accepting credit cards while integrating with the eCommerce provider. To implement the functionality of Checkout on the website, you might require access to a developer. PayPal is responsible for doing the upkeep as well as maintenance for its users. With PayPal Checkout, you can access the following features:

  • PCI Compliance: As PayPal is helpful in redirecting customers to the site towards completing the transactions, there is no need to be worried about standard PCI compliance at all.
  • Methods of Localized Payment: PayPal is undergoing the mechanism of including localized payment processes for customers throughout Europe. This can be seen with the wide acceptance of Stripe. Therefore, it is increasingly surprising to observe PayPal implement a similar system.

PayPal Complaints

PayPal has a unique position in the modern credit card processing industry. Unlike conventional merchant accounts, virtually anyone is capable of signing up for a dedicated PayPal account. PayPal has access to more than 100 million users. Due to this fact, PayPal has received several thousands of customer reviews.


PayPal is a strong payment option for all-new businesses. You can definitely keep it running in the form of a backup form of payment if you are selling online. However if you choose to use PayPal as your primary form of payment acceptance, it is noted to work quite well.

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