Payvision Review

Payvision Review, Rate, and Complaints

In 2021 Acquirer ING announced that the company would shut down the operations of Payvision. As of 2022, the official website of Payvision is empty. There is only a note that explains that the operations of Payvision have been completely closed in Q2 of 2022. As the company will no longer be launching any new accounts and will not be providing any new information on its website, the profile of Payvision will not be updated. Here is the complete information based on the Payvision review done by our experts.

International Payment Processing by Payvision

Payvision serves to be a merchant account provider specializing in the processing of international payments for businesses involved in the e-commerce sector. Payvision was introduced in 2002 in the Netherlands. Since its inception, Payvision has grown and currently boasts the presence of multi-national offices in leading cities like Paris, Utah, Toronto, New York, Berlin, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau, Tokyo, Madrid, and Auckland.

As of 2018, ING Group went ahead with buying Payvision’s majority ownership stake. However, currently, Payvision continues serving as an independent brand.

Location & ownership of Payvision

Payvision is the registered ISO or MSP of Merrick Bank in South Jordan, Utah. The company has its headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Currently, Andre Valkenburg serves to be the CEO of the company.

Payvision Review Based on Complaints

In addition to some complaints associated with the products or services of the brand, there is no evidence of any negative review of the brand in the existing consumer protection forums. Therefore, it serves to be a good sign that the company is neither a rip-off nor a scam. The only issues encountered concerning merchant complaints regarding Payvision and its services are related to deceptive sales practices and fund holds.

However, the claim regarding deceptive sales practices has been convincingly and professionally rebutted by a representative from Payvision. Merchants who are currently experiencing issues related to fund holds can think of taking appropriate steps to ensure that the funds are released effectively.

Payvision Review Based on Fines & Lawsuits

As Payvision features a relatively clean and positive profile throughout, the company has shockingly been involved in a series of legal issues since 2020. Most of the issues are related to the company allegedly allowing scammers to use its services. Some of the notorious online criminals like Gal Barak and Uwe Lenhoff are some of the common names associated with related scams.

Some additional suits against Payvision are related to the buying and selling off the company along with associated T1 Payments amidst a significant legal action.

Currently, the lawsuits against Payvision are responsible for shutting down the operations of the company. Moreover, these lawsuits also represent some of the most negative situations in the industry’s history. Dissatisfied merchants of Payvision who would like to follow a non-litigious course of action against the organization can think of contacting and reporting the same to the concerned supervisory organizations.

Payvision Review Based on Customer Service Options

Payvision is known to provide access to services of direct phone support at most international offices. The customer support services offered by Payvision might vary. It will ultimately depend on the specific location within which a merchant is obtaining services through. However, there is no evidence that the company entirely delivers excellent services in terms of resolving customer-specific complaints in-house before it takes the same to the public forums.

Payvision Review Based on BBB Rating

According to BBB or Better Business Bureau, it currently does not have any dedicated account with Payvision. Therefore, there is no factor in BBB rating while reviewing the products and services offered by Payvision.

Payvision Review Based on Pricing

Due to the international merchant base of the company, there are higher chances that the standard pricing, as well as terms of the company, will vary depending on the location or its office. The pricing and terms of the company will also vary depending on factors like the overall size of the market, type of business, the overall time in business, and so more.

Payvision offers access to e-commerce support as well as processing services in more than 150 currencies. Therefore, the overall rates of its services are also prone to immense variations as a merchant will consider expanding the respective business into international markets.

As Merrick Bank serves as the sponsoring bank of the company in the United States of America, there is a possibility that different locations of Payvision tend to operate with modified versions of the standard agreement of Merrick Bank Merchant Services. However, there is no substantial evidence to support the existing possibility currently.

High-Risk Concerns

According to a news thread by WebHostingTalk in 2010, Payvision is known to terminate or freeze the accounts of merchants coming under the category of high-risk operations. The policy will make great sense for the company due to its comprehensive range of security standards while serving as an international merchant account provider or payment processor. There is currently no inclination to penalize Payvision for possessing this policy in place.

Moreover, a merchant in a consumer protection forum indicated that Payvision strives to move away from conventionally high-risk sectors like gambling and online pharmacies. This is done to avoid the requirement of terminating accounts or freezing payments.

Absence of Red Flags

Payvision delivers access to competitive terms and pricing in most of its international markets. Still, high-risk merchants out there might still consider working in collaboration with a reliable high-risk specialist in the industry.

Payvision Review Based on Sales & Marketing Strategies

Payvision is known to primarily market or advertises its products and services through the official website. It is achieved with the help of strategic partnerships and conventional advertising channels. The company continues maintaining its offices across the globe. However, these international offices might manage their respective in-house sales and marketing teams.

Currently, it is reported that there is only a single negative review regarding Payvision. The review has accused the company and its sales team of using unethical conduct, however, the complaint has been effectively rebutted by a representative of the company.

Absence of Deceptive Quotes

As the single sales-specific complaint against the company does not involve any employee, and also as the company is not known to engage in any deceptive advertising strategy in terms of its official materials, the company has been rewarded an A rating in the existing category.


Payvision has been formerly rated as a reliable and professional merchant account service provider across the globe. However, the legal issues of the company have also made it evident that they are not a trustworthy service provider. Merchants are recommended to go through the services and pricing of the company while comparing them with other quotes provided by the other merchant account providers.

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