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Pearl Payments Review: Complaints, Fees, Rates, Customer Feedback

Perl Payments is a well-known company and thousands of merchants use it daily for their day-to-day business. We have talked to some experts and sought feedback from some real customers for our Pearl Payments review.

PEARL: What Is It?

PEARL improves value & controls in your trade payables business cycle by completely changing how you manage accounts payable. It was designed to satisfy the needs of a particular sector and is extremely configurable. The platform that provides practical and efficient answers to your everyday difficulties is built on our significant knowledge and skill in handling large-scale AP processes.


Swing Set Labs created Pearl Payments. It has cutting-edge machinery that makes running your business more efficient. It offers cutting-edge technology solutions that can analyze sales data, accept NFC payments, manage inventory, and even assist with email and SMS marketing campaigns. Get connected with a new POS from Pearl Payments to help improve your technological experience!

A merchant account can automate its periodic payments made by credit card or ACH deposits using the payment management software Pearl Payments. The business additionally permits retailers to charge one-time payments. Users can reduce the time they spend on collections by using the interface.

Simple Setup and Cost Management

Nothing is greater than simplicity and cost-savings together. Pearl significantly cuts down on the time you need to spend on administrative tasks like payment collection.

Pearl doesn’t compromise on quality to save you time and money—quite the opposite! It’ll keep offering top-notch customer service while making sure your equipment is straightforward to use. Keep that additional cash in your wallet to advance your career! Create items and plans, attract clients, and then sit back and await payments.

Pearl notifies you of unsuccessful payments and automatically reminds your clients to keep their payment information current.


If two parties can’t communicate clearly, what good is a partnership? It’s a disaster for customer service! Pearl can help with installation issues, contract buyouts, bill inquiries, and much more! They are dependable and responsive to your queries and worries.

Be in contact

To contact them, click on the Contact Us tab on their website ( If you’re a current customer, don’t be afraid to contact them with any questions or issues. If you want to become a member of the Pearl Family, they would be happy to include you in their Pearl vision if you filled out an online form.

Pearl Software’s features:

  • Automation of the PR to PO Process
  • Vendor Access
  • Online Invoice Tracking
  • Approval Automation, and Payment Automation
  • Real-Time Analytics & Live Dashboard
  • Quick Notifications & Announcements

Pearl Software’s advantages:

  • OCR with intelligent AI to boost overall operational effectiveness
  • Where native ERP is not to be exposed, BOTS will provide ERP-agnostic systems.
  • Reduce operating expenses
  • By using BOTS with human equivalents, you may increase operational agility.
  • Move human resources to higher-value endeavors
  • Create uniform internal controls and real-time dashboards to track the performance of BOTs and people.


  • Email
  • Knowledge Base, and Help Desk
  • 24/7 Phone Support (Live Rep)
  • Chat
  • pearl payments support review


  • Live Online
  • Webinars
  • Documentary Videos
  • In-Person Training

Investing Money

To help your company expand, you may need some financial flow. You’re covered by Pearl. Everything is guided by business results. Does your company handle 20,000 per month? Ten thousand? You can get the same amount in working capital with its assistance!

To maximize savings, it combines processing with working capital services. Through the processing, it also gives something back! Help yourself by paying it via your processing rather than being forced to adhere to a standard proportion!

Challenges and complaints

Few complaints overall

There isn’t a single bad Pearl Payments review that we can find right now. It should be noted that the business has the same name as Pearl Payments and is commonly mistaken for that business. These erroneous Pearl Payment complaint occurrences are being actively addressed by the Pearl Payments profiled below.

There are no pending class action lawsuits or FTC complaints against Pearl Payments that we could find. Unhappy customers who want to take the firm to court should think about reporting the corporation to the appropriate regulatory bodies.

Choices for Customer Service at Pearl Payments

On its website, Pearl Payments provides very little information on how to get in touch with customer service. The only way to get in touch with the business is via an all-purpose email address, [email protected], which isn’t only for customer service. Our standards for excellent customer care from top-rated payment processors are not met by this level of service. A “B” rating in this category is given for the time being despite the company’s lack of complaints and favorable legal history, which both speak favorably of it.

Pearl Payments Review: Ratings and feedback

pearl payment real customer reviews


Employee’s review: Best workplace I’ve had in a while!

I’ve worked for several different payment processing businesses, but the environment at Pearl is different. We have reachable bonuses and excellent commissions, plus we are expanding very quickly. If you’re searching for a job with a chance for management and progress, I suggest checking out Pearl!

(National Sales Manager (Present Employee) – January 6, 2020 – Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas)

Customer’s review: Greater Efficiency Than I Could Have Expected

Our transition to online training has been greatly aided by Pearl, a recognized authority in the sector. Every step of the way, their helpful staff has been there to support our requirements. To assist us in better serving our pupils, they have also changed significantly over the past two years thanks to feedback from clients.

Their customer service was incredibly individualized, and they genuinely helped me go from a single service provider to one that could handle big district contracts and a sharp increase in staffing.


It made it possible to deliver virtual training using an interactive interface that had all the necessary tools in one location.


Although group education possibilities are fantastic, it would be even better if you could do it entirely in pearl.

(Tiara, Industry: E-Learning, Review Source: Capterra)


Customer’s review: There is nothing like Pearls’ platform and assistance.

Overall, the people and platform meet all of my needs. Their technology is user-friendly and complies with public school and higher education data security regulations. Every time I contact out, their crew is really helpful and ready to take the phone or listen to my suggestion.

All of their data centers were located in the US. It is crucial for any government-funded activities. Their support was by far the finest. They also offered more complete features and functionality.


When it came to onboarding, matching, and managing the interactions my colleagues and I had with our students, I loved how simple it was to utilize. In my position, data is crucial to demonstrating the effectiveness of our program. I have all the information I need to report the results of my program thanks to Pearl’s data reports.


The Pearl classroom is simply a 1:1 experience as opposed to a large setting, which is why I prefer teaching in Zoom. Group sessions can still be planned and run; you simply need to be present in person or use Zoom. A multi-student classroom on the Pearl platform is something I want to see.

(John, Industry: E-Learning, Review Source: Capterra)

Rates, Fees, and Contract Terms

The fees that Pearl Payments charges for ACH and credit card payments made to merchants are made public on the company’s website. The website of the business does not, meanwhile, specify whether or not users of the service must sign a contract or whether there are additional monthly Pearl Payments fees, setup fees, or early termination fees.

Price Variations for Various Payment Options

For card transactions, there is a flat fee of 2.90% plus $0.30, and for ACH payments, there is a transaction fee of 0.8%. A $5 transaction charge cap is also in place for ACH payments. Any extra contract details, such as monthly costs, setup costs, contract length, a PCI compliance fee, or an early termination fee, are not listed on the company’s website.

No Need for Extra Accessories

The Pearl Payments website states that a virtual terminal serves as the host for its services. Although the business prioritizes recurring payments, it also says on its website that it can handle one-time payments.

As this interface is hosted on a merchant’s computer or through an app on a suitable mobile device, using a virtual terminal to process one-time payments eliminates the requirement for a merchant to enter into a long-term equipment lease.

No independent sales representatives

Neither Pearl Payments nor its affiliate program employs independent sales representatives. The inside sales practices of Pearl Payments have not been the subject of any customer complaints or online reviews. Compared to other top credit card processors, this is a good option.


A small merchant services company called Pearl Payments offers credit card processing and merchant accounts. Most customer complaints, which have been made in the past year, concern hard-to-reach customer support and unexpected expenses.

We’ll keep an eye on this trend of unfavorable reviews and update you as new information emerges. In addition to offering typical POS alternatives, Pearl Payments advertises its services to companies that also collect monthly fees for memberships, subscriptions, or other services. Before opening a merchant account, business owners are recommended to carefully read their service agreement.


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