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Kotapay Review: 2024 Update

In Fargo, North Dakota, Kotapay was first established in 1993 under the name InterceptEFT. Each year, it provides services to tens of thousands of clients, and more than 100,000 companies use it as a processing solution. Our Kotapay review includes multiple essential factors including real feedback from real customers.

21 people work there. It mainly concentrates on ACH processing/direct deposit and safe internet transactions. It was bought by First International Bank & Trust in 2018 and changed its name to Kotapay.

Kotapay Expertise

Kotapay is a credit card processing firm that focuses on processing software solutions. It specializes in processing conventional card types, direct deposit, ACH transactions, POS services, and terminal services. Retail, e-commerce, and high-volume outlets make up its industry concentration. It also provides services for tiny mom-and-pop businesses.

Kotapay guarantees that every transaction is:

  1. Reliable – Make sure that files are formatted correctly so that transactions go where they should.
  2. Safe – It keeps an eye on network and risk issues and takes proactive measures to shield our clients from becoming fraud victims.
  3. Quick – It handles ACH transfers and offers customer service after regular business hours and even on Sundays.

Kotapay Review of Products & Services

ACH Providers

The ideal method for moving money and data connected to payments is through the Automated Clearing House (ACH). The advantages provide a protected electronic network for financial transactions for the user. Kotapay offers the expertise and understanding necessary to safely handle your transactions. Our procedure is seamless, precise, and practical.

Use ACH transfers for:

  • Payments for payroll, 1099s, commissions, and bonuses
  • child support obligations
  • reimbursement of costs
  • Payroll taxes and tax impoundment
  • Pensions, dividends, and interest payments
  • Payments made between corporations and vendors
  • Collection of unpaid debt
  • Benefits are offered.

Kotapay is ideal for Sectoral Solutions:

  • CPA
  • Providers of payroll
  • Property Management for Charity
  • Regulations for Financial Institutions
  • Services for Wire Drawdown ACH :
  • eCommerce, high-risk industries, retail, B2B
  • industries with large transaction volumes.


  • Improve your cash flow management.
  • Boost profitability and speed up processes
  • Solutions for ACH and wire transaction origination and bank management
  • More effectively design and control wires

Secure Transactions for Credit/Debit Cards:

  • Kotapay also provides conventional credit and debit card processing. These transactions can be carried out securely online, at a POS device, or at a terminal. Both one-time and recurring payments are possibilities. Its entire product and service line complies with PCI standards. The payment site is where the majority of this is done.

Wire Pullback:

  • Keep the payroll provider safe from payroll fraud.
  • NSF’s Kotapay initiates the wire request based on the payroll provider’s instructions.
  • Payroll risk is always minimized via wire drawdown.

Making payments:

  • Payment automation is simple for clients
  • Receive payment on time each time.
  • Quick and trustworthy debit transactions
  • Using ACH to collect your receivables will protect your business.

Processing Payments Services

  • monthly fees for membership
  • repayment of loans and insurance
  • Cable and utility bills
  • Expenses for medical care or childcare
  • rent obligations
  • Subscriptions
  • tuition and fees for schools
  • contributions to charities
  • Internet transactions (WEB)
  • Telephone and postal orders (TEL)
  • Paying bills online
  • Accounts payable and collections

Kotapay: Pros and Cons


  • No setup costs.
  • program for gifts and loyalty.
  • During domestic business hours, domestic telephone help.
  • knowledge basis for documentation.
  • has a high threshold for commercial risk.


  • Early exit penalty.
  • Three-year agreement.
  • Public pricing is not offered.
  • does not fully define all crucial terms.
  • Minimum monthly payment.

Kotapay has a good reputation in general. For a business with a history of around 27 years, there are surprisingly few complaints that can be found about it. It also appears to have a dearth of favorable evaluations.

However, given that there isn’t a list of complaints about scams or frauds, it’s possible that Kotapay conducts lawful business in silence and that nobody has a motive to speak out about it, either favorably or unfavorably.

Although its pricing structure is confidential, a sample of one of its more standard contracts can be found online. It appears to offer rates that are quite typical, including a locked-in contract with a $250 early termination fee.

Kotapay Pricing, Rates & Fees

Few details about Kotapay’s pricing are made public, but some of them are. It has an undisclosed length contract with a $250 early termination fee, a $25 minimum monthly fee, and additional costs according to the services you use it for. Additionally, it has fees related to chargebacks and other problems a merchant can have.

Its rates and extra charges may vary depending on the type of business you run and the volume of transactions you execute regularly.

Kotapay uses a multi-year contract with an ambiguous duration, a $250 early termination fee, a minimum $25 monthly price, and additional fees for adding on more services. Additionally, there is a $15 chargeback fee. The remaining provisions of its contract deal with the kind of business the merchant conducts and the volume of business it handles.

The subsequent prices and periods are determined by the particulars of the firm.

Sales & Marketing Kotapay

The majority of Kotapay’s advertising and sales seem to be handled by independent contractors. The thousands of merchants that Kotapay serves don’t have an issue with this because it doesn’t appear that it receives many internet complaints that can be located. The Kotapay section of First International Bank & Trust generally seems to conduct ethical business. There aren’t any unresolved grievances, fraud cases, or reports of fraud on the internet. Kotapay has nearly no unfavorable reviews.

A joint venture for card processing with BASYS Processing

For processing credit and debit cards, Kotapay uses BASYS Processing. We haven’t seen a Kotapay contract, and costs may vary from brand to brand, but BASYS offers a simple pricing structure. The precise contract conditions and any potential early termination fees have not been located.

Resells Fiserv (First Data) and Clover Merchant Profiles

While Fiserv (Formerly First Data) uses a wide range of variable rate contracts that heavily depend on processing volume and the industry of the merchant, BASYS freely publishes its pricing online. Additionally, Kotapay utilizes Clover POS solutions for a few of its merchant accounts.

With Kotapay, Criterion Makes Direct Deposit Easier

CT – Norwalk Being a partner with Kotapay, which streamlines direct-deposit payroll, makes Criterion proud. Due to the integration, just one safe file needs to be uploaded once to all participating bank institutions, simplifying the process of direct deposit.

According to Criterion CSO Steven Kuhn, “This integration will reduce administrative time overall in addition to the obvious methods of saving money through the obvious ways of reducing printed checks and mailing.” The decision was made through listening to our consumers and saving them time, as with any improvement we make.

Once set up, Criterion users can use the same system to pay commissions and bonuses, reimburse expenses, pay vendors, pay annuities and dividends/interest, collect receivables, issue 1099s, and pay the IRS.

Reviews, complaints, and ratings for Kotapay

kotapay customer support page

In contrast to the majority of credit card processing businesses, Kotapay has nearly no cases filed against it. No major complaints concerning fees or illegal charges, no incidents of fraud, and hardly any instances of subpar customer service. The one unfavorable web review is regarding the company’s impolite customer service, but other than that, everything else is perfect.

No litigation is currently pending against Kotapay. It dealt with a case with the heading InterceptEFT. In June 2016, a civil action complaint was brought. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau sent it. Nevertheless, a court threw out the accusations for a lack of proof, claiming that the CFPB “did not disclose sufficient factual facts to support its conclusory conclusions.”

Zero complaints

Kotapay has been in operation for 29 years, according to the Better Business Bureau. However, as was already indicated, InterceptEFT has been the moniker used for the bulk of these years. The Better Business Bureau has accredited Kotapay since 2018, and it currently has an “A+” rating with 0 complaints and 0 reviews over the previous 48 months.

Kotapay Court Cases and Penalties

There are no pending class action lawsuits or FTC complaints against Kotapay that we could find.

Overall Grade of “A”

We currently have no cause to dispute the Better Business Bureau’s “A” rating for InterceptEFT based on our records on the service and recent public complaints.

Recommendations by users:

  • “For the past two years, I have used Kotapay with Drake Accounting software without any issues. Excellent US-based customer service with person response times and no hold waits. They always respond to queries and solve problems in a prompt, amiable, and effective manner. For all of your direct deposit payroll transactions, I highly suggest Kotapay” says Lisa Murray.
  • “When our prior ACH processor abruptly discontinued offering direct deposit services, Kotapay came through for us. Their personnel is always supportive and helpful” by Kelly Scarbrough.


Kotapay: A Safe Choice

YouTube video

Kotapay doesn’t currently have any complaints, which suggests that the company is managing its merchant accounts well. We hope that InterceptEFT’s long-standing reputation for excellent customer service has endured the rebranding because the company often received few complaints and even fewer negative evaluations.

We now see no reason to suggest Kotapay for credit card processing and are interested in how the business will perform under the new brand.


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