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Priority Payment Systems Review 2022

Priority Payment Systems is a company that started in 2005, with their first headquarters based in Georgia. The main focus of the Priority Payment Systems is to allow merchants to receive payments through their smart tools. Through Priority Payments, merchants can process payments of all types like debit and credit cards. This company provides its services through resellers in their partnered independent sales organizations. Priority Payment Systems improve the efficiency of transactions through their user-friendly approaches in online and card-based payments.

PPS has roughly 200,000 clients with an annual transaction amount of $55 billion. Therefore, we can easily claim that the payment processor is regarded as one of the most significant players in the market. Despite the magnitude of their business, many of their clients are not happy with their service based on various reasons, including customer service and account handling.

Priority Payment Systems Rates and Fees

Priority Payment Systems does not declare their rates and fees on their website. Any fees that the merchant has to pay are decided when signing the contract. But based on estimates from different sources, the annual fee charged by Priority Payment Systems is $129.99. They also charge an early termination fee of up to $600 if you cancel your contract before the term ends. 

Equipment and Services Offered by Priority Payments

Priority payment systems provide payment gateways, POS terminals, mobile payment solutions, and all kinds of payment processing required to run a business effectively. It is difficult to determine the nature and scope of their offerings from their website as it is complicated and confusing. If you want to know more about what the provider offers, you can read about their products and services below.

Countertop POS Terminals

Merchants can get a wide range of countertop and point-of-sale solutions through Priority Payments. They have specialized hardware that suits all types of business such as restaurants, retail stores and service providers. You can get hardware from top-notch brands such as Poynt, Clover and PAX technologies. The offered hardware is compatible with their trademark MX Merchant suite, enhancing sales and profits.


This service is made specifically to benefit the restaurant and food businesses. E|tab lets customers browse through menus and place orders in-store and online using a user-friendly interface. This service has a built-in order management system that restaurant owners can use.

MXTM Merchant suite

This is the primary offering of the provider. The MX Merchant suite is a fully integrated platform that brings all your online, cashless and in-person transactions to one place. Merchants can handle all their payments electronically and customize their transaction process made to suit the needs of the business. Merchants can introduce recurring billing, invoicing and business analytical tools to their routine of receiving payments.


This is a marketplace application by Priority Payment System that allows users to access advanced business analysis tools and authenticate their PCI compliance at a reasonable price. Merchants can acquire consultancy and comprehensive PCI compliance tools, amongst many more tools that can influence the health of a business.

Merchant Fund Advances

Priority Payment Systems provides merchants with active capital through AMEX Merchant Financing. The financing terms are easy to understand and manageable compared to other providers. If you prefer traditional financing through banks, Priority Payments can also arrange that through several fund lending partners.

Reviews of Priority Payment Systems

Priority Payment Systems has several profiles with the Better Business Bureau. Each of the profiles caters to a different location. Most of the complaints with Priority Payment Systems are registered with the profile assigned to their headquarters in Alpharetta, GA. The company has received 28 complaints in the last three years, which is a moderate total. While the company presents itself positively compared to other providers, all the reviews from merchants on the BBB website are negative.

One reviewer claims that the company provided terrible service with hidden fees not stated in the contract. Despite paying the cancellation fee, the company refuses to accept the payment of the costs. The merchant claims that customer service representatives have played around with his case for two years. They refuse to accept it despite receiving the correct documentation. The reviewer also claims that they falsified their documentation and presented handwritten documents made after the merchant signed the contract.

While there are not many complaints against the provider, the nature of the complaints is concerning. The common complaints against the provider are:

Held Funds

This is by far the most common complaint against the provider. Merchants claim that their transactions are tagged randomly with a suspicious activity label. In most cases, merchants claim no apparent reason for the payment to be restricted.

Misleading Quotes and Hidden Charges

One reviewer even compared the provider to bank robbers. In many instances, merchants claimed that the provider is exceptionally crooked in dealing with their clients. Some merchants claim that the provider would present false documentation concerning fees, accounts, and even contracts.

Excessively Difficult Cancellation Terms

Besides having a multi-year contract, the provider has excessive cancellation fees that can go up to $600 based on the independent sales organization you registered for the provider. On top of these cancellation fees, they make it difficult to cancel their services altogether. All this makes the cancellation process nothing short of frustrating for the clients.

Incompetent Customer Service

Given the problems with their services above, what further dissatisfies their clients is rude and unprofessional customer service. The customer service staff is highly inconsiderate. As a result, the firm has an extremely low complaint resolution rate.


Priority Payment Systems offer their services to businesses, including gaming, tobacco, electronics, and property management. They handle high-volume transactions and have some worth noting services.

But this comes at the cost of fund holds, misrepresentation of fees, and a customer support system that does not cooperate. The number of dissatisfied clients and the low complaint resolution makes it a dealbreaker for most merchants. 

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