ProPay Credit Card Processing Review

ProPay Credit Card Processing Review

A Global Payments company headquartered in Lindon, Utah, ProPay was founded in 1997 as a merchant account provider. It is a verified ISO of Wells Fargo Bank and was a TSYS subsidiary after its acquisition in 2012. However, after its partnership with Global Payments, ProPay is now entirely owned by the former. Here is a detailed ProPay Credit Card Processing review highlighting its rates, services, and popularity among its clients.

The company offers traditional credit card processing, e-commerce, and MOTO payment solutions. However, it does not support countertop credit card terminals. Its services are available for all business types, including restaurants, large enterprises, non-profits, legal software, government, medical, internet service providers, property management, direct sellers, utility stores, ISVs, financial institutes, software developers, small home-based businesses, trade shows, and non-traditional merchants.

ProPay aims to provide innovative yet affordable solutions to reduce a company’s compliance dues. Suitable for small to medium-sized businesses, the provider helps merchants be ahead of the game and always equipped to comply with the latest industry standards.

ProPay Credit Card Processing Review – Equipment and Services

For all major credit card brands, merchants are provided with in-person, mobile, and online credit card processing services in over 150 currencies. Users can access the automated phone service to call in for processing sales. They are offered virtual terminals, mobile card readers, POS systems, and efficient inventory and employee management features. ProPay accommodates recurring billing, e-check processing, and shopping cart integration. Here is an overview of the services offered to ProPay consumers;

Mobile Payment Processing

The provider offers ProPay JAK to process real-time transactions through a smartphone. Connected via Bluetooth, the EMV card reader accepts chip cards and offers lower rates for swiped transactions. The proPay mobile app enables merchants to accept credit card payments within seconds. Merchants can secure customers’ card information in the ProtectPay vault for future purchases. Users should note that the card reader does not facilitate NFC and is incompatible with Google Pay or Apple Pay.

E-Commerce Payment Solutions

According to ProPay Credit Card processing reviews, consumers can access virtual terminals, email invoicing, and ProPay to ProPay from their online accounts and process online transactions from anywhere. They track each transaction on their ProPay dashboard and get notified via text. Merchants can also transfer funds to another ProPay account without a transaction fee.

The provider enables consumers to add a shopping cart on their website and display a buy now or donate now button on the webpage, FB post, or email and reach more customers.

Business Management Tools

ProPay Credit Card Processing reviews indicate that the company facilitates some easy-to-understand tools to simplify business operations. Consumers can utilize a complete suite of tools comprised of real-time data analysis, inventory management, CRM, credit card updater, and employee tracking to streamline their daily tasks and optimize the process.

Commission Payments

With ProPay commission payment solutions, businesses can pay independent distributors, contractors, and sales agents in multiple currencies internationally. Merchants can save significantly by building a proper commission payment system for check-based, direct deposit, or traditional commissions. Sales representatives can avail of these commissions with a prepaid MasterCard.

Payment Integration

Consumers can integrate the existing software into the company’s payment-processing solutions to offer secure and seamless transactions. By connecting their website to ProPay’s proprietary or any third-party payment gateway, users can grant a hassle-free checkout for customers. The provider offers a secure payment interface without directing shoppers to multiple checkout pages, enhancing customer convenience.


Instead of saving sensitive data in their systems, businesses can secure customers’ information in ProtectPay, the company data repository. They can access the data anytime for transactions. It reduces fraud and theft risk, freeing merchants from breach notification costs. ProtectPay directly collects data and acts as an interface to processors and gateways. It also facilitates recurring billing and refunds.


Businesses can reduce the manual updating cost and effort by automating it with EnsureBill. ProPay Credit Card Processing reviews show that the provider keeps in check the customers’ credit card expiration dates and account status and updates everything on time. This way, businesses can avoid declines and increase customer retention and revenue.

ProPay Credit Card Processing Review – Rates and Contract

Even though ProPay’s rates are competitive with traditional flat rate merchant account providers, it is not considered the most affordable. The company offers a decent amount of information on its website regarding its pricing. Yet, the contract intricacies remain undisclosed.

Contract Length

As deduced from multiple ProPay Credit Card Processing reviews, merchants are bound to an annual contract without any monthly charges. Although ProPay demands yearly fees, there are no gateway or statement fees. The early cancelation fee is unclear.

Pricing Model

The provider offers a flat pricing model with three distinct rate plans for consumers depending on their processing volume. Businesses exceeding the volume limit are provided customized pricing structures per their requirement.

Processing Fees

  • The premium rate plan charges 2.60% for Visa, Discover, and MasterCard swiped transactions and 3.40% for American Express. Merchants pay 3.55% for keyed-in transactions. The annual fee for this plan is $39.95.
  • The premium + card reader plan charges a $41.95 annual fee and facilitates a JAK reader.
  • The premium plus plan costs $49.95 per year.
  • The platinum + card reader plan demands 3.20% for American Express swiped card transactions and 2.40% for any other brand. Merchants pay 3.35% for keyed-in transactions and an annual fee of $69.95.

The single and monthly transaction limit is $500 and $3000 for these plans. The bank account transfer fee is $0.30 to $0.35.

Marketing and Consumer Support

The provider offers a live chat facility and a phone support line during business hours. The website shows a support form, FAQ page, and email address.

ProPay does not clarify its marketing and sales practices. There is no indication of independently hired sales agents or telemarketing by the company. The in-house team offers significant information to clients.  

PropPay Credit Card Processing Reviews and Complaints

The provider has received over 40 online complaints, mostly posted before 2014. Some negative reviews come from clients with a limited understanding of the payment processing world. The fund holds and unwarned account freeze have received maximum complaints. Even though ProPay follows industry guidelines for withholding funds, its account cancelations practices are a consistent issue.

Unsuitable for High-Risk Businesses

Although ProPay advertises its services for large enterprises, it is only suitable for standard-risk companies that do not face chargebacks. High-risk businesses will face unnecessary account holds or terminations on minor chargebacks or threats.  

Technical Difficulties

Multiple ProPay Credit Card Processing reviewers have difficulties transferring to their bank accounts and connecting to the ProPay account. Users have complained that the card reader does not switch to the new device, forcing them to buy a new swipe if they change their phone. Moreover, customers’ card often gets declined for in-person payments, and the online features are not user-friendly.

Poor Customer Service

ProPay fails to rank among the companies offering exceptional customer service. Its consumer support options are inadequate and below average. The phone service is only available during weekday office hours. Customers needing quick troubleshooting wait for days to reach a support team member.

Too Pricy

Although ProPay charges less than most traditional service providers, its rates are expensive. Users have complained about the transaction fee being higher than expected and being charged a high amount to transfer to the bank account.


According to ProPay Credit Card Processing reviews, the company was subjected to 2 lawsuits still pending judgment. One accused the provider of incorrect COBRA notices causing people to lose health insurance. The second lawsuit involves the TelexFree Ponzi scheme.

BBB Ranking

ProPay was accredited in 2000 and rated A+ on its BBB profile. However, after its acquisition by Global Payments, its profile was merged with the parent company. The provider has received over 124 complaints in the last three years, with two informal reviews. Unnecessary account cancelations seem to be the most common complaint. Some merchants have written about receiving a notice for account expiration. On requesting to close the account, they are told it was renewed. The provider refuses to close the account or refund the annual fee.

ProPay actively responds to each complainant hence the good BBB rating. Yet, the issues remain unresolved. Merchants are advised not to trust online ratings thoughtlessly when choosing a payment facilitator.

Final Thoughts

As concluded from this ProPay Credit Card Processing review, the company is only recommended for small e-commerce, service-based, and single register retailers. Merchants looking for a service provider offering traditional POS should look elsewhere. Big retailers and restaurants require traditional credit card terminals, which the provider does not facilitate. Since ProPay freezes the merchant account over the slightest hint of a chargeback, high-risk companies are better off with a payment facilitator capable of handling the risk factors.

Merchants are encouraged to compare the company’s services, price, and payment processing solutions to the affordable top-rated payment processors. They should understand the pros and cons of the service provider before handing their business to it.

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