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Best Merchant Accounts for Dentists | U.S. & Canada

The world can grin or laugh with confidence thanks to a dentist or dental surgeon who has focused their career on oral health. But, finding the best merchant accounts for dentists is a big challenge. As dentists, they require solutions that suites their requirements. A general merchant solution cannot be of any help.

They provide dental care for patients with oral diseases and advocate for maintaining good oral health and preventing illness. “The best doctor prescribes the least medicine,” is another maxim.

The finest dentist or doctor, however, is no longer only the one that delivers the best care while using the least amount of medication. To better serve their patients, they need also to have a dental credit card processing solution.

An essential component of the “business side” of operating a dental practice is dental credit card processing. Dentists will spend less time looking for past-due invoices and more time assisting patients if they use credit card processing services and hardware from a trustworthy merchant services provider.

Why A Credit Card Processing Is Necessary For A Dentist – A Healthcare-Friendly Solution

A dental clinic needs to be able to collect payments, just like any other kind of business. Even while the patient’s insurance will be used to pay for the majority of dental services, there will still be many occasions where the patient either has no insurance or their insurance doesn’t fully cover the cost of the procedure. Make it simple and convenient for your patients to pay you immediately when this occurs.

Today, fewer and fewer people carry cash or write paper checks, so being able to accept credit and debit cards is essential to your overall strategy for accepting payments.

Depending on the situation, a dentist may also use a POS device, credit card terminal, or virtual terminal. Let’s talk about how a POS system and virtual terminal might benefit your company.

POS Device

A portable merchant service called a POS, or point-of-sale, enables the dentist to receive payments easily. The POS device of today is a feature-rich, interactive gadget with a lot of capability to better serve the client and the retailer. You can process payments while you’re on the go if you have a mobile/wireless POS with cloud connectivity.

Virtual Terminal

A web-based payment method known as a virtual terminal enables the dentist to input credit/debit card information into the terminal. The transactional request is forwarded to the consumer for approval following the authorization of the card information. Payment is done after the customer or patient confirms the transaction.

Accepting Payments Can Be Useful For A Dental Clinic 

  1. Acceptance of credit/debit card payments via reliable and secure electronic means.
  2. POS hardware and virtual terminal are simple to use.
  3. Accept all major currencies and accept multiple credit cards.
  4. Regular payment system.
  5. Facility for reporting
  6. Skills for billing
  7. 24/7 customer support
  8. Ensure patients’ convenience
  9. Less time spent looking for delinquent debts or invoices
  10. Offers analytical information
  11. Offers security protections not accessible with cash or paper checks
  12. Instantly link with your practice management software.

Is HIPAA Compliance Supported at Your Dental Clinic?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a law that protects patient sensitive information and medical information from unauthorized access and disclosure. Any dentistry practices or medical facilities that deal with protected health information (PHI) must follow all legal requirements and security precautions. Since there have been so many ransomware attacks or data breaches on health insurers and providers, the ACT has gained more notoriety.

Your clinic or medical business should be HIPPA compliant if you are a dentist or dental surgeon dealing with sensitive patient information and want a credit card processing solution.


“We were made to make gorgeous smiles,” says the human. By working in dentistry, you enable people to smile with assurance. But to provide even greater customer service, your dental office needs a reliable way to take payments from clients.

Fill out the pre-approval form to get started, and get assistance with one of the top dental credit card processing options. Prepare to expand your dentistry practice and help more patients so they may laugh and smile with confidence.

The majority of the services included in dental credit card processing are similar to those used in processing for other retail or service businesses, with a few variances. Choose a company that offers reasonable pricing, minimal processing costs, suitable gear and software, adaptable contract terms, and top-notch customer service.

The top merchant accounts for dentists are discussed below to help you avoid issues and discover a good fit for you.

The companies on this list provide digital billing, online marketing tools, virtual terminals, and other helpful services for getting payments from your clients. These suppliers are renowned for offering low-commitment contracts with clear pricing and excellent customer support. Be sure to explore the goods and features of each processor, as well as compare prices and conditions, to select the best provider for your dental office.

Top And Best Merchant Accounts for Dentists

Here are the top and best merchant accounts for dentists that can help them in easy payment processing.

Host Merchant Services

Host Merchant Services Review

An excellent fit for DDS offices is Host Merchant Services. It is a merchant account provider with headquarters in Newark, Delaware. Point-of-sale solutions, online marketing tools, an online payment gateway, virtual terminal, mobile credit card processing, and merchant cash advances are just a few of the company’s goods and services.

With a focus on e-commerce companies, Host Merchant Services offers prospective new merchants a free website and email account. For dentists who want to accept credit cards both offline and online, Host is an affordable choice.

Only supportive reviews of Host Merchant Services have been posted on public platforms. The majority of reviewers praised the business’s customer service. All of its merchants can take advantage of Host’s interchange-plus pricing without paying any early termination costs. It gives customers access to the most open pricing structure and free service cancellation.

Key features:

  • most industries get approval quickly
  • No contract fees or termination costs
  • Excellent client service

Dharma Merchant Services

dharma merchant services

Dharma Merchant Services is one of our top-rated merchant service providers and has a stellar reputation among users. It distinguishes itself from its rivals by providing transparent pricing disclosures, adaptable contract terms, and top-notch customer service.
A full HIPAA-compliant processing solution, support for payments from HSA and FSA accounts, and technical assistance with integrating dental practice management software into your payments system are just a few of the company’s specific services offered to healthcare providers.

Key features:

  • Free virtual terminal for transactions with keyed data (or dipped with an optional USB card reader)
  • Your account contains the MX Merchant payment gateway.
  • accepts online bill payments from customers
  • Desktop terminals can be purchased for as little as $229
  • a program available for credit card surcharges.


Payment Cloud Merchant Services

PaymentCloud is a highly regarded high-risk expert who also provides a very attractive set of capabilities for low-risk companies. With the rare exception of those that end up in the high-risk category as a result of the owner’s poor personal credit, the majority of dental offices will be categorized as low-risk. PaymentCloud is a cheap option for a freshly founded business because its pricing does not include account setup fees or monthly minimums for low-risk businesses.

Additionally, the business provides each customer with a free credit card terminal, which is likely the only one that the majority of dental clinics would require. Your office computer can be converted into a credit card terminal that can process keyed-in or card-present transactions when used in conjunction with a virtual terminal and a compatible card reader.

To get you authorized for an account, the company works with a variety of acquiring banks and back-end processors, so be aware that the high-risk pricing is highly unpredictable. Low-risk pricing, on the other hand, is open and competitive with what other providers may provide you.

Key features:

  • Each account comes with a “free” credit card terminal.
  • There is a mobile processing option.
  • includes a virtual terminal
  • There are Authorize.Net and USAePay payment processors available.
  • Processing for ACH and eChecks is provided.
  • Available Paysley QR-code payment service

National Processing

national processing

For years, dental offices and other small or newly-established businesses have benefited greatly from using National Processing. Even though it doesn’t have many bells and whistles, most dentist offices won’t require them. You may choose the most cost-effective pricing plan for your organization easily because the company’s competitive pricing plans are openly published on its website.

Although you can get a credit card terminal for free with your account, we advise buying it outright. Normally, a three-year contract with an early termination fee is required for that “free” terminal offer.

The business is notable for its top-notch customer service once you’ve opened an account. This characteristic, according to our research, separates the truly outstanding merchant service providers from the merely passable ones.

Key features:

  • Available “Free” credit card terminal
  • Offers mobile processing with a Clover Go card reader
  • The option to process ACH and eChecks as an add-on
  • Offers interchange-plus or membership pricing plans as options.
  • When purchasing processing hardware entirely, there is no long-term contract required.

CDG Commerce

CDG Commerce

CDG Commerce is based in Chesapeake, Virginia. It is yet another great choice for dental practices of all shapes and sizes. Since 1998, CDG has been privately held. In addition to a discount on Authorize.Net’s payment gateway, it provides a virtual terminal, QuickBooks connection, processing for mobile devices, sales reporting, security breach protection, and vulnerability analysis.

Dentistry locations that need a straightforward, inexpensive, integrated means of receiving both online and in-person payments can use CDG Commerce.

No yearly fees, monthly minimums, or termination costs are included in CDG Commerce’s competitive contractual terms, which only include a small, flat price per transaction. Additionally, CDG provides next-day finance to most business categories.

Key features:

  • services that are specialized for most industries
  • simple and clear pricing
  • 350+ tech integrations, such as Quickbooks



Helcim is one of the most reasonably priced Canadian-based credit card processing services. Application costs, account setup fees, or even a monthly account maintenance fee are not levied by the business. Additionally, there is no monthly minimum, making it a fantastic option for practices with very modest patient volumes.

To accept credit cards, debit cards, or ACH payments online or in person, all you need is the extremely reasonably priced Helcim Card Reader and Helcim POS software. All customers are on a transparent interchange-plus pricing structure, and as your monthly processing volume rises, reduced prices become available.

Helcim provides all the tools a dental practice would require to take patient payments, even though its capabilities aren’t as sophisticated as those provided by some other providers.

Key features:

  • Helcim’s proprietary card reader for in-person transactions
  • Helcim Payments mobile processing application
  • Each account includes a virtual terminal.
  • Helcim POS program (requires tablet, laptop, or desktop computer)
  • Helcim API access for specialized API credit card payments


eMerchant Broker

Any firm can use the services of eMerchantBroker, a Los Angeles, California-based provider of high-risk e-commerce processing solutions. ACH processing, an online payment gateway, merchant cash advances, and a chargeback management system are among the company’s offerings that assist merchants in resolving and disputing chargeback claims.

Due to the time and money they might save you, these services can be very useful for small dental clinics.

According to its size and portfolio of merchants, has a low complaint rate and offers personalized pricing for each merchant.

Key features:

  • keeps a large number of banking partners
  • able to obtain authorization for foreign enterprises
  • highest ranked for satisfaction in “high-risk” industries



High-volume businesses that use Payment Depot’s membership pricing options can save a lot of money on credit card processing. Its parent company, Stax, charges noticeably cheaper monthly subscription prices.

All the essential goods and services you’ll need to take credit cards, debit cards, and ACH payments are available from Payment Depot. The company uses month-to-month pricing, so you won’t be tied into a long-term contract, and the absence of a percentage-based markup on your transactions can help you save money overall on processing charges.

Key features:

  • Credit card terminals from Ingenico, Dejavoo, PAX, and SwipeSimple
  • Payment gateway (Authorize.Net or other compatible gateways) provided for free with each account
  • Processing for ACH and eChecks is provided.


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