Recurly review

Recurly Review: Complaints, Fees, Rates, Customer Feedback

A solution that helps merchant accounts better manage recurring payments and membership billing is called Recurly. This service is a monthly subscription service. Recurly does not offer its payment solutions, point-of-sale hardware, or mobile card processing; however, it does provide its payment system and incorporates a variety of third-party business account providers. Here is a complete Recurly review that can help you decide about their services if you are interested.

To put it another way, Recurly can be viewed as a third-party invoicing management system that merchants can use in combination with their current merchant accounts. In other words, In addition to that, they provide data analysis and reporting for the services they offer.

Recurly: Review

Recurly is an organization’s recurring payment management solution designed primarily for membership Web 2.0, SaaS, multimedia, publication, and content enterprises globally. The system is a sophisticated subscription management program that straightforwardly provides premium services. 

Companies can use the system to process payments using various payment channels. It is designed to provide support and high-quality security in days, not weeks. Recurly services clients regularly, including large subscription-based businesses such as Hubspot, Facebook, and DISH Digital.

You could also integrate Recurly with existing websites. Recurly may import all current contacts from users’ old billing software during the project implementation, allowing businesses to pick up where they left off before implementation.

Recurly provides an accounting module that allows users to create invoices and select payment collection alternatives. Users may track all payments associated with specific accounts using the account management dashboard.

Recurly Review Based On Features

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Recurly is a subscriber management solution that provides sophisticated functionality for handling duties such as inventing a system, virtual terminal, intelligent payments routing, and rich reporting data to some of the biggest brands in subscription-based organizations. 

It supports different payment gateways, and users will appreciate that there is no gateway lock-in. The system is extremely simple to configure, can be customized in various ways, and offers seamless integrations to increase its capability. It is additionally intuitive and simple to use. Thus, users hired to manage the system do not need to be trained.


The system is PCI Level 1 compliant, allowing users to store credit cards. Recurly also provides individualized customer service that is constantly available to assist users in solving their concerns. 

Another important feature of the system is that it assists in correcting more than 60 frequent faults in credit card transactions. This resulted in a 27% reduction in credit card declines, which helps to retain consumers.

Hosted payment pages

You can develop, administer, and launch payment gateway pages. These are PCI-compliant login pages designed to help with online transactions. You can customize these pages with your brand and desired transaction fields. You’ll also be delighted to know that all these pages are mobile-optimized, so shoppers using smartphones or tablets can easily complete their transactions.

Automatic billing updates

It is not uncommon for consumers to obtain a new credit card or update their contact information without informing their subscription providers. Typically, this would lead to payments being delayed if not refused.

Recurly, on the other hand, verifies your consumer’s credit card information with Visa and Master Card to verify that they process payment from customers using their most recent billing information.


The reporting functionality of Recurly enables the creation of an extremely user-friendly analytics dashboard. You can focus on your most critical indicators with a quick scan from this location. For example, you will be able to monitor your membership churn rate, plan effectiveness, total sales, retention rate, and other similar metrics.

You can also build reports covering many business lines and select the results according to date range, currency, and other criteria. The best part is that you can convert these data into charts and graphs that are simple to understand. These fantastic visualizations for showing data will do wonders to assist you and your team make quick comparisons and recognizing trends.


● Terminal virtual

● Recover Revenue Loss 

● Management Taxes Invoicing

● Discounts and coupons

● Fees for Trials and Setup

● Data for Rich Reporting

● Transactions That Happen Once

● Account Updater for Add-Ons

● Dunning administration

● Metered billing


● Slow page load time

● Granular permission system

Complaints, Fees, Rates, Customer Feedback

Recurly Review Based On Rates and Fees

Recurly provides three pricing categories for its service:

● The initial price plan, known as the “Core,” cost $99 monthly and imposed a fee of 1.25% + $0.10

● The “Professional” plan costs $299 monthly and pays the same 1.25% + $0.10 fee for every transaction and a $1.00 fee per bill created

● The third plan, dubbed “Enterprise,” is a unique pricing option offered to merchants who transact more than $500,000 in recurring billing each month

Since Recurly is just a third-party business, its costs will be charged in addition to a merchant’s existing business account fees and prices. As a result, we propose that merchants combine Recurly’s service with a low-cost payment gateway to keep costs down.

Recurly Review Based On Complaints and Customer feedback

The Better Business Bureau presently rates Recurly as “B-” and does not list the company as accredited. In the last 36 months, the BBB has received 0 complaints about Recurly. It has also received no informal reviews from merchants, even though these ratings are normally not subjected to BBB verification.

They have raised the BBB’s rating to an “A” due to the company’s lack of complaints. However, merchants should be aware that there are valid reasons to be wary of BBB’s rating system.

Recurly Review Based On Advertising and Sales

Recurly’s marketing efforts are concentrated on using time-honored advertising techniques and forming strategic alliances. The company does not utilize telemarketing or hire independent sales agents from the outside. We could not find any customer complaints that accused the company’s sales staff of being dishonest or failing to provide relevant information.

On top of that, the Recurly website does not contain any deceptive price quotes or promotional offers. Given these considerations, they have given it an “A” rating concerning this particular criterion.


As per our Recurly review it is a reliable choice for businesses looking for a recurring billing solution. It offers low-commitment pricing and delivers several capabilities that may not be accessible through standard payment channels. 

The service is an excellent alternative for medium-sized and big subscription-style businesses that cannot purchase a feature-rich and competitively priced recurring billing option from their current service providers. 

These organizations can benefit from the service. It is likely not suitable for requiring straightforward recurring billing.

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