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iZettle Review 2024

iZettle is a smartphone software and card reader for processing credit cards compatible with iOS devices like the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. The service is only offered to businesses in France, Finland, Italy, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Mexico, and Brazil as of this iZettle review. 

The service provided by iZettle is comparable to that offered by popular GoPayment, Square, and Pay Anywhere equivalents in the United States, with the notable difference that it is designed to take chip-and-PIN (EMV) cards.

iZettle, like its competitors in the United States, makes it possible for individuals to accept credit cards and removes the conventional obstacles to entry associated with traditional merchant services.

iZettle Review

Notably, Zettle is a complete product. Most businesses use it as a payment gateway in their numerous establishments. It has proven advantageous for many retailers who handle card payments around the UK over the years.

After a lengthy battle with the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority, because it would unjustly dominate the business, PayPal made the brave step to acquire Zettle.

Furthermore, all transactions conducted through Zettle’s devices are speedy. What’s more intriguing is that consumers may conduct all transactions using its app or their moderately priced card readers. Simply, small business owners can use Zettle’s services. It assists you in scaling your business to new heights.

To all retailers planning to create an e-commerce business, Zettle offers all-inclusive tools that are a must-have for any professional merchant. In reality, Zettle provides some degree of flexibility in processing my sales. Because of its portable point of sale (mPOS) capability.

iZettle Review Based on Features

POS system

For lack of a better description, the Point of Sale is quite competent. The system synchronizes the hardware and software to provide the user with a seamless experience. The POS App, to be specific, is accessible on both iOS and Android phones.

Take notice that the App is required to process all transactions with the reader. It’s simple to use, and the dashboard includes many features to assist the merchant in carrying out all transactions professionally. The Zettle Pro POS is well-suited to the requirements of proprietors of pubs, restaurants, and cafés.

Card reader

Zettle’s card reader accepts all transactions in any retail establishment. One intriguing feature of this technology is its portability. A business owner can accept credit card payments from everywhere. The Zettle 2 barcode scanner is only £29 and has a sturdy construction. 

What distinguishes it is that a client does not necessarily need a payment processor to dip cards. Fortunately, the company has completed a remarkable redesign of this item.

Zettle Go app

When it relates to Zettle POS software functionality, Zettle Go is quite basic. The system is intended to give you everything you require to get started without forcing you to pay for unnecessary features.

It’s also exceedingly simple to use, earning marks with the experts for its straightforward layout that users won’t need to spend several hours studying.


● There is no monthly cost

● Predictable, flat-rate pricing

● Low-cost hardware

● The solution that is PCI-compliant

● PayPal payments are accepted

● Ideal for low-volume retailers


● Problems with account stability

● There is no offline mode.

● There is no built-in eCommerce

Complaints, Fees, Rates, Customer Feedback

iZettle Review Based on Rates and Fees

There are no monthly fees associated with the PayPal Zettle app. iZettle charges the following transaction fees:

● 1.75% on card-present transactions

● 2.5% on invoiced transactions

● 2.5% on Payment Link Transactions

● 3.4% + 20p for keyed-in transactions

● 1.75% PayPal QR Code Payments: 

The iZettle Reader costs £59, including VAT, whereas the Zettle Terminal costs £149. (excluding VAT). iZettle also sells POS devices, including iPad stands, memory card docks, cash registers, document printers, and barcode readers. These kits range in price from £189 to £692. (excluding VAT).

1.75% is a fantastic rate for the average free plan customer accepting in-person card payments. Suppose your company accepts more than £10,000 in cards each month. In that case, you may be eligible for special iZettle pricing that is significantly cheaper.

iZettle Review Based on Complaints and Customer feedback

At the time that this article was last updated, we were able to identify more than 150 unfavorable complaints about iZettle on this and other customer protection websites. However, of these complaints, only a small number accuse this company of potentially being a fraud or a ripoff. 

Complainants often report delayed or missed payments, but there is no easy way to fix the problem quickly, which appears to be the most prevalent complaint with the firm. Reaching the company’s customer care to remedy billing concerns is difficult. Some business owners have also reported their merchant accounts’ unexpected and unexplained termination.

iZettle Review Based on Advertising and Sales

iZettle does an excellent job of properly outlining the capabilities of its system and making public all of the crucial terms and conditions of the contract; very few of them would’ve been deal-breakers for anyone. 

iZettle has been able to smooth out a lot of the rough spots in its systems, from the cumbersome old card reader to the antiquated manner of processing Visa cards. You are aware of your restrictions and the rates that apply to them. No secrets are waiting to be revealed. 

In addition, the business maintains a social media presence, including a blog with useful advice, a Facebook group, a Twitter page, an Instagram account, and a LinkedIn profile. In addition to that, there is a Twitter account dedicated to providing support.


The service that iZettle provides does have a few drawbacks. Zettle, in contrast to Square, does not support offline processing and does not provide users with a complimentary eCommerce website. 

However, the payment flow that Zettle utilizes for chip-and-pin transactions is slightly superior to that used by Square. The gap between Square and Zettle Go is beginning to close due to some additional recent optional add-ons.

Zettle unquestionably provides all the components required to manage a company and take credit card payments successfully. It is my pleasure to suggest that you look into the service, and the rating for Zettle by PayPal remains unchanged at a flawless five stars.

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