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Talus Pay Review 2022: Fees, Comparisons, Complaints & Lawsuits

As stated on the firm’s website, Talus is a technology-first company that prioritizes client assistance for its network of small enterprises. Automobile repair shops, restaurants, hairdressers, and home service repairs are among the industries that can benefit from its point-of-sale solutions, as are in-person retailers. If you’re interested in learning about Talus and its services, read our complete Talus Pay Review 2022 here!

What Does Talus Pay Have to Offer?

Talus Pay’s services had previously been targeted only at firms in the professional service, retail, restaurant, and automobile industries. 

Since then, the firm has extended its services to include a point-of-sale system  for online businesses. Here is the list of the overall summary of the Talus Pay:

Overall Summary of National Bankcard’s Payment Processing Services
Headquarter  Dallas, TX
Contract 4 years
Monthly Charges  $25 monthly charges 
PCI Fee $9.95 per monthly 
Online Complaints  15+
Service Support  Yes


Talus Pay Origins, Headquarters, and Owners

Talus Payments, commonly known as Talus Pay, is an Independent Sales Organization (ISO) of Synovus Bank in Columbus, Georgia, and a TSYS reseller since 2016. 

Scott Cruickshank serves as the company’s chief executive officer, and its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas. The company’s primary strengths include the provision of merchant loans and point-of-sale (POS) systems.

Interesting News in History

Talus has been a member of the Better Business Bureau since the spring of 2017, which seems to be when the company changed its name to Talus Technologies. At the time of this review, the firm has an A- rating, despite having ten customer complaints and nine bad reviews, compared to just two favorable ones.

Services Offered by Talus Pay

Talus mainly provides services to organizations in the retail, restaurant, professional services, and automotive industries, among others. Talus provides various services –  including payment processing for credit and debit cards, gift card programs, and company finance.

  • Payment Processing 

Those searching for finance can take advantage of the working capital programs offered by Talus. Working capital programs enable you to “sell” a percentage of your future credit card sales in return for cash upfront. 

You’ll return the cash by automatically having a percentage of your daily credit card sales deducted from your bank account. It is possible to spend funds for almost any company cost, including employing, acquiring goods, advertising, renovation, and other endeavors. It is free to apply, and Talus says that monies will be paid in accepted applications within 3-5 days.

  • Gift Cards

A physical or electronic gift card can be purchased via Talus’ gift card program. You can choose between offering preset amounts or allowing customers to choose their amounts at the time of purchase, and whether to offer reloadable or one-time-use cards with an expiration date. 

Talus does not give any information on minimum order numbers or customization options in terms of card customization. We’ve reached out to the firm to get further information.

  • Funding

Talus provides the ability for companies to take credit and debit cards, including EMV chip cards, via a single interface. The firm promises quick account setup and equipment, which can be delivered as quickly as 24 hours after account registration. 

Talus also provides money on the same day. For stationary in-person payments, the firm provides a standard countertop terminal; for in-person payments on the move, it provides mobile devices; and for in-person payments utilizing an online terminal, the company provides a virtual terminal. 

On the other hand, Talus does not offer any information about ecommerce sales or invoicing, and it is unknown whether or not they accept such online payments. 

How Much Does Talus Pay Cost?

On its website, Talus Pay presently provides no charge or rate information. This lack of transparency is not uncommon in the processing sector, where fees and rates vary and are frequently subject to negotiation between the merchant and the sales agent. 

However, considering Talus’ professed dedication to openness, the company’s lack of candor is disheartening. Furthermore, most merchant feedback we’ve received indicates that the company’s rates and fees are much higher than industry norms.

According to the information we’ve gleaned through merchant comments and a 2017 merchant agreement, retailers can be liable to costs. While these costs are not unusual in the business, they are often not levied by our recommended merchant services providers. 

According to merchant feedback, Talus charges monthly and yearly account fees, albeit the amount is not stated and is likely to vary from merchant to merchant. A PCI compliance cost of roughly $9.95 per month is expected. 

Contracts with Talus also feature a monthly minimum, which does not kick in until many months into your agreement. While the price has not been disclosed, it is likely the industry norm of $25 per month.

Is Talus Pay Worth It?

  • No Legal Lawsuits 

According to our research, class action lawsuits or FTC complaints against Talus Pay are not currently pending. Dissatisfied merchants can take Non-litigious action against the corporation by contacting the appropriate supervisory bodies.

  • Customer Complaints Keep Coming In

Non-disclosure, deception, and exorbitant contract conditions are included in the remaining complaints. According to accusations we’ve previously observed about Future Payment Technologies, Talus has yet to address these concerns adequately. 

There has been a noticeable rise in good reviews over the previous six months, and we have no reason to doubt their authenticity. According to the unfavorable reviews that have been made previous to this update, there are still significant systemic difficulties with transparency and customer service at Talus.

The Bottom Line

According to our evaluation in this Talus Pay Review 2022, Talus Payments is an average merchant services company. The firm was on track to get the same poor rating as its forerunners, Crescent Processing Company and Future Payment Technologies. 

However, a new management team has shown a determination to enhance the company’s image. Many of the previous owners’ sales techniques and contract clauses seem to still be in force, lowering Talus’s score in this evaluation. 

We’ll wait to observe how merchants react to the company’s latest modifications before updating our evaluation. Top-rated merchant account providers will most likely give superior service to businesses for the time being.

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