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1st National Processing Review – Complaints, Fees, Rates, Customer Feedback

1st National Processing is a payment processor that offers businesses and individuals various services to help them process payments quickly, securely, and cost-effectively. While 1st National Processing may be a relatively new player in the payment processing market, they have quickly made a name for itself due to its competitive fees and rates and its commitment to customer service.

This comprehensive 1st National Processing review will look at the company’s, rates, customer feedback, and complaints to provide a comprehensive overview of the payment processor.

We will also provide our own opinion on the service and highlight what makes 1st National Processing an attractive option for businesses and individuals looking to process payments.

Overview of 1st National Processing

First, we’ll take a look at 1st National Processing. 1st National Processing is a payment processing service based out of Colorado. The company has been in business since 2009 and has earned a BBB rating of A+.

1st National Processing offers businesses a wide range of payment processing solutions, including debit and credit card payment processing, gift card payment processing, promotional payment processing, and more.

Individuals can also use 1st National Processing to process payments, including government benefit payments, tax payments, and other recurring payments. While 1st National Processing may be a relatively new player in the payment processing market, they have quickly made a name for itself due to its competitive fees and rates and its commitment to customer service.

1st National Processing: Fees, Rates, Customer Feedback, and Complaints

1st National Processing Review
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Rates and Fees

In contrast to most companies that provide merchant services, National Processing makes its rates and fees easily accessible on its website. The company classifies its plans according to the principal sales force for low-volume enterprises, and all of the plans offer interchange-plus pricing for their products and services.

Businesses with high and very high transaction volumes may be eligible for subscription pricing plans that remove the per-transaction % markup in return for a larger monthly subscription price. These plans are only available to businesses with high and very high transaction volumes. Your choice between a free card scanner or a terminal can be included with your account under any available options.

The following benefits are included with every plan:

  • Free reprogramming of all currently installed hardware
  • Setup up a free gateway
  • Mobile reader for free from SwipeSimple.com

Both the Subscription and Subscription Plus programs offered by National Processing are designed for high-volume merchants. Both plans offer membership discounts and offer various possibilities for receiving free extra equipment.

There is no longer any disclosure of the monthly amortization volume criteria for these programs on the company’s website. Previously, card sales needed between $75,000 and $200,000 per month to qualify for the Subscription plan, while more than $200,000 per month was needed for the Subscription Plus plan.

Customer feedback and Complaints

Next, we’ll look at 1st National Processing’s customer feedback. Customer feedback is a critical part of this review, as it provides an in-depth look into how the payment processor interacts with their customers.

That said, customer feedback can be both positive and negative, so it’s important to look beyond the overall star rating to see what customers have to say about the service. To provide you with a better idea of 1st National Processing’s customer service, we have broken down their customer feedback below:

Positive customer feedback and complaints

First, we’ll look at the positive customer feedback for 1st National Processing. As expected, most of the positive customer feedback pertains to the company’s competitive rates and fees, but it also extends to customer service.

Customers also note that 1st National Processing offers a wide range of payment services, including gift card processing, promotional processing, and check processing.

While most of these positive evaluations are brief, two basic themes arose. One is that retailers were quite pleased with the customer service they received. This confirms a trend in which smaller companies can deliver more personalized customer support than the industry’s mega-processors. The second category is that retailers could significantly reduce their processing expenses using National Processing.

Negative customer feedback and complaints

Next, we’ll look at the negative customer feedback for 1st National Processing. While a few customers are unhappy with the service, the negative feedback is minimal. Most negative feedback pertains to customers receiving incorrect/misleading information when signing up for the service.

1st National Processing: Sales and Advertising

The website of National Processing does a great job of providing information on the rates and fees that the company charges for each of its several processing plans. You can differentiate between interconnect payments made to card-issuing financial institutions and National Processing’s markup thanks to the extensive discussion of swipe fees provided on National Processing’s website, which sets it apart from the large majority of providers currently available on the market.

The early termination charge (ETF), which only applies if you include a “free” terminal as a component of your account, is one fee that is not disclosed. You may rest comfortably that the fee will be disclosed to you while purchasing so that you won’t be hit with an unpleasant surprise if you decide to cancel your account.

Last but not least, we are not major believers in the $500 guarantee that National Processing offers if you can find a cheaper rate somewhere (and you handle over $10,000 each month). We will refund your money if you can find a cheaper rate elsewhere.

Because it is simple to fiddle with the figures and disguise the value to make one deal appear better, we often regard this form of marketing as flashy and devoid of any real significance.

The truth is that nearly every service provider is prepared to meet or beat a competitive price quote to acquire or keep your business. Take this strategy with a pinch of salt, even if it’s not necessarily a terrible thing per se.


Businesses looking for dependable service with competitive prices might consider National Processing as their partner. You may not find what you’re looking for on this site if you want a comprehensive, free software package on the scale of what Square provides, complete with POS, statistics, and other features.

Despite this, you may save enough money through National Processing to purchase all that software and much more from whichever vendor you choose. Because of their competitive prices and extensive range of services, National Processing is a fantastic choice for numerous companies.

The fact that ETFs are still required in exchange for “free” processing equipment from National Processing is disappointing. Despite this, it is not a bad offer, considering that you will receive inexpensive processing rates and a reasonable account cost schedule along with the free terminal.

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