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Bindo Review 2024

Bindo is a payment processing, and solutions company focused on helping merchants scale their businesses. The company aims to empower retailers and small business owners with the necessary technology to succeed. Their comprehensive product suite provides businesses with the tools to simplify and streamline payment processing operations. The company’s integrated POS systems provide merchants with a secure and reliable way to accept customer payments while providing advanced features such as inventory tracking, analytics, customer loyalty programs, etc.

This Bindo POS review will shed light upon its services and other aspects so merchants can make an informed decision.

Services and Features

Bindo offers the following services and features to its users.

Smart Register

Bindo’s Smart Register is a comprehensive system for brick-and-mortar stores that integrates with their existing POS systems. With it, merchants can quickly and easily review item information, process sales, manage inventory levels, process payments, track customer loyalty programs, and more.

Cash Management

With Bindo’s Cash Management feature, merchants can accurately track and reconcile cash transactions in real time. It allows them to easily balance their books and comply with local laws.

CRM and Loyalty

Bindo’s CRM and Loyalty module allows merchants to better understand their customer’s behaviors and preferences. It makes it easier to provide personalized offers and rewards that keep customers returning.

Ingredient Tracking Module

Bindo’s Ingredient Tracking Module helps food and beverage merchants keep track of their ingredients. It allows them to manage inventory more efficiently, reduce waste, and ensure their customers always get the freshest ingredients.

API Integration

Bindo’s API integration allows merchants to connect their POS systems, websites, and mobile applications with the Bindo platform. This integration will enable shared customer data, sales data, and inventory levels across multiple locations, resulting in improved operational efficiency.

BBB Rating

The company has been accredited with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau but not accredited by BBB. Moreover, no informal reviews about the company have been found by BBB. But, the merchants must be aware that there is a risk associated with using Bindo, especially due to the lack of customer feedback. Hence, the merchants need to research Bindo before deciding to use it.

Lawsuits and Fines

No outstanding lawsuits have been levied against Bindo. However, the organization has come under fire for non-compliance with various regulations set by the Federal Trade Commission. Hence, the merchants using their services should comply with the country’s regulations to avoid potential fines. Merchants should also be aware of any regulation changes that may apply to their business.

Employee Complaints

Although Bindo is generally well-liked by employees, some common complaints have been reported. Many current and former employees report a lack of proper communication between departments, leading to confusion and frustration. Some also express dissatisfaction with the limited opportunities for advancement within the company.

In addition, there have been reports of poor working conditions in the warehouse, including long hours, few breaks, and a lack of air-conditioning. Lastly, some employees have complained about their pay not being competitive with other companies in the industry. Overall, while Bindo is an excellent employer that offers its employees many benefits, there are still areas where the company could make improvements.


When rates of Bindo are reviewed, some drawbacks can make it a less-than-ideal option for businesses. Following are the rates of Bindo:

Custom Pricing

Bindo offers custom pricing plans with a wide range of options and features. However, the downside to these plans is that they tend to be more expensive than other POS systems, so businesses may find it difficult to afford them. Hence, for businesses not looking to invest a large amount of money in the point-of-sale system, Bindo may not be the best choice.

Virtual Terminal and Gateway Pricing

Bindo’s virtual terminal and gateway pricing plans are also costly, burdening businesses with a limited budget. Furthermore, the fees associated with these plans may not be worth the cost compared to other POS systems. When reviewed, it is clear that Bindo’s virtual terminal and gateway pricing plans may not be ideal for businesses looking to save money.

Contract Terms

The pricing is competitive with most iPad POS solutions, but the contract terms are somewhat restrictive. Bindo requires a 3-year commitment to their service and offers no opportunities to leave early or switch to a different plan should your business needs change over time. Additionally, an early termination fee of up to $500 if you cancel your contract before its expiration date. 

E-commerce Services

Bindo’s e-commerce services are expensive, with customers paying extra for their needed features. Furthermore, businesses may have difficulty setting up their online store due to the complexity of the platform, which can be a difficult task even for those experienced in web development.

Equipment Leases

Bindo also requires customers to lease their equipment, which can be costly for businesses. Additionally, the terms of the leases may not be favorable for customers looking for more affordable options. Moreover, businesses may struggle to upgrade their equipment if it becomes outdated or needs replacement.

Sales and Marketing

Bindo is an online platform that allows customers to review and rate products and services. While it can be useful for businesses, there are some drawbacks to consider when using its services.

Absence of Independent Resellers

Being independently owned and operated, Bindo does not have the connections to large-scale resellers that can help drive more sales for businesses. Without these resellers, it may be difficult for businesses to maximize their potential. Hence, businesses may need to seek alternative services to help increase their sales.

Lack of Advertising

Bindo’s platform does not include any advertising or promotional offerings, which could cause a business’ reach to be limited and potentially hinder growth. Additionally, the lack of advertisement may mean businesses cannot optimize the exposure they receive from potential customers.

Inconsistent Reviews

Bindo reviews can be inconsistent and biased, as the platform allows verified and unverified customers to post reviews. It can lead to an increase in false or misleading feedback that could harm a business’s reputation. As such, businesses should consider using other platforms to ensure they get reliable customer feedback.

Disclosure of Terms

The terms and conditions of using the Bindo platform are unclear, which could lead to unanticipated business costs or fees. Additionally, the lack of clarity may mean businesses are unaware of their rights and obligations when using the platform.


When it comes to feedback from customers, there are mixed opinions. Some people have found the platform useful and easy to use, while others have complained.

Problems with the Promotion Engine

Some users have reported that the promotion engine within Bindo is not very intuitive and can be confusing to use. Additionally, some users have complained that they cannot access the engine when needed. Hence, merchants experience problems in promoting their products.

Inconsistent Performance

Another complaint from customers is that Bindo isn’t always reliable. Some have reported that the platform works well for a while but then inexplicably stops working or has problems with loading.

Glitches in Analytics and Reporting

Customers have left bad reviews about glitches in the analytics and reporting features. In particular, users have found that certain data points don’t always appear when they should or that reports aren’t properly updated when changes are made. It has been suggested that this issue is due to the platform’s lack of an automated system for updating data.

Slow Payment System

Many customers have complained that the payment system provided by Bindo is slow and unreliable. They have reported that payments can take several days to process, and they can’t always access their money when needed. Additionally, some have experienced issues with delayed or not processing refunds.

Faulty OmniChannel OMS

Bindo has also come under fire for its OmniChannel OMS feature. Customers have reported that the system is often slow and unreliable, making managing inventory across different channels difficult. Furthermore, some customers have experienced problems with the OMS not syncing properly with external systems, resulting in discrepancies in product data.

Discrepancy in Hotel PMS Integration

One of the biggest customer complaints is integrating Bindo and a hotel Property Management System (PMS). The integration is said to be unreliable, with some customers experiencing problems with the sync between Bindo and their PMS. Additionally, there have been reports of discrepancies between the information displayed on Bindo and what is actually in the PMS system.

Table Management Issues

Finally, some customers have experienced problems with the table management feature. The feature is said to be unreliable, which can be frustrating for hospitality businesses that rely on it to manage their customers and orders. Additionally, some users report having to manually input customer information as the system doesn’t always recognize it.


This Bindo POS review suggests that the product has some drawbacks despite its advantages. The major issue is that it isn’t compatible with certain payment providers, making it difficult for merchants to accept customer payments. It is recommended that merchants thoroughly review the product and its features before deciding whether or not to purchase it. Additionally, they should always read through all customer feedback to accurately understand how the system works. 

By doing all this research, merchants can ensure they have chosen the best POS system for their business.

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