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PandaPay Review, Rates, and Complaints

PandaPay is a payment processing platform designed to make it easy for merchants of all sizes to accept payments. The company has built an intuitive, user-friendly platform to simplify the entire payment process for businesses and their customers. PandaPay’s mission is to make financial transactions easier and more accessible. With its headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, PandaPay serves merchants and customers in over 30 countries.

This PandaPay review will explore their payment processing platform’s features, benefits, and limitations.

Services and Features

The company offers the following services and features.

Merchant Cash Advances

PandaPay offers merchant cash advances to businesses. It gives business owners an infusion of much-needed working capital without having to go through the hassle of applying for a traditional loan from a bank. The money is dispersed quickly and requires no collateral, so it’s a great option for businesses that need flexible funding solutions with minimal risk. It is a great way to cover unexpected expenses or to make the most of an opportunity that requires additional capital.

Credit Card Processing

It offers credit card processing services while allowing businesses to accept customer payments safely and securely. The service is simple and easy to use, and it accepts all major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and more. PandaPay also offers a mobile app that businesses can use to process payments on their phone or tablet. It makes it easy for customers to pay with their credit cards with a few simple clicks.

Consumer Financing

PandaPay also offers consumer financing services. It is a great way for businesses to give their customers the option of purchasing items on credit. It allows customers to spread out the cost of purchases over time instead of having to pay for them all at once, making it easier for them to afford larger and more expensive items. The financing is flexible and easy to use, with no setup fees or lengthy application forms.

Virtual Terminal

The company also offers a virtual terminal for businesses. It allows them to process payments online from the comfort of their own office or home. It’s secure, easy to use, and accepts all major credit and debit cards. The virtual terminal also supports recurring billing, making it even easier for businesses to manage and accept customer payments.

Lawsuits and Fines

No major lawsuits or fines have been reported about PandaPay. The company is known for its strong customer service and reasonable rates. It is likely due to the company’s commitment to providing secure and transparent services. But, PandaPay is still subject to industry regulations and government oversight and could be liable for any violations.

Hence, merchants should review PandaPay’s terms of use and all relevant government regulations to ensure compliance. Further, reading the company’s user agreement ensures its services align with the merchant’s needs and expectations.


Regarding rates and fees, PandaPay does not offer the most competitive pricing. The following are the potential problems related to pricing in the PandaPay review.

Variable Pricing

The pricing model for PandaPay utilizes a variable fee structure, which may not be the most cost-effective solution. Additionally, there is no option to lock in a rate for a specific period, leaving users at the mercy of market conditions and potential price increases. It is also necessary to note that the fees are charged as a percentage of each transaction, which can add up quickly for businesses with large volumes.

Month-Month Contract

Additionally, the company requires a month-month contract from its users. It means that with PandaPay, customers can not take advantage of long-term contracts or discounts, resulting in negative reviews. It can be a problem for those who wish to take advantage of lower rates over longer periods. Moreover, PandaPay charges a termination fee if customers end their contracts.

Long Term Leases

PandaPay charges a variable fee based on the transaction size, ranging from 2.9% to 5%. It can be quite expensive compared to other providers offering a flat transaction rate. For example, businesses that process many small transactions could significantly overpay for the service.

Employee Complaints

While PandaPay is generally well-liked by employees, some complaints have been lodged against the company. For example, the company has been criticized for its onboarding process, which many employees have found to be slow and inefficient. Additionally, some employees have complained about being underpaid and that promotions are hard to come by.

Finally, there have been reports of poor communication between departments, resulting in confusion and frustration among employees.

Sales and Marketing 

The sales and marketing capabilities of PandaPay have been a major point of contention for many users. While the platform offers some good tools, they can be difficult to use and access.

When reviewed, the following issues have been found.

Inside/Outside Sales Team

It has a dedicated Inside/Outside Sales Team, but these resources have been criticized for being unable to effectively demonstrate the features and benefits of the platform. For instance, users have reviewed that the team cannot always answer technical questions or provide detailed product demos.

Ineffective Marketing

The marketing capabilities of PandaPay have also been criticized, as the platform does not offer a comprehensive suite of marketing tools. While users can create automated email campaigns and use social media tools, they are limited in their options and don’t have access to more advanced features.

Additionally, the company does not offer any tracking of campaigns or visibility into their performance. It makes it difficult for users to measure their success and adjust their strategies accordingly.


Regarding sending and receiving payments, PandaPay is a great choice for individuals and businesses. For businesses, it offers a variety of features, but the merchants need to keep the following points in mind before using its services.

Difficulty in Managing Transactions

One of the main drawbacks of PandaPay is that it can be difficult to manage transactions. Several reports of users have had difficulty canceling, editing, or refunding payments. This issue can become especially problematic for businesses relying on online payments and may not have the proper staff or resources to handle such technical difficulties. Additionally, some users have reported slow and unreliable customer service when resolving these issues, making the process even more frustrating.

Technical Errors in Online Reporting Tool

Another issue that some users have reviewed is the presence of technical errors in PandaPay’s online reporting tool. This tool provides transactional data to help business owners understand their customer’s purchasing trends, but some users have experienced unreliable data and incorrect information. It can make it difficult to analyze customer data and make informed decisions based on the available information.

Issues with Gift Cards

Users have reported issues when using PandaPay’s gift card feature. This feature allows customers to send and receive gift cards for their purchases, but some users have complained that the gift cards do not always arrive promptly or at all. Furthermore, there have been reports of declined gift cards even when the recipient has sufficient funds. This issue can be especially troublesome for customers trying to give gifts to their loved ones and expecting a smooth transaction.

Problems in Data Analytics

PandaPay has also been criticized for its data analytics capabilities. This platform allows businesses to track customer spending and trends, but some users have given reviews that the data is often inaccurate. Additionally, some customers have complained about the lack of customization options to tailor their reports and analytics as needed. It can make it difficult for businesses to accurately track customer spending and make decisions based on this data.

Social Media Monitoring Dashboard

The company also offers a social media monitoring dashboard, but some users have not well received this feature. Many have found the interface to be confusing and difficult to navigate. Additionally, there have been reports of the dashboard being slow to load or update, making it difficult to track customer interactions with the brand on social media in real time. It can be a significant issue for businesses that rely heavily on user engagement to generate leads successfully.

Delay in Credit Approvals

Many users have also complained about delays in credit approvals when using PandaPay. This issue can be especially problematic for companies expecting a payment from another party and waiting for the credit to process. It can cause a delay in receiving the payment, which may not be ideal for businesses with limited time and resources.

Errors in Turnkey Solutions

The turnkey solutions offered by PandaPay have been criticized for their lack of reliability. Some users have reported that they have experienced errors in the system, preventing them from setting up and managing their accounts properly. It can inconvenience businesses that rely on these solutions to help streamline their payments and transactions.


This PandaPay review suggests that it is a good choice for those who need an e-commerce platform that focuses on subscription-based services, but it may not be the best choice for those who need more features or flexibility. It is not the most user-friendly platform, and it may take some effort to customize its features. Additionally, the pricing structure can be confusing, and some fees can be expensive for smaller businesses.

It is important to research and read the fine print before committing to a long-term contract with PandaPay. It will help to determine if PandaPay is the right fit for your business needs.

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