Card One International Review

Card One International Review: Complaints, Fees, Rates, Customer Feedback

Card One International is a distributor of merchant accounts that caters to most different kinds of businesses. The company was established in 2003. This company is a reseller for TSYS and First Data, which is currently known as Fiserv.

Our Card One International review shows that the word “international” in the name of the company refers to the fact that merchants can take payments from customers located in other countries. This does not allude to any overseas subsidiaries or banking partners that Card One may operate.

Card One International is capable of processing the majority of major credit and debit cards for various businesses. Their offerings include point-of-sale (POS) systems, mobile payment processing, access to online terminal and payment gateways, protection against fraudulent activity, ACH and electronic check processing, repeating billing, and connection with QuickBooks.

Card One International Review

Card One International, with headquarters in Concord, California, is a recognized ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, National Association. The address 11661 San Vicente Boulevard is the location of the company’s headquarters. Alex Hemmat currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer at Card One International.

Card One International has been awarded an “A+” rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), even though the BBB does not currently accredit the company. During the course of the preceding three years, the company has been the target of four formal complaints.

Despite the company’s best efforts, they needed help to resolve these four problems to the merchant’s pleasure. Each of these disputes was resolved in a way that did not satisfy the merchant or provide them with a clear answer to their problem.

Complaints, Fees, Rates, Customer Feedback

Card One International Review Based on Rates and fees

The primary contract for Card One International is a three-year contract with First Data (Fiserv) that has an undetermined early termination cost, a $150 yearly fee, and a built-in gear lease through First Data Global Leasing.

The deal also includes a fee for each year of the contract. Because the company most likely enters individualized fees and rates for each merchant, proprietors of businesses are strongly recommended to seek all contractual papers to protect themselves from adverse shocks.

The majority of the complaints that are publicly available about Card One International address hidden costs or the difficulty of canceling service. These are two issues directly tied to the contract conditions of the company. The base contract terms offered by the company are not competitive with the representations provided by the merchant accounts that cost the least. They may cost significantly more than the typical merchant account. Please refer to the Card1 Merchant Application as well as the Card1 Program Guide.

Card One International Review Based on Complaints and customer feedback

There are over 15 unfavorable reviews of Card One International that we have been able to uncover at this time. Some of these reviews accuse the firm of being a con or a swindle. Complaints about Card One International that are frequently heard include rates more significant than expected, fees that need to be disclosed, and the inability to discontinue service quickly.

Most of these complaints result from unpleasant experiences with sales reps and customer support representatives. Card One International is not currently the subject of any active class-action suits or FTC complaints, as far as our research has been able to determine.

Merchants who are unhappy with the company and want to pursue an action plan against it that does not include litigation should give some thought to denouncing it to the provisions-related organizations. Card One International, Inc. has received 41 informal evaluations in the past three years, 4 of which have been filed official complaints with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), of which 1 has a critical tone.

Because the overwhelming bulk of these reviews was just published, and several utilize extremely identical language, we are led to suspect that the corporation may have requested that these fresh evaluations be written in the first place. The most current negative review includes specifics about contract terms that are misleading as well as poor customer service.

Card One International Review Based on Advertising and Sales

Card One International relies on a collection of independent sales reps to offer its many products and services. The use of impartial sales agents is frequently linked to higher-than-average criticism totals.

We have found over ten unfavorable reviews of Card One International that report concealed Card One International service charges and unexpectedly high prices via Card One International. These reviews were found on Card One International’s website. This one could fare better than the other items on our list of the best credit card processors.

At the moment, the homepage of the Card One International site features an advertisement for a “1.15% rate and free machine.” This rate is almost certainly the qualified debit rate that the company offers, and neither the higher mid-qualified nor the non-qualified debit rates that the business levies are included in the quote. Because it could provide merchants with an unreasonable expectation of the prices they would pay, we consider this pricing quote dishonest.

The fact that the company posts all of its empty contractual papers on its website are a definite plus for the business. We strongly advise that you seek out a third-party statement audit in the event that you have reason to believe that Card One International is billing you with fees that have not been disclosed to you.


Based on all of the currently available facts, Card One International has been given the status of a respectable merchant processing supplier. Despite the fact that the sales approach of the company and the contract conditions are about par for the course in the industry, the company’s complaint history does not indicate that there are severe issues with the company.

We recommend that merchants carefully analyze the terms of any contract they are supplied with and compare its price to that of the most highly rated merchant account providers when they are conducting business with a firm about which they have questions.

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