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Pineapple Payments Review: Complaints, Fees, Rates, Customer Feedback

Pineapple Payments has been operating since 2016, with its headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Brian Shanahan is the company’s CEO. Pineapple Payments is also a certified ISO. Here is an in-depth Pineapple Payments review that can be useful for merchants.

Pineapple Payments provides multichannel online payment services via partnerships with firms such as TSYS and Worldpay. Pineapple are rapidly growing to become a major player in the payment industry. With a wide range of services and accepting various forms of payment, making partnering with them is an appealing proposition.

Let us investigate their rise and the strong features helping them capture the market in this review. What are customers saying? What types of features does the company provide? What different segments of the market this company caters to? Many such questions will be answered in our review.

Pineapple Payments: Overview

It is a merchant account provider that provides omnichannel payment solutions and a comprehensive array of technology services.

The company was in the news when it acquired Beacon Payments & CardChamp. But, the biggest and most prominent buying was of Payline Data in 2017. This helped the company to add more than ten thousand new customers. This also enhanced their transaction capacity to above two billion a year.

This business has worked with First Data and TSYS to provide merchants’ clients with various payment choices.

Brian Shanahan, the former Executive of CardConnect, is the CEO of Pineapple Payments. The headquarters of the corporation are in Pittsburgh.

Pineapple Payments Review Based on Features

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Pineapple Payments provides advanced payment gateway capabilities such as customizable checkout, accepting payments, mobile payments everywhere, customized invoicing, and a full-featured worldwide payment gateway.

Pineapple Payments also includes a variety of handy add-ons such as Customizable checkout, Receive payments, mobile payments everywhere, Customized invoices, and a full-featured worldwide payment gateway.

Pineapple Payments also supports several prominent third-party trading platforms, providing access to a wide range of markets worldwide that may be traded with the help of skilled advisors or a personalized automatic trading plan. Pineapple Payments is a global leader in innovation, and they are constantly seeking methods to improve and keep its competitive advantage.


  • A large corporation with numerous in-house benefits
  • Customers can choose from a variety of charitable roundup alternatives
  • Accepts all major payment methods
  • Extensive technical assistance
  • There were a few complaints, and they were quickly resolved


  • There is no information on the length or terms of the contract
  • For marketing, they hire independent freelancers
  • Further rates and charges are not specified

Pineapple Payments: Complaints, Fees, Rates, Customer Feedback

Pineapple Payments Review Based on Complaints and Customer feedback

Pineapple Payments has a Better Business Bureau page. However, the business is not certified. Based on the BBB website, three complaints have been resolved in the last three years. In the last 12 months, there haven’t been any complaints against this company.

These concerns centered on limited customer support hours, unannounced fee adjustments, and refusing to close client accounts when requested. Additionally, one concern was failing to deposit cash within 24 hours of the contract’s deadline.

There are a few additional Pineapple Payments reviews available. Some merchant client testimonials on the corporate website compliment the company for its competence, flexible financing gateway, and good customer service support.

Pineapple Payments Review Based on Rates and Fees

Pineapple Payments provides several price models. The organization can charge using an exchange plus pricing model, which is the most transparent choice and what we require at CardFellow or a flat rate model. You’ll pay the true cost of exchange and assessment paid by banks and card brands, plus an additional markup to the processor, with interchange plus. All costs are grouped at a flat charge.

The flat rate appears simpler, but it is rarely the most competitive. Businesses with minor average ticket prices (under $10) or which only accept a few thousand dollars in credit cards per month are exempt. If this describes you, a flat rate could be advantageous. You should request a price on exchange cost plus to compare if it isn’t.

Pineapple Payments Review Based on Advertising and Sales

Pineapple Payments hires freelance resellers. ISOs, ISVs, and agents get tailored programs, which is one of the major reasons for the fast growth of the company.

Comprehensive training and support are provided free to retailers.

No fraudulent ways were found to be reported against Pineapple Payments.

However, obtaining a pricing scheme or a duplicate of its typical contract is difficult. If you believe Pineapple Payments charges unnecessary fees, you should demand an impartial statement audit.

Pineapple Payments Review Based on Contract and Support


Pineapple Payment’s website has no information about merchant customer contracts. Standard contracts are normally three years in length with one-year automatic renewal periods. The terms of the equipment lease are fixed for 48 months.

Pineapple Payments, like other merchants, is likely to levy gateway fees, batch costs, technical support fees, and other transaction fees that are not displayed on the company’s website.


On the company’s website, there is no particular information on Pineapple Payments’ underwriting process, nor is there any data about how long it could take to begin transferring funds. The company offers speedy merchant activation and simple setup, but this may rely on the merchant’s hardware and software.

Pineapple Payments offers a lot of assistance to its merchant customers. The organization offers merchants detailed payment processing training and live regular seminars and personal demos. Customers can reach out to merchants via online chat or email.

Product and Services

Hardware and Software

Pineapple Payments provides its merchant customers with its proprietary technology. Transax is a sort of proprietary software. It provides a strong platform with numerous features that make receiving payments easy for merchants. Transax is designed to scale with each company and device on which it functions.

Payment offers

  • Terminals virtual
  • Integrated terminals
  • Payment processing in bulk
  • Payments in installments and recurring payments
  • Invoice administration
  • A mobile application (iOS or Android)
  • Platforms for shopping carts and eCommerce

Value added services

Pineapple Payments offers many value-added services to its merchant customers. Among them are the following:

  • Opportunities for financial investment, including philanthropic giveback partnerships
  • A cashback arrangement
  • Quickbooks connection allows for simple accounting and reporting
  • Portals for bill payment
  • B2B merchants can use payment processing services


Although it is a relatively new firm, its innovative payment technologies and experienced senior leadership has enabled it to thrive in the three years it has been in operation. In 2019, Pineapple Payments purchased Boston-based Beacon Payments and Pittsburgh-based business account provider CardChamp.

Pineapple Payments accepts all major credit cards and debit cards. The company uses Worldpay, TSYS, and First Data to provide omnichannel online payment services to merchants of all sizes. The company provides Quickbooks integration services in addition to money transfers.

This feature of the organization’s employees enables businesses to set up recurring invoicing, AR/AP tracking, and customizable payment pages like bill-pay portals. They also accept ACH payments, mobile payments, and e-commerce.

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