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Card Payment Solutions (CPS) 2022 Review

Card Payment Solutions is a merchant services provider that provides e-commerce solutions, point of sale solutions, and digital payment transaction services to businesses. 

Global Payments, First Data, and TSYS are among the companies that the firm represents as primary transaction service providers. Find out all the details in this Card Payment Solutions Review.

Card Payment Solutions (CPS): A Short Brief

Headquarter Florence
Owner Dan Christopher
Monthly Fee Undisclosed
Contract 3-year contract
Customer Support Yes


Card Payment Solutions (CPS) Origin, Headquarters, and Owners

Card Payment Solutions is a payment processing company situated in Florence, South Carolina, which offers various services. An HSBC Bank is listed as the acquirer for the firm, which was established in 1999. 

Card Payment Solutions enable businesses to have accessibility to e-commerce platforms such as internet ordering carts, e-commerce interfaces, and digital endpoints via credit cards. It resells online payment solutions from several organizations that offer direct processed services to customers.

Card Payment Solutions (CPS) Features and Aspects

The following are some of the most prominent features of the services that CPS has to offer:

  • POS Systems 

When you’re a merchant and could do with a new point-of-sale platform, Card Payment Solutions may be able to provide you with what you’re searching for. 

For customer convenience, the business services provider provides various points of sale (POS) systems to select from. Each may serve as an all-in-one solution for your company’s requirements. 

The company’s point-of-sale systems are equipped with an incredible assortment of capabilities. Comprehensive management software, payment features, stock control, and compatibility for online buying are just a few examples of what you may find in these packages.

  • E-Commerce Solutions 

Online retailers may benefit from Card Payment Solutions’ digital commerce solutions, which allow them to receive money from their clients online. The firm provides several services in this sector, such as virtual stations for card-not-present purchases and connections with internet purchasing carts. 

APIs and other innovations may be easily integrated into your online shop with the help of the development tools provided by the firm to its retailers.

  • Mobile Payment Processing 

Card Payment Solutions provides businesses with the ability to accept digital money. There are various kinds of cellular payment options available from the firm to select from, such as:

  • 4G Wireless Terminals 
  • ChargeAnywhere
  • CloverGo

Pricing of Card Payment Solutions (CPS)

Currently, there seems to be limited information accessible regarding the price choices offered by Card Payment Solutions. Whatever we can tell you would be based on the fact that the firm has a no-fee processing scheme that we can recommend. 

A flat-rate premium of 3.99 percent is applied to all credit card purchases under this program, and retailers are charged extra for participating in it. Businesses can pass this fee on to their consumers and incur little or no financial liability. 

The corporation charges a flat monthly price for this service package, according to reports. However, the company’s website does not provide any information about what that cost sounds like.

Card Payment Solutions Sales and Advertising Metrics

Card Payment Solutions employs autonomous sales agents to sell its goods and services. In most cases, this technique is related to negative customer encounters throughout the selling process. 

Nevertheless, the organization has not obtained any unfavorable feedback regarding its salespeople on the internet, which is a positive indicator. There doesn’t seem to be any fraudulent advertising methods used by Card Payment Solutions, either. 

A significant amount of information concerning the firm’s price and contractual structure is withheld by the company, which is disappointing. Nonetheless, it’s encouraging to see that the company is not purposefully deceiving retailers with its promotional efforts.

A Three-Year Contract

Prices for Card Payment Solutions account holders seem to fluctuate based on the company nature of the merchants, the number of transactions processed, and the person who is accountable for managing the profile. 

According to a business representative, Card Payment Solutions has a basic service arrangement of 36 months, with one-year annual renewal amendments after every period after the first year. Businesses who desire to terminate services should tell the firm in writing 60 days after the deal’s expiry date. 

Furthermore, if a seller cancels services under the agreement, the buyer could be subject to a Liquidated Damages early withdrawal penalty. In addition, the realtor states that all these conditions are flexible with the client.

Is Card Payment Solutions (CPS) Worth It?

  • No Deceptive Quotes

Card Payment Solutions doesn’t prominently feature certain price quotations or assurances that may be deemed misleading to avoid being deemed deceptive. 

As of the recent update, the corporation is heavily marketing its cash price discount, which imposes a 3.99 percent premium to every company’s subtotal to repay the merchants for such costs associated with completing a financial transaction on their behalf. 

Card Payment Solution’s marketing of this price structure did not bring up any warning lights, even though such initiatives have become more widespread in the business.

  • Sales Team

Currently, no sales complaints have been lodged against the firm, which might also imply that its pricing regulations do not permit overcharging. 

Unless and until proof of the opposite emerges, the company’s the using distributors would not negatively affect its rating.

  • Under 5 Complaints

As of the recent update, the Better Business Bureau reports that Card Payment Solutions has been certified since 2011. The firm has already been assigned an “A+” score by the organization. 

According to the Better Business Bureau, two objections have been lodged in the previous 36 months. Neither of the two reports was submitted in connection with an invoicing or collecting problem. CPS has satisfactorily handled a customer issue about Card Payment Systems.

The Bottom Line

Card Payment Solutions of South Carolina is a trustworthy firm since it receives a small number of claims compared to those other businesses of comparable size and length of operation. Month-to-month agreements with no termination costs are an option that the business can use to boost its rating.

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