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CDG Commerce Review 2024

CDG Commerce is a long-established merchant accounts supplier for small and medium-sized enterprises and has been in operation for over two decades. However, despite its primary focus being on the ecommerce market, it also offers a comprehensive range of services to retail businesses. In this CDG Commerce Review 2024, you will find everything you need to know about this merchant service account provider. Let’s get started!

What CDG Commerce Offers?

An experienced merchant account service headquartered in Virginia with an outpost on the West Coast in San Pedro, California, CDG Commerce was formed in 1998. Among CDG’s payment options include wireless and e-commerce processing and a payment gateway and digital terminal dubbed the Quantum. 

CDG Commerce provides all of its merchants with actual month-to-month billing and does not need them to sign any long-term contracts. This is just one of the many useful aspects that customers look for in a merchant platform. Some of its important detail is as follows:

Overall Summary of CDG Commerce’s Payment Processing Services
Headquarter  Virginia, US
Contract Month-to-month contract
Service Charges  $49 monthly charges 
PCI Fee No charges
Online Complaints  15+
Service Support  Yes

CDG Commerce LLC Origin, Headquarters, and Owners

Synovus Bank, located in Columbus, Georgia, and Citizens Bank, National Association, located in Providence, Rhode Island, have all registered CDG Commerce as an ISO. The firm was established in 1998 and continues to be run by the same family. 

It has sites in both Virginia and California, and it primarily serves customers in the United States. Chris West is not only one of the co-founders of CDG Commerce but also serves as its Chief Executive Officer. The company’s headquarters can be located at 860 Greenbrier Circle in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Important News in History

More than 20,000 businesses rely on its services, making it a small to the midsize supplier of merchant services. Also noteworthy is that for almost two decades, CDG Commerce has had a customer retention rate of over 97% in place, which not many merchant service providers can claim.

Services Offered by CDG Commerce

CDG Commerce provides solutions for processing payments by swipe, web, and mobile devices. You would be qualified for a payment gateway program as a client, in addition to a merchant portal, measures for protection, and reporting tools. 

  • Digital Terminals

They argue that purchasing, leasing, or renting equipment that can become outdated before receiving your money’s worth is a waste of time and money in an economic sector that is always changing. The disadvantage of using this strategy is that it confines you to using just the gear they consider to be of the highest quality. At the moment, they are providing the Verifone vx520 Terminal in addition to the Verifone vx805 Customer Facing Reader/PIN Pad as an option.

  • Mobile Processing

If you’re looking for a mobile processing solution, CDG Commerce has the Walker C2X card reader available for a one-time, flat fee of $65.00 apiece. This reader utilizes Bluetooth for connection, and it is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. There is compatibility for the EMV and the NFC-based (contactless) payment methods. This service does not incur any extra costs every month.

  • Quick Verification 

CDG Commerce employs an online application procedure to get you signed up for an account. This approach is only available for low-risk companies. Once you have provided all of the necessary information, the verification and activation of your account may happen in as little as 15 minutes. Be aware that there is a higher danger of your account being quickly shut down once you start processing. This may be a valuable option for low-risk firms who need to start taking credit cards immediately away.

  • Card Reader for USB

CDG Commerce can provide you with a free USB card reader that works with computers if you run your point-of-sale operations on a computer at the moment. This reader is compatible with computers. Using the card reader and your existing internet connection, you may log in to the Quantum Gateway and begin processing payments.

  • Protect from Cashbacks 

Every merchant account you have with CDG Commerce comes with access to a software called Chargeback Defender. This tool will notify you quickly and automatically if a chargeback is lodged against your company. You will also get assistance in fighting against the chargeback while using the software. The Chargeback Collector tool works with a collection company to file for reparation to recuperate the chargeback cost if you are unsuccessful in your defense of the chargeback.

  • Swipe Terminal

CDG Commerce provides a solution that is incredibly easy to use for all of your card-swiping requirements. As a participant in its Terminal Placement Program, one advantage is that you are eligible to get free PCI-compliant equipment (although a $79 annual service cost does apply).

Pricing & Fee of CDG Commerce

Customers of CDG Commerce may choose from four distinct price tiers:

  • Basic Membership

Merchants accepting up to $25,000 per month pay a $49 monthly fee and an interchange rate + $0.10 for the Basic Membership.

  • Standard Membership

Customers who handle less than $75,000 a month are charged $79 a month and charged interchange + $0.10 per transaction for the Standard Membership.

  • Plus Membership

In addition to a monthly cost of $99, the Plus Membership includes a transaction rate of interchange + $0.17 for businesses that handle up to $200,000 per month.

  • Premium Membership

Transaction fees for the Premium Membership are $199 monthly and interchange + $0.05 per trade for businesses, with no limit on how much money can be handled.

Final Verdict

CDG Commerce is an excellent (and reasonably priced) alternative for small businesses wishing to take credit cards via a full-service merchant account. The firm provides straightforward pricing, a wide range of services, and month-to-month contracts for most of its clients’ demands. You may have a real payment processor with pay-as-you-go costing and no monthly service charge if you are willing to go without the other bells and whistles available as add-ons.


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