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KeyBank Merchant Services Review 2024

Cleveland is the location of KeyBank Merchant Services, which has been operating for the last two years and provides merchant services. According to my observations, there does not seem to be any problem with their services.

They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since no complaints have been lodged against them in that organization’s history. In addition to this, they provide their merchants with features such as interchange-plus prices and regular downtime, amongst other things.

Read our article titled “KeyBank Merchant Services Review 2024 to learn more about them. This article examines their offers and their products, charges, and other costs.

KeyBank Merchant Services: A Short Summary

Owners of small and medium-sized businesses may rest easy knowing that KeyBank Merchant is a reliable, long-term business partner.

Their audit of your current processing services is free, and there is no commitment. As a team, KeyBank Merchant is certain that they can improve your experience with merchant services.

Headquarters Cleveland
Owner Chris Gorman
Contract 3-year
PCI Fee Undisclosed
Customer Service Yes

KeyBank Merchant Services Origin, Headquarters, and Owners

In the United States, KeyBank Merchant Service was a notable company and one of the leading suppliers of merchant accounts. It offered its services to more than 200,000 clients at any one time.

NPC was established in 1849 by Chris Gorman, and at the time, the business was responsible for the employment of more than 500 individuals. Its primary focus is on serving retail as well as business-to-business customers. The headquarters of the corporation is located in Cleveland.

Interesting News in History

On Monday, the $187 billion institutions revealed that it had acquired the transactions company XUP in a transaction that it believes promotes its integrated banking approach by simplifying its merchant payments operation. The acquisition was made public by the company.

The company XUP, an abbreviation for the phrase transactions “up,” asserts that the software it has developed makes it possible for financial firms to “take back the consumer experiences” by integrating retailers, finance houses, and purchasers throughout all platforms.

KeyBank Merchant Services Features and Offerings

  • In-Person Payments 

Both debit cards can be processed via mobile apps in addition to the conventional countertop credit card terminals and fully-featured point-of-sale systems that can process both types of cards. 

You can accept credit card payments on any phone or tablet that is suitable by using the iProcess application that KeyBank offers.

  • Online Payments 

You can accept credit cards via your web page by using the well-known Authorize.Net payment mode, which is made accessible to you through KeyBank Services.  

If you provide goods or services to customers who would rather be billed independently, you may use the invoice-generating software that National provides as an additional option. Using this program, you will be able to send invoices to your customers and then collect the money from them.

  • Credit Card and Payment Processing 

KeyBank Services offer alternative methods of processing payments. These methods may be used for processing credit cards, debit cards, and any other sort of payment, including macro and micropayments. 

KeyBank Merchant Services offer payment processing services for a broad range of credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and several other options. 

In addition, KeyBank Merchant Services offers cashless payment options for microbusinesses such as vehicle washes, vending machines, and other facilities of a similar kind.

  • E-Commerce and Gift Cards

The vast majority of businesses are now obliged to collect payments from their consumers electronically, in the form of gift cards and mobile payment services, and to charge their customers using virtual payment methods. 

Any company that wants to charge its customers utilizing KeyBank’s secure payment method may give their services to their customers, and KeyBank will manage and handle those transactions for them. Businesses can charge their clients by using the virtual terminal provided by KeyBank. 

This terminal takes payments by mail or via a phone number. In addition, gift cards may be purchased from many retailers, and their demand among customers has increased in recent years due to special events such as birthdays, holidays, and graduations.

  • Billing and Recurring Charges

In addition to providing customers with the best payment gateway, KeyBank Merchant Services makes it easy for customers to manage their billing and recurring expenses via a single interface, saving them time and effort. 

The firm owners may profit from having the ability to handle recurring payments such as subscriptions, promotions, and installment payments from a single platform.

Is KeyBank Merchant Service Worth it?

  • No Legal Lawsuits

Compared to other merchant accounts suppliers, KeyBank has an exceptionally low number of customer complaints. Despite receiving a grade of A- from the Better Business Bureau, the company has been the subject of ten complaints in the last three years and a half. 

They have only gotten one review from a client thus far. In comparison to other companies that offer merchant accounts, KeyBank has an exceptionally low rate of customer complaints.

  • Poor Customer Handling

According to yet another review, customer care employees failed to follow up on issues, emails were never responded to, and the firm was paid more than once for the same piece of equipment. 

KeyBank expressed their regret for the trouble caused and asked the client to get in contact with them so that they could resolve the issue.

The Bottom Line

Customers looking for a merchant solutions provider may find all of these things at KeyBank Merchant. They are also accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

In addition, it offers several unique advantages that aren’t accessible from other merchant service providers, such as a zero-percent cash discount and low hardware costs with registration.

However, due to the lack of online access to pricing information, customers should be certain that they know exactly what they’re getting into before choosing KeyBank Merchant Services as their business account provider. For National Bankcard, be on the lookout for excessive fees and hidden costs.

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