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Compliant Processing Review, Rates, and Complaints

Compliant Processing was introduced in 2010 and is a leading merchant account provider capable of serving merchants of all sizes, and capabilities. Compliant Processing is a subsidiary or DBA of Datainsure. Datainsure is another payment processor that has its headquarters based in Arizona. Here is a complete and honest Compliant Processing review

Payment Processing by Compliant Processing

In our Compliant Processing review, the first and most important factor to consider is the payment processing service.  Compliant Processing strives to offer access to Revel and Poynt POS or Point of Sale products & services to their merchants. Compliant Processing is also known to provide access to a program focused on zero-processing. It is referred to as ZERO Compliant Processing.

The program enables merchants to do away with the overall costs of introductory transaction rates by charging a fee to customers who make purchases with their credit cards.

Compliant Processing is also an Elavon reseller. Therefore, it is used to deliver access to CBD merchant accounts as well. However, the latest CBD shutdown of Elavon has significantly affected the ability of Compliant Processing to serve the CBD merchants. Moreover, the merchant provider also offers access to integration services like Apple Pay, Quickbooks, and Samsung Pay. The integration services are merchants’ POS systems in addition to mobile Processing and EMV processing.

Location & Ownership of Compliant Processing

Compliant Processing serves to be a registered ISO or MSP of Elavon. The company has its headquarters in Colorado and Brian Sachs is the CEO and owner of Compliant Processing.

Compliant Processing Review About Complaints

There have been no public complaints related to Compliant Processing and its services. It, therefore, serves to be a great sign that the company is neither a scam nor a rip-off. The clean complaint record of Compliant Processing is quite impressive and holds the same record even after being in operation for over a decade.

Currently, Compliant Processing has a positive rating and impression amongst merchants and other customers who currently use their services. This proves that the organization continues operating on ethical grounds.

Lawsuits & Fines of Compliant Processing

There has been no proof of any outstanding class-action fines or lawsuits, or even FTC complaints that have been filed against Compliant Processing and its services. Dissatisfied merchants who wish to go forward with a non-litigious course of action against Compliant Processing can think about reporting the same to the concerned supervisory organizations.

Customer Service Options Offered by Compliant Processing

Compliant Processing offers access to email and general phone contact information on the official website. However, there is no listing of information related to live customer support for the general public. This might fall behind the overall expectations of Compliant Processing, one of the leading payment processors delivering impressive customer service. However, the customer care services offered by Compliant Processing serve the merchants of the company properly.

BBB Rating for Compliant Processing

According to the ratings by BBB or Better Business Bureau, Compliant Processing currently boasts a rating of A+. Still, the company has not been accredited by the BBB. Until now, the company has managed to receive zero complaints in the duration of the last 3 years. The company has also not received any information reviews on the respective profile.

Due to the fact that the profile of BBB for Compliant Processing has not received complaints, there is complete agreement with the ratings of BBB. It is recommended that the merchants be aware that there are some valid reasons to be doubtful about the rating system of BBB.

Compliant Processing Pricing

The standard contract offered by Compliant Processing is for three years. It is made through Elavon with the feature of automatic renewal for a period of two years. There is also the availability of the built-in equipment lease feature through Ladco Leasing.

There are chances that the specific fees and rates of the company will vary significantly. It will ultimately depend on the location, processing history, and business type of the merchants. The contract and rates of Compliant Processing offer the confirmation that the company will sign up merchants for a more extended period through no-cancelable equipment leases.

Therefore, it is recommended that merchants purchase the equipment right away to ensure that there is no locking in the existing type of contract.

CBD Pricing of Compliant Processing

Compliant Processing used to offer CBD merchant accounts quite recently. In the given scenario, the contract terms of the company for CBD featured a flat rate on a per-transaction basis. The rate was 3.95 percent, along with $0.25 and a monthly fee of $9.95. There was also the presence of the setup fee of $49 without the involvement of any cash reserves or termination fees. However, the current pricing terms might no longer be available due to the mass cancelation of Elavon of the respective CBD merchant accounts.

Absence of Red Flags

There has been no proof of complaints regarding Compliant Processing with respect to the pricing structure of the company. Moreover, there is no requirement to believe that the merchants of the company are dissatisfied with the pricing structure at the given moment.

Still, the inclusion of the long-term equipment lease might have reduced the score of the company in the existing section. Merchants are, therefore, encouraged to review the existing contract for the presence of undesirable terms or conditions to avoid the chances of being stuck in a poor agreement.

Marketing Strategies by Compliant Processing

Compliant Processing is known to depend on the presence of the in-house marketing & sales team. Moreover, the company uses inbound marketing to advertise the respective products & services. There is no proof that the company makes use of independently contracted sales agents. Moreover, there is no presence of any complaints related to Compliant Processing specifying deceptive behavior or misinterpreted pricing.

Therefore, for the given time period, it can be assumed that the sales and marketing strategies of Compliant Processing are ethical and transparent.

Rate Quotes by Compliant Processing

Compliant Processing does not offer access to any list related to misleading rates or quotes or misleading guarantees on the official website. If you feel that a particular sales agent from Compliant Processing has misled you in any way about the rates or quotes, you can double-check the monthly bill with some third-party statement audit service.

Business Processing by Compliant Processing

Compliant Processing has been rated as a reliable and professional merchant account provider as per the generalized rating criteria. The company boasts the presence of a clean and transparent complaint record. Moreover, it is also believed to be capable of serving high-risk merchants at the same time.

However, it is recommended that merchants be cautious that there is no detailed information about the fees and pricing structure of the company.

Compliant Processing Products & Services

Quickbooks® Integration with Complaint Procesing

  • Hardware and Software:

  • At the current moment, Compliant Processing is known to offer access to two variants of the POS systems -a mobile and a tablet option. Both POS systems are fully integrated with the latest software solutions. Therefore, they serve to be the one-stop destination for merchants of all scales and sizes.

The mobile and tablet POS options are easily customizable to meet the specific needs of any business enterprise. The company stresses the fact of being constantly up-to-date in the respective software sector. This helps the merchants out there not only keep the business on edge but also streamline the back-office functions of the enterprise.

Additionally, the POS solutions function with the back-office software solution to deliver access to real-time data analytics for business development. The POS systems also leverage the functionalities of Quickbooks integration to deliver in-depth analytics while securing the business base.

  • Value-added Services

  • Compliant Processing offers access to only a specific range of extra services to the respective customers. One of the primary services is customizing loyalty cards and gift cards. These value-added services help in improving the customer base, tracking customer behaviors, and boosting brand awareness in the merchant domain.

Another major value-added service is ZERO. It is a cash-based discount program by Compliant Processing to minimize processing fees. The use of this service helps in passing on the available transaction fees directly to the end customers. It helps in encouraging cash-based sales.

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With respect to BBB reviews and ratings, it can be concluded that Compliant Processing is a good merchant account provider. With its A+ rating, Compliant Processing strives to capture the interests of merchants and customers alike.

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