Cornerstone Payment Systems Review

Cornerstone Payment Systems Review: Complaints, Fees, Rates, Customer Feedback

Cornerstone Payment Systems has been in operation for a total of twenty years since it was established in the year 2001. It advertises on its website that it provides a “complete complement of merchant services.” the primary objective is to lessen the financial burden imposed by operation fees and expenditures on merchants.

In our Cornerstone Payment Systems review, we found that Its customers include retail establishments, brick-and-mortar shops, and enterprises that conduct their operations online. Its pricing methodology is only partially known, but the company markets itself as having no set fees and offering solutions that are uniquely tailored to each company.

This leads one to believe that the provider of merchant accounts offers individualized pricing structures, terms of service, and plan options for each firm. Merchants who utilize Cornerstone Payment Systems are eligible for a free rate study, which helps them identify rival merchant account providers with excessively high costs.

Cornerstone Payment Systems Review

In 2001, Cornerstone Payment Systems was established as a company. It is a credit card processing business with a Christian orientation committed to lowering rates and assisting merchants in reducing the amount of money they spend on their monthly fees. Information has yet to be made public on its initial members.

ISO registered with Deutsche Bank, located in New York, New York. It has a staff of twenty-two individuals. According to its business plan, most customers are likely to be either small businesses or religious organizations.

The company provides standard services and a diverse range of equipment and can outsource additional services to third parties. Some examples of these other services include gift and loyalty cards, money transfers, and automated teller machines (ATMs).

The company has recently garnered attention due to media attention from groups such as the Florida Family Policy Council, which endorses Cornerstone because of the company’s alleged commitment to not trying to offer to process for businesses that are “morally objectionable,” such as adult entertainment.

The company has recently managed to gain attention as a result of this publicity. In this evaluation and profile of Cornerstone Merchant Services, we will talk about the company’s services and what everyone else is saying about the company.


  • Zero startup fee
  • Merchants will see a reduction in their charges, and analytical reports will be provided regarding their existing provider fees
  • Solutions that are uniquely crafted for each customer
  • Beneficial for e-commerce retailers, small enterprises, religious groups, and businesses conducted entirely online
  • Merchants can take advantage of the company’s EMV chip and NFC technology


  • Pricing information is not made available to the public
  • There is some level of withholding of information
  • There is a charge made every month
  • Employs individual sales agents
  • Charges a fee for PCI compliance

Complaints, Fees, Rates, Customer Feedback

Cornerstone Payment Systems Review Based on Complaints and customer feedback

A few complaints about Cornerstone Payment Systems can be found online. It does not have any reviews or complaints on BBB, and it does not have any accreditation. Some employees inside the corporation have voiced their displeasure with the management and various policies and procedures that are followed within the organization.

According to the aggregated opinions of six users, Indeed assigns it a rating of 3.3 stars out of 5. Cornerstone Payment Systems generally receives positive reviews from most other websites, often rated between four and five stars.

It has come to our attention that Cornerstone Payment Systems is not the subject of any legal action. In the evaluations written online regarding Cornerstone Payment Systems, there are no major notable concerns or any themes that keep coming up repeatedly. Most merchants are pleased with the service that Cornerstone Payment Systems provides.

Cornerstone Payment Systems Review Based on Rates and fees

According to a terms and conditions document for Cornerstone Payment Systems that is somewhat dated, the company provides customers with the option of entering into a contract of variable length, with early termination costs and tiered pricing that are not disclosed.

Complaints lodged by merchants indicate that the corporation may also levy an annual cost of $50 linked to PCI compliance; if true, this rate would be significantly lower than usual for the sector. Because the firm does not make the terms of its existing contracts public on its website, the information we have regarding its price specifics is minimal.

In addition to the payment processing services offered at its storefront locations, Cornerstone Payment System promotes its in-house developed virtual terminal and payments gateway on its website. This section of the website can be found here. On the other hand, neither of those services publicizes its pricing information.

These e-commerce services generally come with a variety of additional costs and charges attached to them, such as gateway fees, fees for receiving technical help, batch fees, and processing and transaction rates.

Cornerstone Payment Systems Review Based on Advertising and Sales

When it comes to marketing and selling its services, Cornerstone Payment Systems relies on a variety of methods, including traditional marketing, partnerships, and individual sales agents. When hiring independent sales agents, there is a greater likelihood of creating aggressive, impromptu sales forces, which have the potential to drive away clients by adopting dishonest practices.

On the other hand, it would appear that Cornerstone Payment Systems needs to receive a better deal of feedback critical to its advertising and sales strategies. It would appear that Cornerstone Payment Systems also provides direct advertising, and there are no reports of the company being accused of exaggerating the validity of its claims.

Because the company delivers services and products that correspond with what it asserts it is capable of, it does not have any unfavorable evaluations, which is a clear correlation between the two. The company’s pricing plan is tailored to each company’s specific needs.


Our Cornerstone Payment Systems review clearly shows that the company is regarded as a trustworthy merchant services company for businesses that fall outside of Cornerstone’s “morally reprehensible” zone of judgment, according to all of the information that is currently accessible.

This applies to both non-profit organizations and merchants. The company is receiving very few complaints about its genuine products and services, although there has been some negative coverage of the company.

Once additional details concerning the contract conditions are learned, we may revise our rating for Cornerstone. It is in the best interest of merchants who operate in specialized high-risk industries to choose a reputed high-risk business account provider who is willing to work with the types of businesses they serve.

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