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OpenEdge Review 2022: Fees, Complaints, Lawsuits & Comparisons

A branch of Global Payments, OpenEdge, specializes in integrated merchant account software. Additionally, OpenEdge allows retailers to include third-party and bespoke applications into their payment systems. 

If you want to study this merchant service in detail, this OpenEdge Review 2022 is your best bet. It covers all the information you need for making payments and purchasing through this merchant service. Let’s get started!

What Does OpenEdge Offer?

Following the purchase of PayPros and XCharge by Global Payments, OpenEdge was formed. Since the two companies are unconnected, OpenEdge should not be mistaken for Progress Software’s business software product.

For most company kinds, OpenEdge accepts credit and debit card payments. It offers cloud-based/SAS services, mobile payments, APIs, a client-server accessible via a desktop version, e-commerce remedies, unattended solutions, and a semi-integrated unified commerce system.

Overall Summary of OpenEdge Payment Processing Services
Headquarter  Lindon, US
Contract 3 years 
Service Charges  $40 monthly charges 
PCI Fee $24.75 per quarter
Online Complaints  16
Service Support  Yes

OpenEdge Origin, Headquarters, and Owners

ABMO Harris Bank N.A, Synovus Bank, Wells Fargo in Walnut Creek are the banks OpenEdge has partnered with. Lindon, Utah-based OpenEdge is led by Robert Cortopassi, the company’s senior vice president of business development.

Interesting News in History

As of 2022, the OpenEdge brand seems to have been nearly totally absorbed by its parent business, Global Payments. Because OpenEdge now looks to be a product inside Global Payments, they will move their modifications to the Global Payments profile. 

Now, it seems that OpenEdge is mainly promoting its services via an internal sales force and the existing marketing channels accessible to Global Payments.

Services that OpenEdge Offers

OpenEdge can assist you in processing payments in-store or while you’re on the road using your smartphone. Added features like regular billing, check services, loyalty card schemes, and offline processing can be beneficial to your company in a variety of other ways as well.

  • Mobile Payments

If you own a company that requires you to be on the go all of the time, mobile payments might be a tremendous benefit for you. OpenEdge enables you to accept payments from any mobile device, whether an Apple or an Android smartphone. End-to-end encryption and signature capture are included in the payments. Secure card readers (such as the MagTek Bullet and the IDTech Shuttle) may be used to eliminate the need to enter transaction information manually.

  • In-Store Payments

If you need a solution to take payments in card-present settings, OpenEdge can assist you no matter what industry you operate in. It supports all necessary credit and debit cards and Apple Pay when using an iPhone 6 or later. It is available in English only.

  • OpenEdge Checks

Checks are still a popular way of payment for specific individuals, and OpenEdge provides services to make receiving them more convenient for customers. To accept checks, you may use an ACH or Check 21 transaction to turn the paper checks into digital transactions that can be processed. An optional check verification service authorizes or rejects checks based on the check’s fraud history and the check’s routing number, among other things. Bouncing checks are reduced or eliminated, and monies are sent immediately into your bank account.

  • Regular Billing

Subscription-based services (such as gym memberships) need payment mechanisms that may be set up to renew and schedule payments automatically. OpenEdge may give that service as well as an additional benefit. The decline minimizer, developed by the firm, automatically refreshes expired credit cards, therefore lowering the number of refused payments in recurring or subscription billing payment circumstances.

  • OpenEdge Gifts

Loyalty programs are an excellent method to demonstrate your appreciation for your clients while also motivating them to return. OpenEdge Gift is a card-based loyalty program that can be combined with a single or numerous locations, and it includes reporting capabilities as well as other valuable features.

  • Offline Payments

Are you concerned about what would happen if your network went down? OpenEdge has you covered by providing offline credit card processing to assist you in avoiding losing credit card sales due to network outages. In a network interruption, transactions are securely kept and submitted when the network is restored to regular operation. Reporting options aid in reconciling transactions, ensuring that payments are not missed.

Pricing & Fee of OpenEdge Merchant Service

The OpenEdge merchant account is a multiyear agreement with the following prices:

  • $40 monthly minimum fee
  • $300 early termination fee
  • $200 infrastructure upgrade fee
  • $24.75 quarterly PCI compliance fee
  • $18 or $29 monthly PCI non-compliance fee

While some of these fees may represent heritage PayPros charges, the complainant’s agreement appears that several additional fees were imposed after the firm was bought and rebranded as OpenEdge. 

Security System of OpenEdge

Open Edge protects your payments and information through the following two features:

  • EdgeShield: A package of security services meant to safeguard organizations and cardholders is available from Global Payments Integrated for an additional layer of protection. To keep card data safe from potential thieves, EdgeShield includes a token vault for storing sensitive information away from the business’s card payment system
  • PCI Assure: This process simplifies PCI compliance by providing online survey questions and custom security statuses to help businesses address possible pitfalls. PCI Assure also provides data breach insurance for organizations, which can help them cover the expenses of a breach.

Final Verdict

Because of its accreditation with the Better Business Bureau, the firm has maintained an A- rating on its profile since 2012. But OpenEdge looks to be an average merchant services provider due to its purchase by Global Payment. The firm has witnessed increased complaints under its new name and is suffering a little bit. However, the overall number of complaints remains in the low-to-moderate range. Interested merchants are advised to obtain and analyze all contract conditions before signing up with a payment processor and compare those terms to those offered by other top-rated credit card processors.


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