Encore Payment Systems Reviews

Encore Payment Systems Review, Rates, and Complaints

A U.S.-based merchant service provider doing business under the name of Prodigy Payment Systems and Momentum Payment Systems, Encore Payment Systems was founded in 2004 in Addison, Texas. The company was acquired by EVO Payments International in 2013, having MOCA Payment Systems as its Canadian sales partner. Our experts did an in-depth Encore Payment Systems review that covers all the major aspects like products and services, ratings, complaints, etc.

Encore Payments is a registered ISO/MSP of Deutsche Bank, New York, and a direct HSBC processor. However, reviews indicate that it frequently uses Chase Payments for processing. The provider observes individual business needs and provides efficient and distinguished services accordingly.

Whether a merchant has an online business or a brick-and-mortar company, Encore Payments accommodates multiple industries, restaurants, bars, electronics, apparel, marketing agencies, gas stations, health and beauty, and non-profit organizations, and serves numerous B2B, retail, and small businesses. The provider supports over 150 currencies, making it preferable for companies dealing in multiple countries simultaneously.

Encore Payments does not have an active website, provides very scarce information about its products, and does not disclose vital contract terms to the public. Moreover, the provider uses multiple business names for similar services, indicating a red flag. The Encore Payment Systems review below will dive deep into the services and products the provider offers.

Encore Payment Systems Reviews Based On Features and Services

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The company accepts all payment types and offers the necessary features and hardware to assist debit, credit, check, mobile, and electronic payment transactions. It provides POS terminals, e-commerce solutions, virtual terminals, and integrated payment methods to ensure exponential growth for businesses. The provider supports electronic checks and maintains the required equipment for processing.

Integrated Payment Solutions

Encore Payments allows merchants to integrate their multiple storefront payments into one system. They can track analytical data and view information from each transaction on a single platform. This saves a merchant’s time and effort with seamless accounting and payment processing in one place and reduces manual difficulties. The company enables businesses to integrate Encore POS systems within their existing software to accept card payments.

Point of Sale Solutions

The provider accepts all major credit and debit cards and offers necessary point-of-sale solutions to help businesses accommodate their customer’s needs in a better way. Its credit card and tablet POS terminals are EMV capable and ensure authentically and secure mobile and card transactions. Ingenico, Handpoint, and Verifone are some of the companies that partnered with Encore Payments to provide effective POS solutions.

E-Commerce and Mobile Payment Solutions

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With Encore Payments’ e-commerce solutions, merchants can expand their business online and reach more customers globally. In today’s modern world, people prefer the ease of buying things anywhere without physically going to a particular outlet. Merchants also favor the option of selling their products and accepting payments online.

The company provides email marketing for businesses to promote their services and send personalized offers. They can send text notifications and sale updates to their customers. Encore Payments offers web design tools for merchants to create customized web pages and enhance their brand image.

The provider offers EVO Snap virtual terminal for businesses taking orders over the phone or email. All you need is a device with an internet connection. Merchants can accept card-not-present payments and offer their customers to reserve their orders beforehand. Encore Payment’s mobile processing solutions are accessible on a smartphone or tablet. They enable merchants to provide their services at different localities simultaneously.  

Hospitality and Food Services

Encore Payments has features specific to hotels, restaurants, and bars. It provides detailed customer behavior reporting for merchants to mold their loyalty programs for each customer and ensure repeat business. Restaurants, bars, and even food trucks benefit from the provider’s customize food and beverage feature and offer distinct protocols to their customers.

The company’s services range from tablet-based features to a full-service setup. Merchants can view and manage their customer’s preferences and closely monitor their day-to-day business routine.

Encore Payment Systems Reviews Based On Sales and Advertisement

Like most businesses hiring independent sales agents, Encore Payments utilizes outside sales agents and commissions them on every sale they make. These agents are trained to sell expensive merchant accounts. The reviews indicate that the provider uses deceptive tactics to promote its services, misleads its merchants, uses strategic advertisement, and does not disclose all terms.

Encore Payment Systems Reviews Based On Cost and Contract Terms

The provider binds its merchants in a three-year contract which can be converted into a four-year contract with automatic renewal after two years. Encore Payments offers a tiered pricing plan to its merchants. The company’s pricing varies and depends on the business size, type, and the agent setting up the merchant account. In case of early termination, the provider charges a $195 to $450 early termination fee conditioned on the time of cancellation. Merchants are required to send a written notice 60 days before canceling the contract. Below is a review of Encore Payments fees that merchants have to pay;

  • $49 PCI compliance fee
  • $4.00 monthly bank service fee
  • $125 account setup fee

Encore Payments does not disclose its swiped and keyed-in card rate on its website. Moreover, there is no information about its gateway fee, monthly minimum fee, batch fee, or virtual terminal fee. The provider offers a non-cancellable 48 monthly equipment lease term whose pricing is not mentioned on the official website either.

Encore Payment Systems Reviews Based On Customer Support

The company offers live one-on-one setup support to assist merchants and provides troubleshooting instructions, basic guidelines, and knowledgebase documentation to answer FAQs. It enables merchants to find solutions without asking questions and needing in-person support. Moreover, Encore Payments has reserved a phone number for domestic merchant support available during business hours.

Encore Payments Reviews and Complaints

There are over 105 complaints posted against the provider on various online platforms. The most commonly cited complaint against Encore Payments is about its expensive equipment lease. The company charges a ridiculous amount for its terminals and does not offer any way out. Other complaints include non-disclosure of contract terms, poor customer service, hidden charges, deceptive sales tactics, difficulty in contract cancelation, and fund withholding. The abundance of negative reviews proves that Encore Payments has a poor reputation among merchants and is notorious for more than one reason.

Better Business Bureau Rating

Encore Payments was accredited by Better Business Bureau in 2005 and was rated A on its BBB profile. After its acquisition by EVO Payments, BBB dissolved the Encore Payments profile into the EVO Payments profile.

The provider has received over 265 complaints in the past three years. A large number of these complaints are regarding issues with the product. There are about 93 complaints regarding billing and collection. Merchants have shown concern about the provider’s sales agents and have posted numerous complaints about poor customer service and unexpected fees.

Encore Payment Systems Reviews Based On Drawbacks

Encore Payments has many clients but also has numerous complaints against it. The company is a below-average service provider with unjustifiable rates and unreasonable contract terms. Its improper website provides very little information with features that are not user-friendly. Here is a review of the drawbacks faced by merchants affiliated with Encore Payments;

Non-cancellable Equipment Lease

Encore Payments forces a 4-year lease term on its merchants and does not notify them about its non-cancellation clause beforehand. The sales agents con the merchants into believing they can get out of the contract anytime. They don’t mention that the merchant account can be canceled and the equipment lease is non-cancellable.

Merchants are bound to pay for the equipment they don’t need even after canceling the contract with the provider. Merchants are advised to buy the terminal instead of leasing it as it is cheaper.

Unethical Sales Agents

Encore Payments sales representatives are dishonest and hide important information. They lie about equipment lease terms and claim that the provider is a direct processor when it is not. The company’s former employees have indicated on multiple review sites that the provider tells them to lie to the merchants and use false claims to make them sign the contract.

Ridiculously Expensive

Encore Payments is too pricy for most businesses and charges an exorbitant amount for limited services. The provider claims to charge a $195 termination fee. However, it uses illogical excuses to demand as much as $500 for contract cancelation. It does not provide any information about its pricing and changes its cost whenever it sees fit. Moreover, merchants have complained about hidden and unexpected fees.

Below-Average Customer Service

In the name of customer support, the provider has only mentioned a phone number available during business hours. The website is very inefficient, there is no live chat option or FAQ page, and the provider has not reserved any email address for merchants to address their queries. Moreover, if a merchant requires immediate assistance after business hours, they must wait for the next business day.

Final Verdict

The uncountable complaints and negative reviews are enough to prove that Encore Payments is an unsuitable option for any business. The provider is dishonest, lies to its merchants, and does not prioritize their needs. Moreover, it uses multiple business names to confuse merchants and distribute negative reviews to maintain a clean record but has failed evidently. Its over-priced services are sub-par and do not compete with an average payment processor. Merchants are advised to look for a better-suited service provider for their business that understands their needs and meets their expec

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