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Tru Blu Pay Review, Rate, and Pricing

Currently, as of this writing in 2022, the official website of Tru Blu Pay remains down and non-operational. Moreover, according to the profile of Tru Blu Pay on the Better Business Bureau, it is believed that the company is no longer in operation and they are out of business. Anyhow, our team did a thorough Tru Blu Pay review to understand what it was when it was active.

Tru Blu Pay Review Based On Tru Blu Pay Overview

Tru Blu Pay is a merchant account provider responsible for reselling contracts related to First Data or Fiserv -a reliable electronic payment processing company. Under the respective contracts, Tru Blu Pay offers its merchants access to the necessary equipment for the acceptance of mobile, EMV, POS, and other e-commerce transactions. Every merchant contract is dependent on the specific business needs of the merchant.

Tru Blu Pay is a merchant account provider based out of Portland, Oregon. The company was introduced in 2019. The fact that the company is new is relfected in its limited website presence of the company. Tru Blu Pay is not known to disclose any information about current ownership, company history, the acquiring bank of the firm, and so on.

Tru Blu Pay is responsible for reselling the contracts of Fiserv or First Data to new merchant clients. The respective contracts are aimed at providing merchants with relevant hardware and equipment to financial institutions required for accepting e-commerce, POS, EMV, and mobile payments from the respective clients.

Tru Blu Pay Review Based On Products and Services

Tru Blu Pay Review
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  • POS or Point of Sale: Tru Blu Pay offers access to a fully-integrated payment processing solution for POS or Point of Sale transactions. The solution is effectively advertised to be a highly customizable and reliable POS solution.
  • Payment Processing Gateway: Tru Blu Pay comes forth with a dedicated payment processing gateway that can be connected by the respective e-commerce merchants to the shopping cart of the online store. This allows them to securely process customer-centric transactions that are made online.
  • Mobile-based Payment Solutions: Tru Blu Pay offers access to necessary equipment for merchants to utilize their smart devices to ensure the acceptance of payments on the go. The mobile-based payment solution can handle both swipe card and chip transactions.
  • EMV Payments: Tru Blu Pay offers its merchants with relevant equipment necessary for accepting EMV transactions. The technology of the EMV chip is aimed at delivering access to an additional layer of protection against counterfeit purchases or fraud. Most credit and debit cards currently are designed with the revolutionary EMV chip to enhance the security of users.
  • Moto Payments: These are solutions aimed at assisting merchants in accepting ‘card-not-present’ transactions -like telephone-order sales or mail. It turns out to be a helpful solution for businesses having their customer base not willing to provide payment information on the internet.

Potential Affiliated Companies of Tru Blu Pay

The address location of Tru Blu Pay is a virtual office situated in Portland. It is also important to note that some low-rated processors like United Card Solutions, National Paymentech, Riverside Payments, Securus, Chyp, and National Card Solutions also tend to put forth their operations from the Portland area.

Some of the reviewers of Tru Blu Pay suggested that the company is linked to One Contact Processing -another payment processing provider. The websites of both Tru Blu Pay and One Contact Processing share several points of similarities with the website of PayPartners. It is yet another payment processor of low ratings based out of Portland.

Some of the online complaints related to the operations of One Contact Processing offer the reference of a particular sales representative. He is a sales representative of National Card Solutions. The company is known to feature a series of negative complaints online. As a matter of fact, an abundance of evidence suggests that Tru Blu Pay and One Contact Processing are both DBAs of PayPartners. PayPartners itself serves to be a rebranding of National Card Solutions.

Tru Blu Pay Review Based On Payment Processing

Tru Blu Pay is known to offer payment processing services across all the major credit as well as debit cards. The website of Tru Blu Pay lists some advanced services like POS systems, EMV swipers, MOTO pay processing, e-commerce solutions, and digital wallets. There is no clear information on what particular options are for every set of services by Tru Blu Pay.

Ownership and Location of Tru Blu Pay

Tru Blu Pay has its headquarters at 111 SW 5th Street in Portland. However, BBB has listed its official address to be 121 SW Salmon Street in Portland, Oregon. The company has not listed any information on its acquiring banks. Additionally, Tru Blu Pay also does not disclose any information on the names of the entire management team and its members.

Tru Blu Pay Review Based On Complaints

Currently, there has been evidence of some complaints related to the products or services of Tru Blu Pay. Some of the complaints related to Tru Blu Pay have accused the company of being a rip-off or a scam. One of the primary issues, as quoted in the complaint section, is the persistent marketing of the company. It is also crucial to note that One Connect Processing has received a handful of complaints regarding the company concerning misinterpreted rates, undisclosed fees, aggressive telesales, difficulty in canceling contracts, and poor customer service.

Fines & Lawsuits Against Tru Blu Pay

There is an absence of any class-action lawsuit against Tru Blu Pay and its services. However, there has been evidence of FTC complaints. It is quoted that the Oregon Department of Justice and FTC have sent a cease-and-desist action to Tru Blu Pay with respect to robocalling.

Moreover, One Connect Processing -a significantly related company is currently facing a lawsuit concerning robocalling. If you are a dissatisfied merchant with Tru Blu Pay, you can think of going ahead with a non-litigious action against the company by reporting it to the concerned supervisory organizations.

Customer Service Options of Tru Blu Pay

The official website of Tru Blu Pay offers access to a dedicated email contact form for customer support. However, there is no provision for a dedicated customer support contact number. In the category of customer service options, Tru Blu Pay has received a C rating. Moreover, the current customer service options of the company do not qualify it as the top-rated customer service merchant account provider.

Tru Blu Pay Review Based On BBB Rating

Currently, BBB or Better Business Bureau does not reveal any rating of Tru Blu Pay. The company is, therefore, not accredited by the BBB. The company has received around 6 complaints on the portal in the period of the past 3 years. Of the given series of complaints, almost 5 are related to issues with the product or service of the company. On the other hand, one complaint is related to the collection of billing issues. None of the complaints on the portal have been resolved by the company to satisfy the merchants. All of them have been resolved to the dissatisfaction of the merchants. Otherwise, the merchants have not received any final response from the company.

Tru Blu Pay Review Based On Ratings of the Merchants

Tru Blu Pay has received around 3 informal reviews on the BBB profile. One of the most recent reviews of the company by a merchant stated that merchants should not choose this company for payment processing. It is a complete rip-off. In addition, there is the presence of a non-cancelable contract for 3-4 years.

Due to the lack of information profile of the company, the BBB has currently rated Tru Blu Pay as D.

Tru Blu Pay Review Based On Pricing Information

As per official documentation, Tru Blu Pay’s standard contract is a 3-year agreement through Fiserv or First Data. Therefore, there needs to be a mention of the exact early termination fee. Moreover, there is also the presence of a 4-year lease with a fixed monthly fee.

No complaints are merchant-specific to explicitly list the entire spectrum of unexpected costs in the form of the monthly bill.

The combination of an undisclosed early termination fee with the 3-year contract and a 4-year equipment lease is undesirable for merchants to avoid at all costs. In addition, the pricing model of Tru Blu Pay serves to be restrictive as well as expensive. Therefore, there is no reason to believe that the rates offered by Tru Blu Pay are competitive with those offered by cost-effective merchant account providers.

Sales & Advertising Strategy of Tru Blu Pay

Tru Blu Pay tends to depend on independent sales agents and outbound telemarketing agents to promote its products and services. The existing combination has been linked to higher complaint rates. Currently, we have located several complaints of Tru Blu Pay that specify persistent telephone calls from multiple contact numbers. If Tru Blu Pay has its affiliation with One Connect Processing, there are chances that the sales agents will have a similar approach.

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