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GoPayment Review & Complaints: Fees, Complaints, & Lawsuits

GoPayment by QuickBooks is a mobile-based payment app that features specialized specifications like a card reader. Therefore, the platform allows merchants to take payments seamlessly -on the go. You will receive access to a dedicated merchant account upon signing up with the platform. The ongoing software solution for GoPayment by QuickBooks makes use of the app as a core part of the entire QuickBooks package. At the same time, new users are expected to sign up with the help of QuickBooks Online for using the app.

GoPayment by QuickBooks is a mobile-based PoS (Point of Sale) system application that helps small-scale business owners process payments effectively. The app makes use of the feature of QuickBooks Payments to ensure processing and transacting. At the same time, clients can pair the feature with QuickBooks card reader to accept digital, swiped, and dipped wallet-based payments. QuickBooks Payments is made available to businesses that make use of QuickBooks for the purpose of accounting. 

For mobile-based businesses already making use of QuickBooks for their respective accounting needs, the app of GoPayment -in combination with QuickBooks Payments, serves to be an effective way to ensure the acceptance of payments without having the need to use any third-party processor. The app is available for free for Android and iOS devices. There is the only requirement of paying a payment processing fee while using the app.

How does GoPayment by QuickBooks Work?

Before downloading the app for GoPayment, it is advised to sign up for QuickBooks Payments. Then, you should connect the app with the account of QuickBooks Payments. In case you have access to the card reader, you can easily download QuickBooks GoPayment while linking them with the help of Bluetooth. From here, your mobile device will be converted into the standard PoS or Point of Sale system. It can feature the following capabilities:

  • Card-based camera scanning
  • Synchronization of transactions with the help of QuickBooks online account
  • Mobile payment processing
  • Sending receipts through email and SMS
  • Standard inventory item library
  • Setting up the tipping option with the help of QuickBooks card reader

GoPayment by QuickBooks Pricing

Given the fact that GoPayment receives the backing of big names like Intuit, there is not much surprise left to the pricing part. On its face, the GoPayment app by QuickBooks is available for free use. 

QuickBooks Online turns out to be the best way to get the most out of the GoPayment system while ensuring that the app is capable of integrating a number of features within the existing package. Currently, the price for the same is $12 (previously $25) for the Simple Start package. At the same time, the Essentials bundle is available for $20 (previously $40). 

The service offered by GoPayment through QuickBooks Online features a flat-rate structure for pricing. It will ultimately depend on whether you are using QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop for the purpose of accounting.

For QuickBooks Online:

  • There is absence of any monthly fee
  • 2.4 percent along with 25 cents for every tapped, dipped, swiped, and contactless transaction
  • 3.4 percent along with 25 cents for every keyed-in transaction
  • 2.9 percent along with 25 cents for every invoice-based transaction

For QuickBooks Desktop

It follows the Pay-as-you-go pricing plan.

  • Absence of any monthly fee
  • 2.4 percent along with 30 cents for every swiped transaction
  • 3.5 percent along with 30 cents for every keyed-in transaction
  • 3.5 percent along with 30 cents for every invoice-based transaction

Monthly Payment Plan

  • $20 for every month
  • 1.6 percent along with 30 cents for every swiped transaction
  • 3.3 percent along with 30 cents for every keyed-in transaction
  • 3.3 percent along with 30 cents for every invoice-based transaction

GoPayment Card Reader Costs

The combination of magnetic stripe and EMV card reader by GoPayment costs $19. Moreover, the all-in-one NFC, EMV, and magstripe card reader by GoPayment is available for $49. Generally, the pricing of GoPayment is not highly competitive when compared with leading payment processors of Android or iOS. 

It is evident that merchants of GoPayment can look forward to receiving the industry-wide flat-rate pricing plan with minimally incremental fees. However, the pricing factor or GoPayment has changed several times since its inception. It is expected to change all over again. 

Additional GoPayment Fees

It is not simpler to determine the full range of GoPayment fees that is will be charged out of the users for leveraging the service range of Intuit. 

Trusting QuickBooks GoPayment -Moderate Levels of Complaints

There are around 100 complaints that are related to GoPayment on some consumer protection websites. Most of the complaints are related to the placement of restrictions by GoPayment on transactions that exceed the processing limit of the merchants. There are some complaints related to poor customer services, non-disclosure of ‘Non-qualified’ transaction rates, and chargeback resolution.

As GoPayment explicitly displays the processing limits of merchants during sign-up and also in the dashboard of the service, it appears that the respective complainants could not understand the fact that they were given allowance for only a specific amount on a monthly or weekly basis. 

Moreover, the complaints that were related to account closure or chargebacks might reflect proper company standards to ensure fraud prevention part of Intuit. Previously, a GoPayment employee had been quite active in responding to various comments related to GoPayment in the comments section. 

GoPayment Fines and Lawsuits

There is no report of any specific FTC complaints or class-action lawsuits filed against the company. Dissatisfied customers who wish to continue pursuing non-litigious actions against the company can consider reporting the same to the respective supervisory organizations. 

GoPayment Benefits – Convenient for QuickBooks Clients

When you have access to a dedicated accounting software, along with payment processing and POS system services on a single platform, it turns out to be a major time-saver. Firstly, you are no longer required to reach out to multiple organizations in case you need support or something goes wrong. 

Moreover, transactions that are accepted by the respective QuickBooks Card Reader -paired with the GoPayment app, get automatically resolved in the accounting software by GoPayment by QuickSprouts. Additionally, there is a better possibility that existing accounting customers of QuickBooks are already using the payment processing service of the company. It is important to make use of the advanced payment processing service portal of the company towards accepting electronic payments for invoices or emails. 

Unique Features of GoPayment by QuickBooks

QuickBooks GoPayment is immensely flexible in the sense that it is possible to accept payments from customers using their credit cards for payments. Customers can also think of using cheques or cash. It is expected to make use of the card reader facility by GoPayment. It allows you to enter information related to customer’s card -delivering a wide range of capabilities like tapping or swiping it. 

Indeed, as GoPayment is part of Intuit, it implies that it is capable of offering a wide array of solutions for different types of business organizations out there. With the help of the app-based approach, GoPayment is customized to mobile or on-the-go businesses. At this point, there is no explicit requirement of using a traditional POS or Point of Sale system. 

Performance of QuickBooks GoPayment

As expected, the overall performance of GoPayment by QuickBooks is synonymous with that of QuickBooks. In terms of performance, GoPayment allows business owners to make use of the card reader for ensuring payments on the go. Moreover, as everything is linked, it implies that it is possible to execute day-to-day essentials -including generation of invoices and receipts in higher volumes.

Currently, GoPayment offers access to two distinct card readers -the QuickBooks Chip & Magstripe and QuickBooks All-in-One. The all-in-one variant is available completely for free use -especially when you sign up for QuickBooks Payments. At the same time, the All-in-One variant also features the benefit of Bluetooth for handling Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay, along with other standard EMV, magstripes, and contactless cards as well.

QuickBooks GoPayment Ease of Use 

One of the best parts of GoPayment is that there is no specia requirement of having access to the user account of QuickBooks to avail its wide range of offers. You will realize that the overall experience is quite seamless if you combine all core business elements together. 

Therefore, it is a great solution to have a dedicated account. Otherwise, you can think of looking somewhere else as well if you are not comfortable with the concept of linked to a single solution. 

Still, when you take the option of GoPayment, you are expected to get yourself a dedicated Intuit merchant account. From here, you can make use of the free reader whenever there is a need for processing card payments.


GoPayment has so much to offer. It is doing its job exceedingly well -especially when you are the fully paid member of the community of QuickBooks. While the app of GoPayment is acceptable enough, it could still expect some improvements.

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