Group ISO Review: Complaints, Fees, Rates, and Lawsuits

Located in Newport Beach, California, Group ISO is a provider of merchant accounts. It was established in 2001. The company sells merchant services provided by Merrick Bank. Here is an authentic Group ISO review that can help them in deciding to choose their services.

About Group ISO

For the majority of business types, Group ISO processes all significant debit and credit cards. They offer POS systems, mobile solutions, access to virtual terminals, various e-commerce solutions, recurring billing, Level 2 and 3 processing, EBT, and NFC payments in addition to EMV card readers and swipers.

  • Deal with credit cards: Use a credit card reader, Point of Sale (POS), virtual terminal, phone, or mobile device to accept cards whenever you need them.
  • Integrating websites and e-commerce: Connect your shopping cart simply and securely accept credit card payments on your website.
  • Billing Cycles: Do you run a subscription-based company? Simple recurring billing setup for automatic payment processing
  • Processing levels 2 and 3: Level II and Level III can significantly lower your fees if you accept a lot of commercial or even government cards.

Strong attributes and cutting-edge technology

  • Start taking payments online, or switch and save money. By appealing to an expanding global consumer segment, you already have a competitive advantage as an online retailer. Your online store can easily be integrated with its e-commerce payment solution.
  • a processor and gateway in one place
  • major acceptance of credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover)
  • Online and immediate reporting
  • Features for recurring billing are offered
  • Gateway with minimal integration
  • fits most shopping carts

Group ISO’s e-Commerce Essential Package 

  • A virtual terminal that is PCI certified secure, encrypted, and supports recurring billing at no extra cost.
  • Possibilities for card-present transactions in retail
  • Several user capabilities are monitored and governed by the designated administrator.
  • Receipt tracking and fully customizable reports in real-time
  • Most shopping carts can be easily incorporated

PCI for Entrepreneurs

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DDS) is a collection of guidelines for retailers that aims to uphold the highest security standards for credit card processing. At Group ISO, merchants can use the FREE online gateway to become PCI compliant.

Become PCI compliant to:

  • Decrease the possibility of fraud
  • lessen the chance of receiving a fine
  • Reduce your vulnerability to security threats like hackers

All business types, including those that accept credit card payments in person (retail), on the phone, in the mail, and online, must be PCI compliant.

Group ISO Examines Merchant Statements and Provides Businesses with Free Analysis

Group ISO offers free account reviews that assess your company’s current rates and fees. It presents the findings in an easy-to-read style. The predicted savings for your business are calculated as part of the free merchant services review by Group ISO on both an annual and monthly basis.

The auditors of Group ISO examine each deduction from the processing statement to identify any unstated costs. Although merchant account bills are frequently a little confusing, Group ISO’s evaluation of the account can make it clear what you’re paying for.

After reviewing any potential savings, you can utilize the extra funds for staff benefits and bonuses, new machinery, or other business needs. The first step is a thorough review by Group ISO, which will be finished in less than one business day!

Group ISO offers nationwide national merchant services, with a focus on debit and credit card processing, mobile payment solutions, credit card processing hardware, and check processing, in addition to merchant account reviews.

Group ISO Review: Lawsuits, and Complaints

Complaint Volume: Mild to Average

We can currently find over 15 complaints against Group ISO, some of which label the business as a fraud or a scam. The fund holds both during and after service termination, rate increases, and abrupt account closure are common themes among complainants.

The majority of these complaints seem to have been made by retailers engaging in high-risk business types who were unaware of the firm’s reserve account policy. This does not amount to a breach of contract or unethical conduct on the part of Group ISO. However, it appears that some of these complaints would have been prevented if merchants had been informed of Group ISO’s cash reserve policy in greater detail before signing up for service.

Group ISO is included in complaints that have been filed against an organization named American Verification Processing Solutions, which has its headquarters in Canoga Park, California. Mike Segura is described as the CEO and co-founder of Group ISO (AVPS). Tiffany Segura serves as the AVPS CEO. It is currently unknown how Group ISO and AVPS are related, as well as how Mike and Tiffany Segura are connected. Though there is some evidence suggesting a connection between the two businesses.

ISO Group Lawsuits and Penalties

Disappointed merchants who prefer to pursue a non-litigious course of action against this company should consider reporting it to the proper supervisory organizations. We have not located any pending class-action lawsuits or FTC complaints filed against Group ISO.

A single BBB allegation

Since 2009, Group ISO has earned Better Business Bureau accreditation. The company currently has an “A+” rating according to this review. In the last 36 months, Group ISO’s BBB profile has only received 1 complaint. The merchant was not satisfied with the resolution of this billing or collection-related issue, or there was no follow-up communication.

Overall, “A” performance

On its BBB profile, the business is also not displaying any unofficial reviews, albeit it should be noted that these reviews are not subject to BBB verification. We agree with the BBB’s rating based on this information.

Group ISO Feedback:

  • Mesa Garage Doors has benefited greatly from the acquisition of Group ISO. We not only saved money, but the level of individualized service is unmatched. It’s convenient to work with a credit card business that continues to support us even years after the first transaction. I have recommended Group ISO and will keep doing so.

Esnard, Dwight C.

Founder and CEO of Mesa Garage Doors


  • I’ve worked with Group ISO for a long time, and I heartily endorse them. They provide excellent customer service. They are quite responsive. I know that whenever my staff has a question or need, they can always get in touch with a competent Group ISO team member. Group ISO keeps expanding alongside my company as we do. I appreciate Rosalyn, Will, and the rest of your team being such a great extension of my business.


CEO and founder of Niurka Inc.


Rates, Charges, and Agreement Conditions

ISO Group Contract Conditions

A three-year contract with a $300 early termination cost, a $25 total monthly fee, a $0.20 batch fee, a $25 chargeback fee, and a $10 monthly statement charge is detailed in the standard Group ISO merchant application and program handbook.

According to a corporate spokesman, in some circumstances, the early termination cost may be waived, turning the contract into a month-to-month arrangement.

The same individual added that Group ISO monthly fees are variable based on a merchant’s volume and do not include a PCI compliance cost. The company’s regular contract could fall anywhere between fairly average for the sector to competitively priced.

The finest terms should always be negotiated, merchants are told. Additionally, Group ISO recently changed its primary backend processor from First Data to Merrick Bank. It remains to be seen how this change will affect its usual pricing and costs.

Pricing for Virtual Terminals and Payment Gateways

Group ISO advertises its virtual terminal and payment gateway services on its website in addition to providing storefront payment processing services. Online, real-time reporting, and recurring billing features are also included in its e-commerce solutions. However, pricing is not stated on either of those services.

These e-commerce services frequently have additional rates and fees, such as gateway fees, technical support fees, batch fees, and additional transaction rates.

Marketing and Sales Plan

Independent Sales Representatives

Group ISO states that it employs a network of independent sales representatives to offer its services. The commitment of the company to providing proper training and support for its independent agents appears to be a core tenant of its mission statement, which raises the possibility that Group ISO may steer clear of many of the issues that are typically associated with this employment method.

Complaint about sales

Although there are currently only a few Group ISO complaints that mention abrupt rate rises above the amounts initially indicated, this does not seem to be a significant issue for the business.

In general, businesses do not accuse Group ISO representatives of utilizing unethical sales techniques, and the business does not seem to use deceptive advertising in its public materials. However, we advise pursuing a third-party statement audit to identify and eliminate hidden costs if you feel that Group ISO rates are not as claimed or they are billing you for expenses that are not revealed.

Our verdict: A Great Provider of Merchant Services

According to our grading standards, Group ISO receives a better-than-average grade as a credit card processor. For its size, the company receives a reasonable number of complaints, but it seems to have competent customer service and knowledgeable salespeople.

Group ISO’s contract conditions and fund-holding issues are the main things detracting from its grade at the moment, but keeping a spotless BBB profile might benefit the business’s reputation over time. To receive the greatest price right now, merchants are encouraged to compare the company’s pricing to that of top-tier merchant account providers.


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