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Harbortouch POS Review 2024: Pricing, Complaints, and Business Practices

What Does Harbortouch POS Have to Offer in 2024?

Harbortouch is a company working under the subsidiary of Shift4payment and has successfully offered payment processing solutions to more than 100,000 businesses to this date. The Company has managed to process the transaction of $10 billion, and the number is continuously increasing. 

Harbortouch is a merchant service provider offering specialized POS services, such as Onyx point-of-sale software, credit card readers, and SkyTab. The Company has designed all the services to serve as a payment processing solution for cafes, restaurants, food trucks, and all retail shops where credit cards are accepted. The Company is a merchant account provider and deals in point-of-sale systems, electronic transactions, and mobile payment gateway solutions. 

Overall Summary of Harbortouch POS Services
Headquarter  St Allentown, PA
Swipe rate 1.39% 
Service Charges  $25/month
PCI Fee None 
Termination Fee  None
Service Support  Yes 

Harbortouch POS: Origin, Headquarters, and Owners 

Harbortouch is an ISO registered organization of South Jordan, Utah, and Citizen Bank. Jared Isaacman is the current CEO of Harbortouch, which has reformed many terms and conditions in response to the complaints received. The Company is working under the subsidiary of Shift4Payments and is currently headquartered in St Allentown, PA.  

Harbortouch POS: Overall Services Offered

Harbortouch offers robust and seamless services to various business sectors. The Harbortouch Echo and Elite POS System offer payment processing solutions with seamless operations. The organization will back your business by offering 24/7 customer support, cloud-based technology software, and multiple payment gateways. 

The Company caters to different organizations and restaurants with its unmatched services, which are as follows:

Services for Restaurants, Cafes:

POS systems are implementing the pay-at-table option and that’s where Harbortouch is ahead of its competitor. With their unique POS system, tableside ordering is a breeze now. The waiters can take orders and send tickets to the kitchen remotely. 

Moreover, managing the orders and tracking tables becomes easier for the restaurant managers. The application will tell you the number of customers and the order value of each table and handle the transactions as well. 

The reservations can also be managed by the Harbortouch system, even at no cost! The customers can make the reservations and book their time from the POS system. 

Inventory Management:

As a business owner, tracking for raw goods and the in/out flow is a major concern! With the POS system provided by Harbortouch, it’s easier to track and manage the inventory. Moreover, the organization offers two different POS integration systems that integrate multiple departments on one POS.  

Lighthouse Reporting:

Harbortouch’s major service is Lighthouse reporting, which keeps track of your employees and business growth. The POS system allows you to take insights into sales concerning time, i.e., which goods are sold best at what time of year. Moreover, the POS system can manage your business’s social media presence and marketplace. 


Harbortouch also offers on-site installation for your business. You can set up a representative to talk and answer customers’ queries remotely. 

Virtual Terminal and Payment Gateway:

Harbortouch, unlike other competitors, has disclosed the charges. The virtual terminal and payment gateway charges are 1.79% alongside $0.10 service charges per transaction.  

Credit Card Processing:

Harbortouch has emerged as a successful payment processor in managing all types of debit and credit card transactions. The Company works under Shift4, and for that reason, the customers are forced to use the harbortouch’s system to acquire payment processing solutions. 

Gift registries:

Are you in a business that offers gift registries or wishes lists? Harbortouch can help you set up the gift registries and layaway where customers can add items to the list or can utilize someone else’s list to shop items. 

How Much Does Harbortouch POS Services Cost? [Charging and Fees] 

Harbortouch has different POS systems, including Echo and Elite! The Harbortouch echo costs around $39/month, and the service include the software itself, card reader, cash drawer, and employee cards. 

On the other hand, Harbortouch’s elite plan starts at $69/month and includes everything with the Echo package. The additional services include the bard code scanner, 10 employee cards, and 15″ touch screen display (POS hardware). 

The checkout cost for the Harbortocuh terminal is $49/terminal and an additional $20 service charge. The combined charges come out the same as the Elite system. The hardware of the checkout system includes a customer display, 3 POS systems under Elite package, cash drawer, barcode scanner, and card reader. 

Harbortouch POS is compatible with major credit and debit cards. The POS system is seamless to use even with the Company’s old hardware at no additional cost. The Company charges 1.39% on debit and 1.79% on credit card transactions alongside the $0.2 fee. Furthermore, you can request a quote for a customized POS system from Harbortouch.  

Is Harbortouch POS Worth it?

Harbortouch’s approach towards the POS system and payment processing solutions has revolutionized the industry! The Company has recently upgraded the terms and conditions, especially in the contract category, in response to various complaints, proving the overall worth and concern. The Company has acquired a B rating for responding to all the complaints, but various issues regarding high monthly charges, one-time service charges, and contract length hurdle the Company’s growth. 

  • Has the Company faced any lawsuits? [Fines and Complaints]

There is no evidence for the class-action lawsuits, but the Company has been a part of minor cases. We have found one now-settled case where a man alleges the Company of calling him. He included his complaint in the do-not-call list. 

Another anti-trust lawsuit complaint has been a part of Harbortouch’s history where the organization was accused of exploiting the payment interface and charges.   


Harbortouch offers extensive, modern, easy-to-use POS systems to small- and large-scale businesses. The POS system works even better for restaurants, cafés, and coffee shops. As per need, you can choose from the Echo (tablet-based) and Elite (fully functional POS system).

Harbortouch offers hardware that can be leased within the monthly subscription fee and that too at no upfront cost! The Harbortouch provides how-to videos and 24/7 customer support offering high responsiveness. 

On the contrary, there are many complaints (144 in the last 3 years) against the Company regarding poor customer services, cancellation charges, equipment faults and more. But the Company has managed to acquire an A+ rating with BBB and has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau. 



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