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Riverside Payments Review: 2024 Update

What Do Riverside Payments Have to Offer?

Riverside payments- a Portland-based processor- serves as a merchant service provided for traditional and modern businesses. The company processes all major and minor credit cards for enterprise and corporate level businesses. The company claims to be on the top of the list (rated no.1) for the bars and restaurants category and has a major focus on breweries, restaurants, QSR, and cafes. The company also aims to provide POS services to businesses via OVVI and Touch Bistro alongside all sorts of payment processing solutions such as cash advances, mobile solutions, virtual terminals, etc. 

Overall Summary of Riverside Payments Processing Services
Headquarter  Washington 
Swipe rate 1% to 4.99%
Service Charges  $25/month
PCI Fee Variable 
Termination Fee  $695
Service Support  Yes

Riverside Payments: Origin, Headquarters, and Owners 

Riverside payment is based in Washington state and is an ISO registered payment processor. The company was founded in 2014, and the current CEO Brandon Skinner aims to make this organization “the top-rated merchant service provider of the world,” as stated on the website. But is the organization being self-hyped or really deserves the position. Plenty of factors accounts for the success of merchant service provider company, including pricing, equipment, customer service, and review. Find out what you need to know more about Riverside Payments as a customer or a business owner! 

Interesting News in History 

There was news circulating in March 2017 that Riverside Payments are scamming a small company. The business claimed that the company provided unnecessary equipment, and despite returning it unused, Riverside refused to refund. The business owner approached the bank to initiate a stop-payment process for Riverside. Riverside never commented on the incident making this incident unclear. 

Riverside Payments: Overall Services Offered

Riverside is a perfect payment processing solution and merchant provider for all-level businesses. The organization deals in all types of payment processing, including in-store, online, mobile payments, and more. Here’s what Riverside Payments can offer for your business:

Payment Processing Solutions:

Riverside provides various payment processing solutions, with each category benefiting a different scale business. Here are some of the payment processing options you can choose from:

Online Payment:

Are you into the e-commerce business and can’t find a way to manage online payments? Riverside Payment Solutions offers complete setup through authorize.net or eProcessing Network Gateway. The services further cover fraud detection, billing, and QuickBooks Plug-in. 

Mobile Payment:

The world is shifting from cash to mobile payments- tap and go! Riverside Payments will help customers pay with their mobile and offer businesses the free card reader option to accept payments. The app provided by Riverside works will all types of operating systems, i.e., iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Check Payments:

Checks are no longer a hassle for businesses as well as consumers! Riverside payment solutions can streamline accepting checks and converting them into electronic transactions. There is no need to plan a visit to the bank. 

In-Store Payments:

Riverside payments offer seamless in-store payment solutions for different business sectors. The in-person payment processing in restaurants, gas stations, retail stores, hotels, and more. Businesses can manage debit and credit card payments in-store with the newer technology offered by Riverside. 

POS Systems and Services:

Riverside falls in the category of high-tech financial management system or solution providing unmatched POS system. Plenty of tools is designed and provided by Riverside, including marketing tools and inventory systems to seamlessly track and run the payment process. 

Business Loans:

Riverside is not confined to merchant and payment processing services, but the company aims to provide an intuitive environment to businesses. Riverside offers loans up to $1 million and lets businesses grow without any boundary and hurdle.  

How Much Does Riverside Payment Services Cost? [Charging and Fees]

Like other merchants and payment solution providers, Riverside claims to have low rates, but the pricing model and charges are not mentioned on the official website. Anyone willing to enjoy the Riverside Payment’s Services can request a quote. 

Additionally, Riverside has a termination fee of $695, which is also not disclosed on the website and is estimated from the customer complaints. Riverside must reconsider this cancellation fee as the competitors are offering a fee less than $350, and CardFellow even charges a $0 cancellation fee. 

Is Riverside Payments Worth it?

Better Business Bureau has not accredited the Riverside Payments, but the company acquires an A rating and has very few complaints compared to the competitors. The 17 negative complaints allege the company of hidden charges, high cancellation fees, misleading terms and conditions, vague contract terms, and misleading information regarding rates. 

On the contrary, Riverside has 150+ positive reviews, which covers the company’s extraordinary performance regarding customer service, technical support, and payment processing solutions.

  • What’s the Virtual Terminal and Payment Gateway Pricing model?

Riverside has virtual terminal and payment gateway services apart from payment processing solutions. The pricing model is not mentioned on the official website, although First Data Global Gateway and Authorize.Net charges are 2.90%. The payment gateway fee for Authorize.Net and First Data Global is $25/month and $19/month, respectively. 

  •  Has the company faced any lawsuits? [Fines and Complaints]

There is no evidence for any class-action lawsuits against Riverside Payments. Although few complaints regarding the high cancellation charges and misleading information are floating around. 


Riverside Payment Solution has not been accredited by Better Business Bureau but has an A+ rating as a result of fewer than 40 complaints. Riverside has been a choice of many business owners in the past few years and has 169 positive reviews. Riverside has acquired the top position by utilizing various successful strategies, in-house and independent sales agents, telemarketing, and has revolutionized the payment processing industry.  

On the contrary, Riverside has received multiple complaints (38 in the past 6 months). Out of 38, only 11 complaints have successfully been resolved by the organization, and the rest remained unattended. These complaints describe the organization’s poor performance in terms of cost, cancellation charges, and terms and conditions. 


Toll-Free Customer Support

(866) 720-0644 

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