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International Bancard Review: Rates, Fees, Complaints, and Lawsuits

International Bancard is an innovative payment processing company that has provided secure, reliable, and affordable solutions for businesses of all sizes since 2001. The company has become a trusted partner to numerous companies worldwide, offering various services, including credit card processing, merchant financing, and other payment solutions.

As a business owner, consider using International Bancard to process payments for your company. Before making that decision, it is important to read an International Bancard review and understand the use of its services. This comprehensive review will help you decide if International Bancard is the right choice for your business.

Services and Features

Services and Features of international bancard

International Bancard is a merchant services provider for businesses of all sizes. It offers a variety of payment processing solutions that include the following:

Point of Sale Systems

International Bancard offers several different POS methods for businesses to easily manage transactions. However, customer service is lacking, with many reports of slow response times and difficulty getting help when needed. Thus, it makes it difficult to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.

Mobile Payments

It is easy to set up mobile payments and maintain them, but they lack many features. It allows customers to pay with their smartphones but can’t accept many different payment types. It could be a major drawback, as it may not work for some customers and limit the number of payments received.

Payment Gateway

International Bancard’s payment gateway is more comprehensive than mobile payments. They offer a variety of features that make it easier for a merchant to accept payments, including automated fraud protection and data encryption. They also support various payment methods, from debit and credit cards to e-checks and ACH transfers. With their payment gateway services, merchants can ensure they get the most secure and reliable payment processing services possible.

However, there is a major drawback – International Bancard’s payment gateway services may be too for some businesses. Their services are aimed at larger businesses that need a more complex system for their payment processing needs. Smaller merchants may find the fees and pricing structure too expensive and complex.

Virtual Terminal

International Bancard also offers a virtual terminal, which enables online payment processing. It eliminates the need for a physical payment terminal and provides a cost-effective way to accept payments. It is ideal for businesses with limited space or who operate remotely, such as work-from-home businesses, mobile merchants, and seasonal businesses. Virtual terminal services provide convenience, flexibility and security.

Gift Card and Loyalty Programs

The company has a comprehensive suite of gift card and loyalty programs. It includes customized cards, enhanced merchant reporting capabilities, and a comprehensive rewards system. The gift and loyalty programs help businesses drive repeat sales and foster customer loyalty. All of these features are easily managed through an easy-to-use merchant portal.


Regarding rates, International Bancard is a mixed bag. Their processing fees are generally more expensive than many other processors, and the company charges additional fees that can add up quickly. Following is an overview of the fees charged by International Bancard:

Undisclosed PCI Compliances Fee

This fee is charged to merchants using International Bancard’s services to meet the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. This fee is typically very high and varies depending on the size of the merchant’s business. For example, it could range from $99 to over $500 monthly. It can also be difficult to predict in advance, as the fee is based on many factors, like the size and complexity of a merchant’s business.

Hidden Monthly Minimums

International Bancard has hidden monthly minimums that merchants must meet or exceed to avoid a fee. Depending on the business size, these fees may range from $20 to $100 monthly.

For example, a small business with lower sales volumes may only need to meet a $20 minimum, while a larger business with higher sales volumes may need to meet a $100 monthly minimum. Thus, merchants should be aware of the fees they may incur if their sales are below this minimum.

Equipment Leasing

International Bancard charges a 36-month locked-in rate for equipment leasing. This long-term commitment can benefit merchants who need more time to pay off their equipment purchases.

Additionally, merchants are not subject to sudden rate increases in the future and can plan accurately for how much they must pay monthly. However, there are some downsides, as merchants cannot take advantage of better rates that may become available in the later years of the contract.

Technical Support Fee

International Bancard also charges a technical support fee for merchants who receive help from their customer services team with any issues using their card readers. This fee is a one-time charge that cannot be waived, so it is something to consider when deciding whether or not to use International Bancard.

Undisclosed Batch Fee

Another issue to consider is that International Bancard has an undisclosed batch fee. It means merchants may be charged a hidden fee each time they process payments, which can add up quickly and strain the business’s finances. To avoid this fee, merchants must read the fine print when signing up for an account and ensure they know of any hidden batch fees.

Additional Transactional Rates for E-commerce Sources

International Bancard also has a separate rate structure for e-commerce sources. It means that merchants conducting business online may be subject to additional fees, which can add up quickly and make it difficult for businesses to profit. Merchants should review their rate structure carefully to ensure they know of any additional fees that may be charged.

Processing Rates

Another potential issue with International Bancard is that they often charge additional transactional rates(1.00% – 4.99%) for e-commerce sources. It can strain businesses moving more of their operations online, as they could quickly pay more than expected. Merchants should read through the processing rate section of their paperwork and become aware of any additional fees that could come into play.

BBB Rating

International Bancard has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Reviews from customers on the BBB site are mostly positive, with many indicating that International Bancard’s customer service is friendly and helpful. However, a few negative reviews cite issues with transaction processing times and other customer service matters. Hence, it is recommended that customers do their research and read reviews before signing up with International Bancard.

Lawsuits and Fines

No company is immune to negative reviews, including International Bancard. A few customer complaints claim that the company charges extra fees or is slow to process payments. However, no lawsuits are filed against International Bancard, and the company is not subject to significant fines or penalties.

The FTC has fined other payment processors for violations, but International Bancard has avoided such punishments. As a result, customers can trust that their transactions are safe and secure when using International Bancard. However, customers should still be aware of potential fees or delays since the company has been known to do so in some cases.


international bancard payments

When it comes to reviews of International Bancard, the following complaints are the most common:

Early Termination Fee

Regarding complaints about International Bancard, customers have reviewed that the company’s early termination fee can be as high as $599. This fee applies when a customer terminates their contract with the company before expiration. The fee has been reported to be difficult to waive, and many customers are unhappy about the amount involved. It can be an unexpected and potentially large expense, making it a potential source of customer dissatisfaction.

Long Contract

The second major complaint about International Bancard is that they require customers to sign contracts of up to three years with an automatic renewal clause. This type of long-term contract puts customers at a disadvantage, as it ties them into the service and makes it difficult to switch providers if they want better terms or find a more competitive alternative.

Additionally, these contracts often include hidden fees and terms that can come as an unwelcome surprise to customers when it comes time to renew the contract. Customers can find themselves stuck paying for services they don’t need or paying more than what is in the market.

Undisclosed Public Pricing

International Bancard has been criticized for offering undisclosed public pricing of its services. It means that customers are unaware of the cost associated with the services they receive until they have already signed the contract. It provides an unfair advantage to International Bancard by locking customers into their service without the ability to compare and shop around for better deals or services.

Lack of Transparency and Clarity

Another issue customers have reported is the lack of transparency and clarity regarding International Bancard’s terms and conditions. Customers find themselves confused when trying to understand fees, services, and other details associated with their contracts.

This lack of clarity can lead customers to sign contracts that do not provide the services they are looking for or be unaware of the hidden fees associated with the contract. Furthermore, customers have mentioned that it can be difficult to get an answer from customer service for their questions or complaints.

Independent Sales Agent

For advertising, International Bancard advertises and works with Independent Sales Agents (ISAs) to sign merchants up for their services. However, there have been numerous complaints from ISAs who claim that the company does not honor their contracts and withholds commissions they should be paid. Moreover, the ISAs claim that International Bancard does not respond to their inquiries and refuses to answer their questions.

Hidden Charges

In addition to the standard fees, customers have complained about hidden charges in their statements. They allege that International Bancard does not fully disclose the fees, and there is no notice or explanation for these additional charges. It can be difficult to dispute these charges as the company does not provide clear explanations or contact information.

Difficulty In Cancellation

Customers have reported that canceling their accounts with International Bancard is difficult. They allege that the company requires multiple emails and phone calls and sending numerous documents to close an account. In addition, customers state they are still being charged after they have canceled their accounts. It is important to ensure the cancellation process is successful to avoid further charges.

Rude Telemarketing

International Bancard has also been known to have rude telemarketing agents. Customers have reviewed that the company’s representatives are unhelpful and often do not adequately answer customers’ questions or concerns. It can be an especially frustrating experience, making it difficult for customers to understand the services they are being sold and their associated fees.

In-Person Tactics

Bancard has also been known for its in-person tactics. Customers have reported that company representatives have made unsolicited business visits, attempting to pressure them into signing up for services without providing sufficient information or details about the terms and conditions. It can be a troubling experience, as customers often feel obligated to sign with International Bancard without understanding what they are getting into.

Cancellation Penalties

The International Bancard review reveals that consumers have experienced issues when canceling their accounts with the company. Many customers have reported hefty cancellation penalties that have deterred them from closing their accounts.

The company offers no refund or compensation for these cancellation penalties, which can be costly. Customers need to be aware of these cancellation penalties before signing up for an account with International Bancard.

Slow Response Time

Customers complain that International Bancard takes too long to respond to their requests, which can lead to delays in their business operations. It has been noted that the customer service team is not very knowledgeable or helpful in understanding customers. Hence, customers often have to wait long before their inquiries are addressed.

Lack of Understanding of the Company’s Policies

Many customers said they were unaware of International Bancard’s policies and procedures when they signed up for the services. It can create problems, as customers cannot understand their rights and obligations when using the company’s services. Moreover, customers are often left in the dark on important matters such as fees and other related costs.

Difficulty in Accessing Statements

Merchants have reported difficulty accessing their statements. It occurs due to the company’s separate website for merchants, which requires a unique login. Failure to complete the login process correctly often prevents merchants from accessing their statements. It can be an issue for those who need to view up-to-date account and transaction information.

Card Declines

Merchants have also experienced declining cards; although this is a common issue with most credit card processors, this occurs more often with International Bancard. Merchants need to understand why this is happening and what necessary steps they can take to prevent it from occurring again.

Difficulty in Record-Keeping

International Bancard offers merchants online capabilities, but the reports are to read and understand. There might be monthly fees for accessing the reports, and merchants may find it difficult to fully understand their customer’s activity. Businesses like full control of their accounts, and International Bancard does not offer that capability.

Errors in Processing

Another issue is that even though merchants can request refunds for disputed charges, International Bancard often denies them. It can be a costly mistake for the merchant and frustrates customers with the company. Additionally, merchants may experience delays in processing their transactions. It can result in customers paying late fees or waiting weeks for their money to be processed and received.

The Problem in Gateways

International Bancard also has some issues with its payment gateways. Although they offer several options, it can be difficult for merchants to set up the service with their website or mobile app. There have been reports of technical difficulties and long delays in connecting with the payment gateway. It can lead to lost sales and customers unable to complete their purchases.

Employee Complaints

International Bancard has come under fire for employee complaints about their work environment. Employees have reported feeling undervalued and underpaid for the work that they do. They also complain about long hours, slow pay, lack of communication and support from management, and a lack of transparency in decision-making.

Employees also cite a lack of job security as a major concern. Although some employees report that they enjoy working at International Bancard, many have had experiences that lead to dissatisfaction with their overall employment. As a result, International Bancard’s reputation has suffered in the eyes of its employees.


International Bancard offers products and services that may help meet the needs of small businesses. However, while they may have some positive features, there is a potential downside to using International Bancard. Many customers have reported long hold times and difficulty resolving issues when they arise. Additionally, there have been some reports of hidden fees and other problems.

Therefore, if you are considering using International Bancard for your business needs, it’s important to thoroughly research the company, its policies and fees, and consider other options. Ultimately, making the best decision for your unique situation would be best. This International Bancard review aims to provide the information needed to make an informed decision.

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