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Main Street Processing is a credit card processing company that has been around for nearly 25 years. They offer excellent customer service and competitive rates, though only some are pleased with their services. To help you decide if the company is suitable for your business, we’ve deeply explored their customer feedback, fees, rates, and complaints and come up with this Main Street Processing review for 2024.

We’ll cover everything from their customer service and merchant services to their rates and fees, giving you the information you need to make an informed decision. Whether you’re looking for a reliable processor for your business or trying to decide if Main Street Processing is the right choice, this review will help you make a wise choice.

genuine Main Street Processing Review

Overview of Main Street Processing services

Main Street Processing provides credit card processing and merchant services for small businesses nationwide. They offer everything from online credit card processing to wireless card readers and support all major credit cards.

They can also help you set up a website for accepting credit card payments online, provide gift card programs, and offer e-commerce solutions for businesses that need to process online payments. Main Street Processing is one country’s largest and most experienced credit card processing companies.

The company offers everything from one-on-one account management to discounted rates and special financing programs for business owners. They process thousands of transactions monthly for businesses of all sizes and offer dependable, secure services.

Main Street Processing Review: Complaints, Fees, Rates, Customer Feedback

Customer feedback

There are hundreds of Main Street Processing customer reviews online. Criticisms of their services are rampant. The company has received over 130 complaints on its Better Business Bureau page alone. Main Street Processing has a below-average rating on the BBB for some of these complaints.

Positive reviews for the company are also standard on third-party review sites. Customers frequently praise their account managers, saying they are easy to reach and accommodating. Some customers also report great rates and low fees, saying they saved money by switching to Main Street Processing. Others report easy account setup and quick response times to their questions.

Rates and fees

According to the company’s website, Main Street Processing offers two different plans. The first is their standard plan, which is $2.95 per swiped transaction (plus fees charged by your credit card company) and $2.50 per keyed transaction (plus fees charged by your credit card company).

The second plan is their enhanced plan, which is $3.95 per swiped transaction (plus fees charged by your credit card company) and $3.50 per keyed transaction (plus fees charged by your credit card company). The rates above are for businesses that process less than $25.000 a month.

The rate will increase if your volume is higher, but the company offers volume discounts for larger businesses. Those with a business that processes more than $100,000 per month can get a rate as low as $1.95 per transaction.


There are many complaints about Main Street Processing on, with about 130+ closed complaints within the past three years. The biggest complaints are charges, customer service, and down times.

Many customers complain that the fees are higher than promised or that the company tries to tack on fees or charges they need to be aware of. Many complaints also indicate that customer service could be more responsive to reach. Complaints on third-party review sites also mention issues with charges.

Customers also say that customer service could be faster to respond to or more challenging to reach. It’s important to note that many customers praise the company’s customer service so these complaints may be limited to a few select representatives.

Pros and cons of Main Street Processing


best Main Street Processing Review
  • Low transaction rates – Main Street Processing offers some of the lowest rates in the business. Main Street Processing is an intelligent choice if you’re looking for a company with low transaction rates
  • Accessible account setup – Main Street Processing makes signing up for their services accessible. New customers can sign up online in a matter of minutes, and the company will send you a kit with everything you need to get started
  • Good customer service – Customers praise Main Street Processing’s customer service, saying it’s easy to reach and helpful. There are many reports of reps going above and beyond for their customers


  • High charges – Many customers report issues with fees, saying the company tries to tack on higher fees or tack on fees or commissions they weren’t aware of
  • Low-quality terminals – Some customers report issues with low-quality terminals, saying they often break or don’t work correctly

Main Street Processing Review: Advertising Strategy

The apparent connection that exists throughout Tier 1 Processing as well as Main Street Processing is something else that merchants need to be aware of. According to the feedback provided by merchants, these two enterprises within the TriData/Datalink group of businesses have a reputation for engaging in slamming practices more often than any of the other companies in the family.

To its fair, the Main Street Processing site does not present any misleading rate quotes; moreover, it needs to provide more details about the company, such as its location or who owns it. According to the currently available information, we believe assigning the organization a grade of “D” overall for its sales and marketing strategies is appropriate. We suggest a third-party statement audit if you have any reason to believe that Main Street Processing is collecting fees that aren’t being disclosed to you.


Main Street Processing receives a poor rating according to the criteria we use to grade merchant service providers. The company has been the subject of many customer complaints over its marketing strategies. It is a member of a broader family of companies that do not have a favorable rating on

Main Street Processing has the potential to improve its overall rating, which currently places it among the payment processors with the lowest ratings on this website, by lowering the number of complaints that are connected to its sales techniques and by disclosing the connections between its different alternative business names in a more comprehensive manner.

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