Mainstream Merchant Services Review

Mainstream Merchant Services Review, Rates, and Complaints

Established in 2007, Mainstream Merchant Services is a payment processing company headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, providing online, mobile, and in-person credit card processing to standard-risk businesses. The provider is an authorized U.S.-based ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank and a TSYS Merchant Solutions reseller.

It caters to B2B, non-profits, retail, online, MLM, MOTO, and wholesale businesses, serving multiple industries, including healthcare, SAAS, movers, convenience stores, education, legal, electronics, gas stations, and many others. Our team of experts has compiled a list of features, rates, and complaints in this Mainstream Merchant Services review article.

Mainstream Merchant Services promises to provide cost-effective and right-sized solutions to help businesses grow and reach more customers. It is suitable for merchants looking for a full-fledged package that facilitates all payment methods and integrates mobile and online payment solutions. The provider aims to meet high-security standards and makes PCI compliance hassle-free to keep businesses secure and scam-free. Merchants are assured honest quotes and fair deals and are promised not to face any unexpected charges.

The company provides high-speed credit card terminals, a convenient POS system, an efficient payment gateway, and simple virtual terminals. Even though the provider has offered very scarce information on the website, here is a Mainstream Merchant Services review concerning the benefits and drawbacks it offers to its merchants;

Mainstream Merchant Services Review Based On Benefits and Offers

Mainstream Merchant Services
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The provider enables merchants to accept all major credit card brands and offers comprehensive solutions to improve cash flow and increase revenue. It eliminates the hurdles between a business and its chance of success by facilitating the next-day funding option. It also helps merchants be ahead of the game and increase foot traffic by accommodating the latest payment alternatives.

Restaurants can benefit from the company’s pay-at-the-table and contactless payment services, providing ease to their customers. Retailers can increase footfall by attaining reward programs and offering gift cards to their customers. Moreover, they can keep track of every business detail with Mainstream’s online reporting tools and review each transaction anytime.

Fraud Protection

The company has partnered with Aperia Solutions, a business intelligence solution provider, to assist merchants with PCI compliance tools and the support needed to get one’s business validated with minimum cost. Merchants are offered breach protection insurance that safeguards businesses from potential data breaches. In case of a data breach suspicion, a business is subjected to a list of charges to conduct a forensic audit. Mainstream eliminates $100,000 from these expanses with its new program, making fraud prevention stress free for merchants.

Online Payment Solutions

Merchants can accept and process payments anywhere on an internet-connected device without expensive software. They can schedule future payments, set up recurring billing, and send invoices to their customers. These invoices can be customized to add a company’s logo and design, and merchants can view their invoice history whenever they like. Furthermore, they can send reminders and payment links to their customers.

According to the Mainstream Merchant Services reviews, the provider is associated with multiple payment gateway facilitators, such as, eProcessingNetwork, PayTrace, SwipeSimple, and Fluidpay, to provide a seamless shopping experience to merchants and their customers. With a 24/7 available dashboard, merchants can manage catalogs, check out sales trends, view and analyze reports, and spot their best customers to send personalized discounts and promotion alerts.

POS Solutions

Merchants are offered a range of POS systems with smart registers and simplified features, compatible with an iPad or tablet. Linga POS has features like online ordering, inventory management, a kitchen display system, a table-side ordering facility, and third-party delivery integration, allowing merchants to deliver food to their customers.

The provider offers other POS systems, including Mynt, Vital, Poynt, and NCR Silver, for merchants to avail of back-office facilities and streamline their business with mobile wallets, EMV chip card reader, cash drawer, and contactless payment options. Merchants can choose the best POS system for their business.

Mobile Payment

The provider offers SwipeSimple, PAX handheld devices, and other equipment to accept payments remotely. Merchants can connect their smartphones with Bluetooth-enabled card readers to accept mega-stripe and chip card payments and virtually control their business anywhere. With interchange optimization, B2B businesses are offered lower rates for processing level 2 and 3 transactions. The company provides wireless and countertop terminals to accommodate all kinds of payments on the go.

Mainstream Merchant Services Review Based On Rates and Contract Length

Merchants are offered an interchange pricing model with a three-year contract and a $250 early cancellation fee. The company does not provide its pricing or contract details on its website. However, Mainstream Merchant Service reviews cited online indicate that the provider lays out variable pricing depending on the business type.

An average Mainstream contract includes a monthly $10 payment gateway fee, $6.95 PCI compliance fee, $20 chargeback fee, $20 monthly minimum fee, and $3.95 regulatory fee. The company’s rates are not competitive with the top-rated payment processors.

Mainstream Merchant Services Review Based On Marketing Strategies

The provider does not hire independent sales agents, utilizes traditional marketing strategies, and employs an in-house sales team to promote its services. There are positive reviews about the company’s advertisement approach, and merchants are satisfied with Mainstream’s honest quotes. However, the company does not mention all the important information on the website.

Mainstream Merchant Services Review Based On Customer Support

Several Mainstream Merchant Services reviews indicate that the provider maintains one-on-one live chat support on the website and has reserved a toll-free domestic phone support line for merchants. An online form and an email address are available for consumers to address their queries and concerns to the provider. Furthermore, Mainstream provides a knowledge base containing a user manual and basic guidelines regarding the services and equipment offered by the company.

Mainstream Merchant Services Reviews and Complaints

Out of the reviews posted by the merchants for Mainstream, few complaints are cited online against the provider. Hidden charges, unavailable customer support, and withheld funds are the common subject of these complaints.

The company has no mentionable lawsuits or FTC reports against it and is not accredited by Better Business Bureau. It has an A+ rating on the BBB platform, but no evidence supports this rating. There is too little to judge the provider by the available rating on online review sites. However, deducing from the merchant complaints here is a Mainstream Merchant Services review concerning its drawbacks;

Mainstream Merchant Services Deficiencies and Setbacks

The provider is a reasonable payment processor offering services and efficient equipment to facilitate merchants. However, merchants should be aware of the areas where it needs improvement.

Inadequate Information

There is scarcely any information about the company’s contract terms, and merchants are not offered price transparency. The provider is secretive about its equipment lease terms and rates and does not disclose its mobile payment rates. Furthermore, merchants are not privileged to know the company’s batch fees, gateway setup fees, and statement fees. The provider’s contract conditions are a mystery as well.

Funds Withholding

According to the Mainstream Merchant Services reviews, the provider has a reputation for withholding funds. Funds withholding can frustrate merchants and act as a cash flow speed breaker. This sudden deterrence can disappoint merchants expecting a bank balance raise after a high-volume transaction and cause short-term income loss. It also deprives merchants of major investment opportunities and earning extra money, disturbing the seamless payment processing.

Hidden Charges

Some Mainstream merchants have complained about hidden costs in their payment plans. The provider claims to offer competitive rates, but unexpected fees make it too expensive for most businesses. Merchants who chose the provider as their payment processor based on its affordable rates are taken aback by a long list of charges that should have been mentioned beforehand.

This practice makes any company unreliable and dishonest in the eyes of the consumers. The provider may have to pay for it by losing several potential clients.

Unavailable Customer Support

Even though the provider offers industry-average support options, most of these services are unavailable. Merchants have complained that they cannot reach the helpline, and their emails are left unanswered. Considering the company’s huge clientele, the provider will likely ignore many queries, piling up complaints and causing further displeasure. The provider only offers one helpline, which is insufficient for all the affiliated businesses.

Final Verdict

This Mainstream Merchant Services review concludes that the provider is unreliable for most businesses. Merchants deserve honesty, expect full disclosure of the important information that concerns their business, and demand transparency. The company lacks in these areas causing inconvenience for merchants depending on it. Furthermore, the provider is not ideal regarding its rates and offers expensive pricing.

Merchants are advised to look through the available options and research each provider before entrusting one with their business. They should choose a payment processor that meets their requirements, provides affordable rates, offers transparency, and prioritizes their needs.

Merchants looking forward to signing up with Mainstream are advised to seek all the necessary information by asking questions from the sales representatives and negotiating the pricing to reach a mutually beneficial contract. Furthermore, they should hire a third-party audit to find and eliminate hidden fees and carefully choose their package and POS bundle to avoid future inconvenience.

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