Merchant Account Solutions Review

Merchant Account Solutions (MAS) Review: 2024 Update

Merchant Account Solutions (MAS) is a Google-friendly DBA of a consumer service company originally known as Integrated Card Service. Integrated Card Service was the previous name under which the company conducted business. If one of these businesses is what you’re searching for, you may relax now knowing that you’ve found the appropriate location to seek for them. Moreover, you’ll find everything you should know about this merchant account provider in this MAS Review 2024. Let’s get going!

What Merchant Account Solutions [MAS] has to Offer?

Merchant Account Solutions (MAS) is a merchant services provider founded in 2007 and is simply an ICS DBA. Want to connect with ICS or MAS? Both the merhchant/payment solution providers have the same location. ICS is rated amongst the worst merchant account providers on the Internet. Do not get confused with the name of POS Pros, as many recent updates have depicted that both the brands are same. 

MAS provides a wide range of POS solutions, including SmartSwipe terminals. These terminals works best either for restaurants, hotesl, motels or bars. Not only this but the merchant solution provider also offers payment solution for the gas stations, and Mac-based terminals, such as LightSpeed. 

Overall Summary of Merchant Account Solution’s Payment Processing Services
Headquarter  California, U.S
Contract 3 years 
Service Charges  $25 monthly charges 
PCI Fee Undisclosed
Online Complaints  50+
Service Support  Yes

MAS Origin, Headquarters, and Owners

A registered ISO of Concord, CA, and Wells Fargo Bank, MAS have its base or main headquarter in Thousand Oaks in California. C. Antonsen is looking after the company’s presidency. On the other hand, J. Kennedy is the Chief of Executive. 

Important News in History

This merchant services supplier once went by Integrated Card Service while it was in operation (ICS). Moreover, they’ve around 25 employees and have earned millions since its inception.

Services Offered by Merchant Account Solutions

You can expect to receive the standard services available from a merchant services provider from Merchant Account Solutions. Its primary concentration is on the retail industry, and it offers very little to online merchants beyond the provision of a fundamental payment gateway. In addition, we’d like to bring to your attention that the company sources each of its products and services from independent suppliers. It would look like there is no single proprietary feature that can be utilized. What follows is a condensed version of what you should anticipate:

  • Mobile Payments

MAS provides mobile processing through the use of SmartSwipe for those of you who travel frequently and conduct business in various settings. Using a mobile card reader called SmartSwipe, Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch can be used to accept payments instead of traditional credit card readers. Signature capture, a tax calculator, options for adding tips, and the ability to email receipts are all included in SmartSwipe. 

  • Software Terminals

Processing credit card transactions and importing the resulting data into QuickBooks is amongst the many services offered by Merchant Account Solutions. You can avoid entering data twice by integrating the information about your bank, your transactions, and the program. Request additional details on integrating the processing of credit cards with QuickBooks.

  • Card Payments

You will be able to accept all of the major credit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, once you enroll in MAS. Debit cards that are affiliated with major debit networks can also be used. MAS offers funding for transactions within the next business day.

  • Virtual Solutions

If your shop is located in cyberspace, Merchant Account Solutions may offer you solutions for receiving payments via a virtual terminal or through your website. When you use e-commerce gateways, you can manually input transactions from any computer connected to the internet, or you may interface with an existing shopping cart. Customers may set up recurring billing for things like monthly subscriptions using virtual terminals, which can be useful for businesses.

  • POS Systems

Merchant Account Solutions provides the whole product range of Clover point of sale (POS) systems, including the Clover Station, the Clover Mini, and the Clover Flex devices. LightSpeed, pcAmerica Cash Register Express, and the SmartSwipe POS are some of the many point-of-sale systems this firm provides (a specialized POS system for gas stations). When a business opens an account with MAS, the company makes a significant promotion that the Clover POS system will be provided “free of charge.” However, it seems as if this deal is only valid for the Clover Mini or a system of equivalent value that costs up to $500.

Pricing & Fees

Here are some of the packages or plans offered by the MAS (payment or merchant solution provider):

  • $25/month
  • $99/year
  • $4.95 [minimum charges for a month]
  • On the company’s website, month-to-month plans are currently advertised without a commitment.

There is a plus for the company here as many sources claim that company do not charge for the termination fee or the annual charges now but the information is still doubted.  

Final Verdict

The quality of Merchant Account Solutions’s merchant services is below par. The business is merely operating under a different name with poor CPO rating. The feedback that is currently available from merchants regarding MAS suggests that the recently launched company has not brought about any changes. 

It should not surprise that we strongly advise against engaging in commercial transactions with Merchant Account Solutions or whatever name the firm chooses to use this week. However, before signing up with any service, merchants should be sure to request and analyze all of the contract conditions and compare them to other, higher-rated choices. This is true even if the merchants intend to conduct business with the merchant account provider in question.



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