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CPN (Capital Processing Network) Review 2022

Capital Processing Network provides merchant account services. In 2006, the firm debuted in the market to process credit cards. Although Capital Processing Network aka CPN is a small operator compared to the many other merchant account providers available, the firm does have a quite professional website, which contributes to the credibility of the business. Moreover, to get all the details of this merchant account service, keep reading this CPN Review 2022. 

What Does CPN Offer?

Capital Processing Network is a supplier of merchant accounts with headquarters in Phoenix in the state of Arizona. Beginning operations in 2006, There is nothing that Capital Processing Network (CPN) provides in the way of goods or services that you can’t get somewhere else – and most likely for less money and bother. While you may obtain a decent bargain by engaging in some tough negotiating, CPN does not offer anything you can’t get elsewhere. Some of the essential information about CPN us:

Overall Summary of CPN’s Payment Processing Services
Headquarter  Scottsdale, Arizona
Contract 3 years 
Service Charges  $25 monthly charges 
PCI Fee $139.80 annually
Online Complaints  60+
Service Support  Yes


CPN Origin, Headquarters, and Owners

A merchant accounts supplier, Capital Processing Network, can be found in Scottsdale, Arizona. Their website address is The firm has relationships with Merrick Bank, Harris Bank, and Wells Fargo Bank—all three of these financial institutions are located in the United States. The Chief Executive Officer of the firm is Jeff Stephan.

Important News in History

As a financial transaction processor, Capital Processing Network is no longer in business. It has been taken over by its parent company which has just undergone a rebranding and is now doing business under Nuvei.

The decision to move to a business name that is much more generic was made intentionally to escape some unwanted press that the firm was subjected to back in 2012.

Services Offered by CPN

CPN can handle the processing of your payments regardless of whether they are made in-store, online, or while you are mobile. Gift cards and merchant cash advances are two examples of additional services.

  • High-Risk Merchant Accounts

No one knows who manages the actual processor for their merchant services since CPN is not working as the major ISO, but under a different name. Also, CPN is not known for providing merchant services to high-risk businesses. Moreover, Merrick Bank takes the liability and subsidizes the company’s merchant accounts.

  • In-Store Processing

CPN allows you to process all major credit and debit card brands, regardless of whether you intend to use a standard terminal or a point-of-sale system with a complete complement of features. Having equipment from Capital Processing Network that supports swiped card payments, EMV/smartcard payments, and contactless payments ensures that you will have a wide variety of payment choices available for your consumers.

  • POS Solutions

CPN merchant services claim it provides that their payment system works well with all the finest point of sale vendors. However, any further clarification or information is not provided by the company. You must think that the company does not sell any point-of-sale systems other than credit card terminals. Once you’ve established a good relationship with your sales representative, we recommend that you go for your equipment. Do not get scammed by agreeing to any lease agreements that most representatives offer because leasing is an even bigger scam than the terminals. 

  • Mobile Processing

Mobile payments allow you to pursue your next sale in both a metaphorical and physical sense if you want to. It provides a pocket-sized card reader that can be attached to Apple, Blackberry, or Android cell phones. This reader is one of the products that CPN sells. If you have a signal, you will be able to use the app to accept payments on your phone everywhere you go. Mobile payment is a valuable tool for anybody who travels with their company, whether it’s doing pizza delivery or selling your products at fairs. Mobile payment can assist in selling your wares at a fair or making pizza deliveries.

  • Cash Advances

CPN can assist you with a merchant cash advance if you need operating capital quickly. However, before deciding on one course of action, we recommend investigating your other available choices. Even though these ways of investing in your company may give the impression that they are a smart idea, they are rather pricey.

  • Loyalty Cards

If you are interested in offering loyalty cards to your clients as an amenity, CPN offers a program that may provide you with loyalty cards in addition to displays and other conveniences. Giving out gift cards is a terrific method to expand your company’s sphere of influence while also gathering valuable information about consumer spending patterns and tendencies via reporting capabilities.

Pricing & Fees

The normal Capital Processing Network contract states a three-year commitment with a variable early termination cost; nevertheless, merchants have consistently claimed that this price is $495. Other costs that have been mentioned include:

  • A one-time yearly PCI compliance charge of $139.80 
  • A monthly minimum fee of $25

Moreover, many business owners have voiced their dissatisfaction because they were pressured into costly equipment leases lasting for 48 months, yet the agreements for their merchant accounts only lasted for 36 months.

Final Verdict

It seems as if Capital Processing Network is a credit card processor that falls somewhere in the middle of the pack. If you’ve read up to this point, it shouldn’t surprise you that we won’t recommend CPN to be used as a merchant account provider. The business may improve its rating if it makes an effort to reduce the number of complaints received from the general public and dispels the unsettling claims about the recruiting methods it employs.



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