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Ordyx POS Review 2024

Ordyx is a cloud-based POS specifically designed to work virtually. Along with claiming to be the first US POS to understand cloud systems, it also declares itself a budget-friendly system. Although the terminal can operate in many industries, it specializes in industries like restaurants and hospitality. 

Ordyx POS released the latest version of their system in 2020, which is functional on all operating systems. Except for a few problems like limited features and the absence of a purchase ordering mechanism, it integrates and performs functions of diverse industries. Learn more about its features in this Ordyx POS review.

Features of Ordyx POS

Ordyx POS excels in some features like online ordering and delivery. But there are certain areas where it lacks. Here’s a broad review of the Ordyx features to evaluate if it sits right with your business.

Online Ordering

One of the valuable features of Ordyx is online ordering. It gives a convenient ordering service, and customers can also order a scheduled delivery. The feature makes the kitchen fill the advance order almost half-hour before the customer’s pickup time. One of the two methods of setting online orders is to set up directly with Ordyx Rest API. You can use MenuDrive (A third-party online ordering software) as the other method.


Ordyx gives you an option to set up house delivery using google maps or Chowly integration. Using this, you can opt to deliver food via various delivery services like Uber eats and Doordash. 

Mobile Dashboard

Sometimes merchants cannot be in their offices and need to keep an eye on the operations. The Mobile Dashboard is the perfect solution for that. With this app, you can view your business’s sales if you are away. It gives daily information about sales, orders, and earnings.

Order Histories

Ordyx keeps a record of order histories for five years. The feature is accessible to limited users. Each sale, along with the applied vouchers, discounts, and void orders, is registered. 

Demo Mode 

One of the best ways to give your customers a feel of your services is through a demo. Ordyx offers a demo to its new and inexperienced users so they can judge whether or not Ordyx suits them. It operates like the standard system, and you can review the controls without getting anything saved.

Business Management

An easy method to manage business operations is available for employees to report in and out time. Employee’s duty hours and extra timing are also under the manager’s eyes. In case of any reviewed decision like prices, store timings, and item removals, all branches are notified immediately. 

Customer Loyalty Feature

To allow the business to grow and increase the number of repeat customers, it has a customer loyalty feature. The customer database analyzes important events like birthdays and sends promotional codes to the customers. Along with this, its integration with Mailchimp boosts email marketing.

Hardware Offerings

Ordyx sells hardware on their website, but it is also operable on existing hardware. Although the system was designed for the web, it also has released apps for IOS and android.

Compatible Credit Card Processor

Ordyx does not offer in-house payment processing, but it has integrated with different processors Fiserv, Global Payments, Elavon, ChasePaymentch, and many more. 

Ordyx Pricing 

Ordyx pricing strategy, having its pros and cons, fairly competes in the industry. Recently it has reviewed and updated the fee system to quote-based. The good thing is that there are no contract terms and yearly fees. Also, you don’t have to pay for the things you don’t use. At the same time, it shakes customers’ confidence where they have to contact sales representatives every time to get to know the price. 

Customer Service

Ordyx boasts a very robust customer service framework that begins from a demo. Customers can apply for the free demo directly from their website. They also advertise comprehensive support and guidance on their website, even though this is not the case. Ordyx offers customer care through several avenues, including; email, phone, and social media. However, if you Consider the recent reviews, their customer service is not up to the mark. 

The downsides of the Ordyx

It is natural to have a few downsides to your system, but there are many in the case of Ordyx. Here are the main problems with their services;

Ease of Use

There are reviews about the confusing interface of the platform. Users find it difficult to find specific features, and the design of Ordyx seems perplexing. Customers also criticized the response time of the software. The system reports are sometimes unavailable, and users have difficulty finding them. The inventory feature is puzzling, and it takes much effort to enter and track it. 

Employee Management 

The employee management system is hard to navigate and glitchy. Whether it is the lack of options or a software bug, it is complicated to allow specific access to lower management or staff employees.

Customer Support

Customer support is the most crucial topic in Odynx’s reviews. Response time and response rate is degrading with time. User complaints include being avoided and bounced around from one representative to another without addressing the problem. Customers find it difficult to approach them, and queries are left unsolved by the representatives.

Document limitation

Users struggle to use the software due to the lack of support documentation. No proper manual or guide is there to help with using the system. Customer support is also of no help regarding this complaint. 

Final Evaluation

Ordyx is a well-known platform in the restaurant industry. There are undoubtedly valuable features like functionality and budget-friendliness of Ordyx. Of course, cheaper options are available in the market, but it is not considered expensive. But if we evaluate Ordyx reviews, certain services like customer support and some integration problems need to be addressed. You have should carefully consider your preferences before finalizing your selection of this POS.

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