PaymentCloud Review 2022

PaymentCloud Review 2022

Businesses are high-risk investments for processors for various reasons, making it difficult to find a dependable payment service provider ready to work with them. PaymentCloud, on the other hand, has positioned itself as a firm that assists high-risk enterprises by offering a variety of payment methods.

PaymentCloud provides payment processing solutions for sectors that are regularly regulated. PaymentCloud provides point-of-sale (or POS) systems, payment gateways, and the option to accept alternative payment methods, such as bitcoin. PaymentCloud’s customer service is well-rated online, despite a lengthy approval procedure and occasional consumer concerns about unexpected costs on monthly payments.

PaymentCloud is a viable choice for high-risk businesses, in addition to  assisting clients who competitors routinely reject.

What is PaymentCloud?

PaymentCloud is a payment services company that caters to medium-, low-and high-risk organizations by tailoring its offers and features to their individual needs depending on their history and industry challenges.


PaymentCloud doesn’t post price information on their website, so if you’re interested in their merchant services, you’ll need to contact the company directly for a quote. Prices will probably vary from one firm to the next, based on the level of risk and the type of service you want.

PaymentCloud, like its rivals, collaborates with ISOs or independent organizations, which operate as third-party representatives. Because ISOs are often paid on commission, merchants should be wary of pricing quotes and compare their services to those of rivals.


Hardware Variety  

There is a myriad of equipment that works with PaymentCloud, so it’s a given that the majority can locate what they require – including less well-known terminals and the most well-known brands. It’s also beneficial that PaymentCloud will work with your current device if you prefer to stick with it, although some modification might be required.

Shopping cart integrations  

PaymentCloud promises to connect to a variety of shopping carts that are available for online retailers, which makes it an excellent choice for those already connected to a preferred cart. If you’re still not connected and opt to go with this method, you’ll be able to choose from various shopping cart platforms without having to worry about integration problems.

Options for high-risk businesses  

PaymentCloud can provide services for moderate, low, and high-risk industries, making it an ideal choice for high risk businesses that may not find another merchant services company that’s willing to work with them. If other merchant service suppliers have denied you, PaymentCloud might be one of the best alternatives.


Lack of transparency

There isn’t a pricing page or broad pricing range on the PaymentCloud website. Instead, you need to contact the company and give them information about your business to get more information about pricing. 

Long approval times  

PaymentCloud requires that customers be approved to open an account, which can be a long time for some companies. Although the company will approve you within a couple of days, some clients have reported waiting several weeks before they hear back.

Hidden fees

Certain customers have complained of additional fees that are reflected in their accounts. Although the cost of a few dollars here and there won’t cost you a fortune, it is recommended that customers review the terms of their agreements before signing and don’t commit to the service until they’re sure they are aware of the amount they’ll have to pay for.

Customer Service & Technical Support

Your primary point of contact with PaymentCloud is your account manager. The account manager, as mentioned above in the Products & Services section, is your persistent champion and negotiator. High-risk merchants benefit from having a single point of contact inside the business since they often have more chargebacks, technical issues, and other concerns than low-risk merchants. If your selected account manager is unavailable, you can reach out to one of the West Coast or East Coast offices between the hours of 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Pacific Time. It is also possible to contact these firms’ 24-hour tech support lines. 

PaymentCloud also has a generic email address for tech support that you may use to report concerns, but you won’t hear back until the next business day.

PaymentCloud has just introduced a FAQ to its self-help tools. Specific industry definitions, as well as their most common high-risk concerns, are also included. We’d want to see these resources greatly extended in the near future. The PaymentCloud website may rapidly become a significant source of information for merchants due to its depth of expertise and knowledge in eCommerce and high-risk businesses.

Final Verdict

High-risk merchant account professionals are a mixed bag. Scammers abound in the market, looking to take advantage of high-risk enterprises by demanding exorbitant expenses and rates, as well as entering into long-term contracts and leases. PaymentCloud, on the other hand, is one of the “good guys,” providing reliable service at a reasonable price. With great client feedback and endorsements we are confident in recommending PaymentCloud to high-risk enterprises.

If you’re an eCommerce or MOTO-related business owner who’s regarded as less dangerous, we still recommend checking out PaymentCloud.  Furthermore, if you do happen to fall into a high-risk category for whatever reason, which is a regular occurrence in eCommerce or MOTO businesses, you will immediately benefit from PaymentCloud’s experience in this industry.

What makes consumers pick PaymentCloud in the first place? We believe it is the one-on-one help and guidance provided to merchants before and after onboarding and appreciate PaymentCloud’s efforts to showcase high-risk businesses in the best possible light to potential underwriters. You will have the greatest possible experience since you will have a dedicated account manager assigned to your case from the outset. Furthermore, because PaymentCloud works closely with a number of back-end processors and banks, you’ll have a better chance of being accepted than with other merchant account service providers.

PaymentCloud continues to receive a positive rating for these and other reasons. We’d like to see the PaymentCloud website more clearly lay out several of the facts we’ve presented throughout this report (price contracts, terms of service and services, training resources, and so on). Because it is a high-risk business, this organization is unable to provide accurate figures, but there is room for improvement in this area.

PaymentCloud is a terrific solution for eCommerce and high-risk businesses, but we recommend that you compare quotes from several suppliers before making a decision. For additional information, we also have reviews of other top high-risk merchant account providers and online payment processors.