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Bambora is an online payment processing merchant account service in British Columbia, Canada. According to the company’s website, Bambora serves over 450,000 consumers in 65 countries worldwide. In addition, the organization provides automatic payments for regular invoices. Here is a complete Bambora review for our merchants.

The company, formerly known as Beanstream, was purchased in October 2015 and renamed Bambora sometime in 2017. Ingenico purchased Bambora in July 2017. Worldline, a European payments industry giant, will purchase both Ingenico and Bambora in October 2020. Bambora offers merchant accounts in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Bambora is a licensed ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank’s Canadian headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, and has operations in Victoria, BC. Bambora’s founder is Johan Tjärnberg, and the CEO is Daniel Nordholm.

Bambora Review Based on Features

Bambora Review
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Bambora’s pricing approach is generally tiered; however, clients can request interchange-plus pricing. They cannot be regarded as a normal pricing strategy due to their website’s lack of charges or tariffs.

Bambora is known for its ala carte things, which consumers pay for and use the necessary services. After analyzing Bambora’s web reputation, the overall reaction is positive, with few consumer complaints.


  • Processing of Credit Cards
  • Processing in Bulk
  • Recurring Payment
  • Payments via mobile devices
  • Currency Exchange
  • Printing Receipts
  • 24-Hour Payments
  • Bambora Information


  • There is no early termination charge
  • The contract is month-to-month
  • Domestic phone help is available throughout normal business hours
  • There is documentation and a knowledge base available
  • Pricing can be made to order


  • A setup fee is charged
  • Monthly charge
  • There is no public price
  • The period of the locked equipment lease is 48 months
  • There is a monthly minimum

Bambora Review Based on Product and Services

Bambora payments
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Bambora provides various products and services to businesses focusing on eCommerce solutions, non-profits, sports sectors, and restaurants.

Software and Hardware

  • Setup of Online Shopping Care
  • Sprout Point of Sale Software
  • Payment processing for eCommerce
  • A payment gateway with a virtual terminal
  • International processing for the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada
  • Processing for mobile/limited use
  • Service of recurring billing

Services with added value

  • Developer Resources
  • Advanced anti-fraud software
  • Interac/debit card acceptance

Payment Methods / Services Accepted

  • Credit and debit cards

Bambora Review: Complaints, Fees, Rates, Customer Feedback

Complaints and Customer feedback

Bambora has a Better Business Bureau account that was established in July 2005. It has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and no consumer complaints. It has been BBB-recognized since 2017. According to the study, Bambora has a small number of complaints posted on the web, with only one being dated.

The company received two complaints when we did our most recent status check. One of the responsibilities was billing and collection, while the other was related to advertising or sales.

Either both complaints were answered in a way that left the merchant unsatisfied, or the merchant needed to provide a conclusive response to either complaint.

Fees and Rates

On its website, Bambora only specifies a few prices and fees. This makes sense because it is determined by the type of business, location, and customer processing rate. Bambora’s pricing and services appear to be customized based on the products and solutions clients require and charge accordingly.

Pay as you go

This pricing system is pay-as-you-go and includes the following rates. This option is suited for businesses with a low processing volume.

  • No monthly fee
  • No set-up fee
  • No termination fee

Enterprise pricing

Enterprise pricing is more akin to a traditional merchant account. This pricing strategy appears to be competitive with other retailers in the industry. The costs and rates here will be determined by your company and the services you require, and you will most likely be set up with tiered pricing. You can choose between tiered pricing and interchange-plus pricing.

Bambora Review Based on Advertising and Sales

To promote its goods and services, Bambora makes use of an in-house sales team. In addition, it promotes its services on the internet and through agreements with referral services.

The reputation of Bambora’s sales reps is generally seen as being positive, a perspective shared by the general public. Even though some of the company’s prices and rates are not displayed on the website and are accessible to the general public, the company does not engage in misleading marketing practices. Their sales representatives have kept a positive outlook throughout.

Bambora does have authorization with the Better Business Bureau but now maintains an A+ rating with 0 complaints since it advertises and sells products.

Benefits of Using Bambora

Payment methods

Bambora facilitates the use of a diverse range of payment procedures, including billing, the use of credit cards, and contactless payment methods. In addition, it enables you to incorporate your shopping cart systems and alternative payment options for use in-store.

Currency conversion

Because Bambora has a currency conversion option, you can receive payments from customers in any part of the world. One of the characteristics of the most effective payment gateway software is its global availability.

Secure payments

Bambora has achieved Level 1 PCI Certification, which indicates that it satisfies the most recent security standard for handling credit cards and other online transactions.

This guarantees that the transactions between you and your clients are safeguarded at all times, regardless of the location or method that they choose to make payments to you.

Contactless payments

Because of this function, you will no longer need to interact physically with your clients to receive payments from them. They can send their payments quickly and easily with applications such as Swish, Vipps, Mobile Pay, and Masterpass.


Bambora is a payment software solution that is plug-and-play and was developed with an international customer base in mind. It provides a system that can make in-store payments simpler, more reasonable, and more secure.

You may easily embed your websites, shopping carts, and plug-ins developed by third parties using the SDKs and RESTful APIs provided by Bambora. You can add other forms of payment thanks to the Bambora Connect function.

According to a Bambora review done by our experts, Bambora is a trustworthy merchant services provider. The online review section of the company’s website reveals an extremely low number of customer complaints, and the company appears to provide merchants in the United States and Canada with pricing alternatives that are comparable to one another.

Even when working with top-regarded credit or debit card processors, sellers are advised to read any service agreement they are given very carefully and to compare the company’s pricing to that of highly rated e-commerce payment providers. This is true even when dealing with top-rated credit card processors.

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