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Rectangle Health Review, Rates, and Complaints

Rectangle Health was previously referred to as Dental Payments or Retriever Medical. Rectangle Health is a popular merchant account service provider that has its headquarters in Valhalla in New York. The organization primarily offers access to payment processing solutions and point-of-sale solutions for dentists, insurers, hospitals, and other types of healthcare facilities. 

To remain distinct from other similar healthcare facilities, payment processors, and merchant service providers, Rectangle Health offers access to a specialized product known as Practice Management Bridge. The product is capable of enabling HIPAA-compliant seamless integration of reporting and payment processing across different provider locations. The company is known to function with more than 60,000 healthcare providers -including dental practices, medical practices, large-scale enterprises, veterinary clinics, and hospitals across the United States of America. 

Rectangle Health is known to process more than $6 billion yearly in terms of patient payments.

History of Rectangle Health

The previous name of Retriever Medical or Dental Payments arises out of the fact that previously the company used to serve as the subsidiary of NPC or National Processing Company -known as Retriever Payment Systems. The original Retriever Payment Systems came into existence in 1993. Later on, in 2006, the company had been acquired by Triangle Payment Systems. Subsequently, it was converted to a subsidiary of NPC or National Processing Company. While the original company of Retriever Payment Systems is no longer in existence, there are multiple independent sales offices throughout the nation that still make use of the logo and name of Retriever.

Retriever Medical or Dental Payments was one of the locations. Some of the other independent locations of Retriever Payment Systems are:

  • Retriever of Waterville in Ohio
  • Retriever Merchant Solutions, South Holland in Illinois
  • Retriever in Memphis (Tennessee) and Orlando (Florida)
  • Retriever of Concord in California
  • Payroc -previously referred to as the Retriever Payment Systems of Geneva in Illinois
  • ConsumerPay -previously known as Retriever of Jackson in Mississippi

Rectangle Health does not feature affiliation with any of the locations that have been listed here. Rectangle Health serves to be a fully independent merchant service account provider. 

Location and Ownership of Rectangle Health

Rectangle Health is a registered organization or ISO/MSP within Fifth Third Bank in Cincinnati, Elavon in GA, and Wells Fargo Bank in Concord. The company has its headquarters in Valhalla in New York. Dominick Colabella is the CEO and Frank Shiner is the Founder of Rectangle Health. 

Rectangle Health Complaints

According to research, only a few negative reviews or complaints related to Rectangle Health were found online. However, none of the complaints report the company to be a scam or a rip-off. The only particular issue that was addressed in most of the complaints was with respect to the glitchy software solution. The company has also received some complaints regarding its Retriever name. However, most of these complaints have been resolved directly by the representatives of the company.

In such cases, the representative of the company put emphasis on the fact that the merchants were expected to adhere to the contractual obligations -even when the respective claims were misled.

Rectangle Health Lawsuits

In April 2021, Rectangle Health went ahead with suing a Retriever Company’s branch. However, there is not much concise information about the lawsuit. Dissatisfied merchants who think of pursuing a non-litigious course of action against the organization should consider reporting the same to the respective supervisory organizations.

Rectangle Health Customer Services

Rectangle Health offers access to email and phone support on the official website. However, it does not offer access to any dedicated contact information about customer care services to its general public.

The merchant account provider also offers access to a dedicated customer care support form along with a customer care service email. 

Rectangle Health Contract Length

The standard contract for Rectangle Health is quite similar to the standard contract of the original Retriever Medical or Dental Payments. As per the reports of a company representative, the standard contract of Retriever Medical or Dental Payments served to be a multi-year contract or agreement via National Processing Company. There is the presence of a conditional termination fee, absence of PCI compliance fees, absence of annual fees, and absence of minimum fees on a monthly basis. 

There are some complaints from different merchants stating that the company has a monthly fee of around $30. However, this cannot be regarded as the equipment lease payment on a monthly basis through some third-party provider. Some of the agents of Rectangle Health combine long-term equipment lease with the respective contracts. Therefore, it is expected out of the merchants to ensure that they are not entering any long-term or unfavorable lease contracts. 

Moreover, the official website of Rectangle Health offers information that the organization does not differentiate its rates for keyed-in transactions. This implies that merchants will not have to face higher transaction fees upon a payment made by customers without the presence of the cards. 

Guarantee Offered by Rectangle Health

Lately, Rectangle Health puts forth the advertisement that there is the presence of the guarantee for its early termination fee on the official site. The guarantee is quite similar to the one offered by Retriever Medical or Dental System. 

According to the guarantee, it can be said that if merchants will not be receiving specialized training or custom installation from Rectangle Health, and do not request Rectangle Health to make payments prior to the cancelation fees with some different processor, then they can go ahead with exiting the contract without any cost -according to their will.

However, if the organization will pay the termination fee of the merchants with the preceding processor or offers access to custom installation, account setup, or training services, then the respective merchant will have to reimburse the organization for the overall costs of the available set of services. The merchant can still look forward to exiting the contract without any penalty in case they will enable a representative from Rectangle Health to execute in-depth rate review while making attempts to beat the valid written form of offer of the competitors. 

The policy of Rectangle Health guarantee has resulted in several disputes between the original company of Retriever Medical or Dental and the subsequent merchants. The disputes are related to whether or not the early termination fee has been charged appropriately. There are several merchants offering the claim that they were not informed precisely of the early termination fee of the company (previously, it was around $700) or the respective rate match guarantee at the time of signing the contract. 

As the merchants canceled the services with the Retriever, they had been subjected to the full amount of $700 as the early termination fee. Retriever insisted that the fee was charged appropriately as the merchants did not permit the organization to execute a dedicated rate review. In some instances, merchants had complaints about the overall scheduling inconvenience of the in-person or customized rate review with the representative of Retriever. 

Sales Team of Rectangle Health

Retriever Medical or Dental Payments made use of a combination of appointment setting through phone, the presence of in-house sales & marketing agents, and independent agents for sales to market the respective products & services. Therefore, there is no need to believe that Rectangle Health might have changed the mechanism.

Currently, it is not possible to locate any complaints related to Rectangle Health that would accuse the organization or its sales representatives of non-disclosure or misinterpretation. However, there are some complaints that have been filed against the original Retriever Medical or Dental Payments that specify confusion over the early termination fee of the company.

Termination Fee Disclosure of Rectangle Health

There are several merchants that go ahead with stating that the early termination fees of Retriever were listed in fine print on the contract by the company instead of being clearly displayed along with other fees and rates. The complaints by merchants also state that the sales representatives of the company did not explicitly specify the fee at the signing point. 

However, the organization goes ahead with maintaining that the cancelation policy of the company has been disclosed clearly at several instances during the entire sales process. Therefore, it appears that the disclosure as well as explanation about the cancelation policy is significantly dependent on the sales representative or agent who services the accounts.

A Great Option for Healthcare Providers

Rectangle Health has been rated as the above-average organization or merchant account provider as per the generalized rating criteria. The company typically offers services to the merchants involved in the healthcare industry. Moreover, the company has also received moderate levels of complaints for a service provider of its scale and size. The overall score of the organization is negatively influenced by the conditional early termination fee along with the overall lack of flexibility as revealed by the organization previously with respect to its overall fees. Merchants should go ahead with comparing the pricing of Rectangle Health to the one offered by leading healthcare merchant account providers.

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